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The mind.

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posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 11:11 AM
What is the mind?

is it like a 'box', a smaller mind on itself, existing, in, with, a larger mind. This 'box', barried or not barried from the large mind, The mind, let's say, maybe, the universe. This box, where holographic-like visions can be created, or also sounds or 'messages' can be 'heard',(is this in the mind???), or message being felt and then translated to that feeling, a message, a sentence, like when feeling someone from distance, one 'sees' that victim and then according to the signals of what is felt in that person, one gets messages of what is felt, like victim being introverted, expressive, sad, joyeous. But then exactly 'hearing' or, being given a 'thing': person is expressive, sad etc

I'm giving you this because I restarted practising my remote viewing which I learned in a two-day course. And tried to analyse what it in fact is, this mind where we do it with. It's the 'coolest' thing. Unbelievably magnificant what can be done with it. And what it does. When opened to higher realms. A man can't do without it. A magnificant piece of creation. When opening it, giving many talents, or other 'features' of human being.

Without it being opened, being trapped in a vague existence. Or a sort of ignorant state of being. Not fully capable of being. Not a 100% active human, or maybe 100% active, but then not knowing of it. Or letting it use you. Instead of being the user. Only being open to the things it is told to do and attracting what is told or what the being desired, desires. Once exploring your mind, removing things from it and renewing it. Expecting higher consciounce, higher thoughts. Desiring higher reasons, facts, exploring this world, this 'a' universe on itself, maybe reaching out for other universes, I don't know why I called our planet world, a universe on itself. hm, maybe, are these higher realms, or dimensions,
..such an upsplitting word, dimension, it's like barried, the meaning of it, a barried envirement, realm gives a more like a 'going up into' meaning of it, the realms going over in eachother, dimension is like; 1 dimension, and other ones existing but not being in contact with the other, no overflow, sounds unlogical to me, to me it is, but with saying this also labelling the word dimension and making it lose its might be worthfull meaning. But realm sounds better to me, anyway, never mind.

The mind, being an extra feature of mankind, an extra dimension of the human being, but it, with the body, being one, all together, no barriers.

But then, we having, also extra senses, besides sight, also 'sight', like with another eye, third-eye like.. a mind-like eye, the sight 'in the box', or out of the box looking, through' the box, observing, as observer of what's observing???
Besides hearing, also 'hearing', or converting something, a 'higher' thought, or higher expression, into that, which is capable for us to understand, which is understandable,
besides feeling, also 'feeling',.. sensing.

Some things I had to say about the mind.

If anyone is interested in more exploring of it, or to deepen into this, more knowing of what in fact it does and is, join, leave a post. I like to hear what others say about this.

Thanks for reading, every insight is welcome.

used to be - AlienAddicted...

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 12:59 PM
lol. Youre asking the very questions mankind have been asking for millenia...

Sometimes philosophies like this are best pondered at the breathing end of a smoldering organic substance... if you catch my drift.

Its difficult to put into words exactly what it is... scientists would say its a set of chemical reactions... religious people would say its a soul...
I dont know what it is... all I know is I use it, and I'm not going to let it go to waste.

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 01:11 PM
I have read your thread. I find it interesting and quite similar in many aspects as to how I perceive the workings of my mind. The conscious and sub-conscious.

Although I to not perceive the mind in a geometic patter of a box but rather circular in nature and circular universally. I aliken this to the universe where planets, moons, solar system, black holes, the wheel, and even the wedding band as the remote view of my mind. Such like to solar system the two, the sub and conscious, have varing rings of thought, but be wary many of those - throught - are really not of our own but brought into the outer layer of rings by outer sovern spiritual forces I aliken it to ying yang although I know hardly nothing to their profound meanings. I hope the insight to the view how I see the mind. \

Also the remote viewing, been there done that, but here is the catch, it is much more pleasing to be in this flesh life for now as we have many lessons to learn about life and they are not taught by remote viewing or out of body experiences I aliken that to bungie jumping which I have not attempted. Go with the Father. Cordially, LEGALCATALYST

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 01:36 PM
thanks for your post legalcatalyst,

it adds a bit. that's great. I hope more will post.!

thank you

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 02:00 PM
Scientists say we only use 10% of our mind.

If this is true, then 90% of it must be subconcious, as in the part we access when we are dreaming.

If a mind working at 10% can create supercomputers, atomic bombs, airplanes, great novels, indoor plumbing, and rocket ships, just think what would happen if you used the other 90%.

Just something to think about...


[edit on 7-1-2006 by Haliberd]

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 02:06 PM
I really do not review my posts and contain some typographical errors and there is some deficiencies in the descriptive manner in which I write because I like to visit other threads. But my minds percepition is like the planet Saturn, not like people on horoscopes
But my soul as the plantet the the rings represent lies, truth, love, hate, etc.,etc,.etc. and I being the Planet, have the ability to gravitate towards the rings but I must remember to only gravitate towards the rings that are good and can grow in a positive way as its opposites are there to which call Saturn. These I call bad rings just for the sake of description as it is much more profound than that and its the only way I can get my view accross. With that said, the bad rings orbit and on times orbits close than it normally does and entices Saturn to gravitate towards it. It is the FREE WILL of Saturn that will determine its path and symetrical orbit of the solar system. Akin to harmony with nature per say. Staying with the good rings is the way to go and the way to go is with the Father. Cordially, LEGALCATALYST.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 09:08 AM
haliberd, do we use 10% of our brain, or our mind?

the difference? I don't know, what has the brain to do with the mind?


Again a nice vision you posted there, Legalcatalyst. thank you!

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 09:37 AM
After some questioning, I think the brain is purely something to the physical body. And the mind is like a portal to other dimensions.

The brain making the body see, feel, move, hear, and the mind having also all these features but in a higher realm then. Making us aware of higher consciousness and connecting us with it.

I don't think the brain is needed to have a mind, or maybe it is needed. I don't have an answer to that.. yet? Well, without a brain, we wouldn't be alive, would we, so I guess a brain is needed in our body to make us use the mind.. hehe offcourse.

Still, the features of the mind, like psychometrie, remote viewing, clairvoyance, etc are magnificent. Not that one can't live without it, but it might be controlling us subconsciously when not initiated to it. Once in touch with it, letting us use it, and control it with all the opportunities we get. Clearing it from old traumas, bad connections, it renews our selves, to go further on with a happy life. Making us angelic as I like to see it.

Although I'm not familiar with OBE's, I'd like to be initiated to that too, but that doesn't use our mind, or does it, like when our 'astral body' moves out, do we see with the 'eyes' of that body and sense with it, or is what is seen, seen in our mind? another question I'd say.

And when a person has a lucid dream, are we still in the body then, seeing with our mind, or are we floating around then? some questions.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 11:27 AM
I agree that the brain is a part of the physical body. I feel that it is a container for the mind. The mind is the vessel by which all the paranormal experiences text written at ATS are obtained.

In the mind resides our soul the conscious. The subconscious contains all the good and bad upon which we , of our own free will, can gravitate towards and suffer the rewards or consequences..

The concept that we only use 10% of our brain is patternly incorrect. We only use 10% or our minds. With regards to the remote viewing, etc. our mind houses the ability for those experiences but are for a later time in our existence. I feel that the purpose we live in this mortal plane is to be taught and be fullfilled. I further believe that to become fully spiritual in the spirit sense, you must be fullfilled in our lives on this mortal plane. Any further thoughts.Cordially, LEGALCATALYST.


posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 11:43 AM
something i have always wondered is whats going on the brain and/or mind when your are put to sleep for surgery or the dentest. I have been put to sleep at the dentest once, and it's like no time has passed, but two hours did pass, no dream, no thoughts while i was out.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 11:52 AM
might be because a mind is in a timeless state or something, 56, just here there or anywhere and now not now. If you know what I mean.

And never trust perverted dentists. mwaha mwrgh


posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 11:55 AM
timeless state, that would explain it, thanks

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 01:17 PM
I'm glad I helped you out. Might be another insight

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 06:56 PM
and sometimes the mind needs to relax, to wander off. Go to the beaches on the palmed sands with the wirling sea-sound, birds singing making themselves heard off, the wind toying your feet, and relax untill you don't even notice your surrounding anymore. untill the dog starts messing with your feet and you pop up awake with your girlfriend in front of you, giving you a hug, or wining your ass off why your shirt is dirty and wet. but still, kissing you on the lips, and making some decent touches and hand gestures.

Going further into the night with a good time of relaxing and sleeping.

I see you guys in the morning.

good night, AA..

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 09:29 PM
As the mind wanders off, it makes contact with your feelings, emotions, and may give you visions of what is feared, to give acknowledgement to what's is felt, and one overcomes, fear became like enlightend. It is known, but not felt anymore. As how to say it?

Also all emotions can be upheaveled so what is felt is only the most, as to what is known. All.

As to communicating/interacting with other people, not loosing ground, and not letting them interfere with your let's say your quota vibration, leaves you at the experiencing of.


posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 09:38 PM
ok, so what happens at death then? does our mind shut off like our body, or go somewhere else?
I know there can be many posibilities based on what you believe, like if you believe in an after life. I have no clue what i believe happens after death.

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 09:43 PM
hm, I don't really have a clue, does the mind only is when in a body? Or is it part of the souls, this I don't know, I would think part with the body, but who would acknowledge that? Maybe it is the sight of the soul? I'm guessing. A nice thought, but you might not hear the answer from me.

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