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Temporal Displacement Devices

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posted on Jan, 6 2006 @ 06:12 PM
Okay, first off this is inspired by an outer-limits episode.

But I've thinking about it for a little while, and the idea of a device that could take matter in confined location and displace it in time, or disperse it into a rift of space and time never to be seen again... seems like the perfect weapon. A some-what plausible one, if you have the imagination for it.

Think about it, the device dropped on a coloumn of enemy tanks, an invasion force crossing an ocean, oil spills... There is no massively destructive explosion, or harming radiation or chemical.. instead left behind, nothing.

I guess there always could be drawbacks such as throwing the world into an endless loop, that shortens each-time... the loop ending could mean the very collapse of space and time. And confining the dispersion itself, it would be impossible to tell if the "displacement wave" the device makes won't just cover the earth destroying all life, or just destroying the universe alltogether,

Anyways, it seems very far-fetch'd, but I have heard rumours of such devices may be in the stages of developement.. but thats the internet I guess.


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