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Is Microsoft Now Guilty of Plagarism? You Decide.

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posted on Jan, 6 2006 @ 02:48 PM
In a move that surprised many. Microsoft released MS06-001, A security patch to address the WMF exploit that was discovered a few weeks back. Microsoft Origionally had scheduled the security patch to be released on January 10th after performing a number of beta test to ensure that the code was stable.
Earlier this week a security programer named Ilfak Guilfanov. who released a patch to protect users from the WMF exploits. Microsoft warned users against using this untested software.
Now the Microsoft patch that was released has been analysied and it looks like Microsoft has used the code from Ilfak Guilfanov.
The Link below will take you to a blog report that breaks down both the MS06-001 released yesterday as well as the code Ilfak Guilfanov had released earlier. It looks like the great Microsoft is not above theivery themselves.
SecurityTeam Blog


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