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Home Built Aircraft

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posted on Jan, 6 2006 @ 11:10 AM
Anyone out there who has built thier own aircraft?, Heard there are Autogyro kits for sale. I actually once made a small glider from planks of wood back in 1994 when i was a kid, I wanted to take it on a beach, tow it behind a Car/Quadbike until it lifts a few feet off the ground.

I was actually thinking of building another one and taking it down the beach. I would also have to find some Jackass/Adrenaline Junkie type of mates who would have a quadbike to tow the glider.

Recently i have came up with an idea to build a small plane based on an Autogyro, I seen one in a Museum and it looked so easy to build and thats where the idea came from. It would use a Ford Fiesta/small car engine to power the thing and a Car Seat for the pilot to sit in

I still have Photos of my glider in my house somewhere, would like to stick them on the thread but im not sure how to do it.

Should see what WW2 British POWs in Colditz are capable of!!!!!!!!!!

OK i wont go to that extreme but somthing more simple to build maybe.
Didnt some East Germans try and make stuff like that to defect to the west?, Im not in a rush to build one but i may try and build one if i find some materials.

Anyone who has a Parachute canopy can tow themselves to the back of a Car/Quadbike(As seen in Ace Ventura 2). Can do it from a speedboat if your on holiday in Spain!

Or in Humber

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