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the fall of atlantis for this form

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posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 08:09 PM
A while back i have studied the medditeranian sea and i think i may have found what might of happen to atlantis.


This is my discovery

The destrution of atlantis takes place or the time of Moses.

The greek islans that are south of greece. if you look there is a volcano

underwater in the middle of the islands. now what is the volacano erupted

in a magnitute never now to man. it might of ripped the island apart

causing a maga tusnami twice the hight of ESB (empire state building)

which is posible no by earthquakes but my landslides which is theioreticly

possible by one island breaking apart. Now that wave will be moving in all

directions and it has and a direct path to the red sea by rivers. Dont say it

cant happen but a wave that size i will happen. now as moses got to the

red sea it was luck that the wave moving in speeds not know to man that

the wave made the red sea lost all of the sea lvl due to the wave this size

that had just the time for them to cross and for the people that were trying

to capture them got hit with the force of 1000 hiroshima's of force. I also

remember that a city undersiege with gigantic fireballs falling into the city.

that could of been from the debree for the eruption from the volcano. Well

look at it from the volcan to about isreal is realy not that far. but a volcano

that size could of had a huge eruption rate that could of when hundreds of

even thousands of miles from the point of the eruption.


to me this is very interesting and i would like to hear from other

for this link you will have to scroll down a bit to get to greece

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 07:00 AM
It is one of the most widely accepted theories that the Atlantis story is in fact based on the eruption of Thera (the Atlanteans being the Minoans that lived in the area then).

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 08:29 AM
It is a common theory that the Exodus crossing of the sea (the theory points out that the name "Red Sea" is a mistranslation, and the original story merely talks about a wet area, possibly the marshes of the Nile delta) was possible due to the substantial retreat of the seawater prior to the tsunami, and the destruction of pharaoh's army by the wave itself. And the columns of fire and smoke prior to that, leading Israel through the desert, were depictions of the volcano itself seen in the distance. In addition, it is claimed that the plagues of Egypt were in fact confused historically and occurred afterwards, the product of atmospheric pollution caused by the volcano. Somewhow the stories all got mixed up when retold and inverted the order of events.

This site explores it in a little more details, giving the pros and cons of the association between the two events:

More links:
etc. etc.



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