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New Debate Tournament Qualification Entries.

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posted on Oct, 1 2003 @ 04:45 PM
Message receved. Change accepted, prepared to challenge all others.

posted on Oct, 2 2003 @ 05:41 AM
OK,First thing I'd like to say is that I think this seeding was the most difficult job that the 7 judges have had to do.If you don't believe me then have a go yourself.Rank the seven entries 1-7 and award 7 points to 1st place,6 points to 2nd place,5 points to 3rd place and so on.

Whether it was a failure in my communication skills or just a very difficult job only two judges sent me the full grading.Well done Judge A and Judge D you know who you are.
.A couple of judges sent me which one they thought was the best and I taken that into account.

What I'm saying is that entrants shouldn't take the seeding too seriously.The earlier entries seem to have faired best.This could have been because they were better.I have a suspicion though that it was very difficult to bear in mind 7 similtaneos entries and grade them and that is why to a certain extent they faired better.

By all means grade them yourself.I think you'll see what I mean.Here they are again but with the names of the entrants.Seedings appear below.

Entry A Loki

Extraterrestrials, in their eternal mystery, have decided to not reveal themselves in any overt manner to the populace. Why that is, is anybody's guess. However, one thing stands to reason, in regards to this, the most asked question in relation to extraterrestrial life. There are several possible answers, of course, but one is the definitive solution. Research. If Homo Sapiens Sapiens, better known as mankind were to begin exploration on a scale similar to that of any alien species I'm aware of, we would also try to keep ourselves hidden, as we would be conducting massive research before making first contact. Now, what they are researching, is, in my opinion quite obvious. They are taking samples from human beings, so that they will know exactly how dangerous we are to one another. Let us say for example that the extraterrestrials in question exhale methane as a byproduct of their biological functions. methane is a very harmful substance to us, so it would not be strange to make sure that we are compatible in that sense, hence the hiding from mankind while visiting earth.

Entry B Tassadar.

Aliens have visited Earth, however, they keep their existence concealed due to fear of disturbing the people of Earth and spawning a worldwide assault upon the aliens. The aliens which are here on Earth actually are peaceful, however, they do not believe the general populace of mankind has achieved the required intellectual maturity to comprehend the arrival of extra-terrestrial beings. They have studied our cultural history for the past fifty years and are obviously aware of the implications they would create by revealing their presence here on Earth. All of Earth's major relgions would collapse. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all other mono-theist relgions would fall apart. Anarchy would reign over Earth. Then, of course, your fanatical extremists who have watched MIB too many times would simply go crazy. If the alien entities on Earth presented their existence to any country, that country would almost instantly rival the United States as a world superpower. The aliens have cloaked their existence from the people of humanity to protect us, not destroy us.

Entry C Gazrock.

The simple answer is, because the general populace would not approve of the reasons for the visits. If their reasons were benign, or they had helpful intentions....certainly, there would be no need for the secrecy. What little evidence there is, seems to support the idea that aliens are responsible for the abduction of quite a few members of the world's population.

There are numerous supporting documents that there has been cooperation between these beings, and the US and other governments, in perpetuating the cover-up. Many such documents have yet to be proven false, and indeed, seem quite genuine. This is further collaborated by numerous witness testimonials, including high-ranking officials, and deathbed confessions (which are admissable in court as evidence).

Furthermore, abduction accounts occur all over the globe, and though they are all of different cultures, and do not share the same pop culture, their accounts of the experience are eerily similar. Obviously something is going on here...

One thing is certain, their motives must not be agreeable to us, lest they wouldn't need to abduct against our will. Of course, there are other reasons, such as fears that we wouldn't understand them, and would simply attack them, etc. But, these explainations fail when taking abductions, and accounts of other unsavory activities, into consideration. The simple answer is, they haven't announced themselves, because mankind would not approve of their motives.

Entry D xaos.

If aliens were to be here, they almost certainly wouldn`t reveal themselves immediately. They would wait, and slowly acclimatize us to their prescence. They would only come out (proverbially) when we were so accustomed to them that we could safely discover them ourselves. They would use the same technique that late twentieth century anthropologists and primatologists used, hiding from the tribe/apes, and slowly giving hints of their prescence until the tribe/apes were comfortable with them. If they were to use the approach that westerners used with the new world, bursting in upon them and sending their lives into chaos, it would destroy humanity, just as we destroyed Native American culture and life. They would bring diseases and intoxicants, and send our society into disarray. This is only assuming that they could make the journey to earth. To get here they would need to utilize wormholes, or be coming from a different reality. I have no space here to explain my theories on these, sorry. Maybe in a debate.

Entry E FaithDefender.

My first theory on why aliens have not made their presence known on Earth is because they probably know the Government would silence anyone who believed they were real. My second theory on why aliens do not make their presence known is because they are probably afraid of being captured by the government and being stuck in a two way mirror. My third theory, gain with the government, is because if they did, the government would not stand for something to go against are close minded lifestyle, so therefore, they would probably take them in and experiment on them, then when they were through, let them die from “natural causes” My third theory actually has nothing to do with the government, but with the community itself. I think after they did make their presence known, the larger group of the public would not believe them and would probably react the way all people do when confused, and would probably try and forever silence them by killing them and therefore ending that race forever.

Entry F stumpy

If Aliens visit Earth,Why have they not revealed themselves to the general populace???

1. We would Kill them. We have proven time and time again that when we ecounter things we do not understand, as humans and citizens of earth, we first take them into captivity, and doo them far more harm, that we recieve good from the captivity. The result is often the destruction of that which we do not understand.
2. If their intention are to find a suitable home for them to inhabit as their planet or system destruct (a favorite scifi storyline) they woudl not want to let us know, becasue we could end up destroing our own planet before they had a chance to inhabit it.
3. if their intentions are simply evil, they woudl want to study us unobserved (liek the way scientists don't let the mice know they are being watched, or pharmeceutical studies are 'double blind') Unannouced, they could gather far more pertinent info
4. if their purposes are merely scientific, see point 3, it still applies
5. if their purposes are magnanimous, they still need a healthy time for observation to be able to understand how they can best help us. Additionally they could choose to work form within, to accomplish their goals without disturbing our environment (which we would disturb if we knew they were here)

Entry G NinjaoftheNight

There are several reasons for the aliens activities being hidden from the public. #1 The public is not ready for this. The government would not be able to handle the mass hysteria cause by their apearance. #2 Their appearance on earth would cause the public to ask what else the government has been hiding and bring all their black operations to light. #3 The aliens have decided on the above that mankind as a whole is not ready and may never be. The aliens have seen our missmanagement of our planet and maybe do want us to spread. They have seen they way that we wage war and fear that our anger and hatred would spread.
The final possibility is that the shadow government has them help prisoner and is performing tests on them to see their strengths and weaknesses.

See what I mean?

Never the less I need the seeding so here they are.

Seed 1 = OIMD
Seed 2 = Loki
Seed 3 = Gazrok
Seed 4 = Tassadar
Seed 5 = xaos
Seed 6 = NinjaoftheNight
Seed 7 = FaithDefender
Seed 8 = stumpy

With that in mind the pairing are as follows:

OIMD(1) v Stumpy(8)
Loki(2) v FaithDefender(7)
Gazrok(3) v NinjoftheNight(6)
Tassadar(4) v Xaos(5)

Which throws up some interesting bouts.

Stumpy reached the Challenger playoff and probably doesn't deserve to be 8th seed against OIMD our former Champion.

Loki got the best scores of all the entrants is against FaithDefender,an unknown quantity and not to be taken for granted.

Gazrok v Ninja is a classic confrontation of two established and respected members as is the bout between Tassadar and Xaos.

So it all looks very interesting and I can't wait.

I'll be posting the topics later today.

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