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these greys

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posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 02:21 PM

these greys we talk about, wtf on earth are they doing here if they are real....... ? and if they are here???? on earth..

spreading their technology here, or we abusing it?.

or them making us abuse it, and what kind of technology?

lasers and mind-bending things, or them just trying to take us in control.

I don't lioke the sound of that. don't care, but do care.

I'm just trying to say, who's problem would it be anyway??

theirs, or ours in the coming? I just wanted to ask this. Give me your opinions or your confirmations or any reply needed, or any one other thoughts about this?

and if they exist, are they telepatic?, and so, reacting on what, how do they live, I mean, on what do they act? feelings, or the felt, or what should I say. Are they all the same, like some bogus acting on one and all the same thing, like being one race, never getting in conflict with eachother? like one mass-mind? or also having ego's I'd say. Are they beings of light, or do they act on the darkness? some things I think about now. I'd like to hear your reopmlys, and tell me where you should've gotten the info, or the acknowledgements....

I'd say, get 'm off this's ours, they have theirs! So I guess you've figured out I believe in these things.

The thing I'm going further on is, If one human being didn't lie about meeting them or seeing them IN REAL LIFE, then they're #ing real. Twitch on that. and what is what? If you have comment on other races, you may also reply, I'd like to find interesting comments on other races,
but if you have a mind-bending thing about humans, spread the word.

happy new year!

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 04:03 PM
Until someone presents some really incontrovertible evidence, it's only guesswork as to their motivations...

However, going from what we do know, or speculate...

1. they desire to remain secretive.
2. they abduct citizens against their will.
3. they show a keen interest in military installations.
4. they evade investigating craft rather than communicate with it.

Logically, we can assume that whatever the answer is...we're not going to like it....

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 04:35 PM
My guess, is that their scientists are doing exactly the same, as us humans would do on another planet. Or do in a laboratory on white mice for that matter.

I would surely do some recon missions, before planting my butt on their planet, and and declaring something like; "We come in peace!"

That would be the start of human hippocracy on another planet.

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 06:19 PM
thx for your replyz until now,

also, another one popped up, the dulce story, about these greys in caves beneath the earths surface, they blew up, and where a team of troopers had a large fight with them, anyone heard of it?


posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 06:44 PM
The problem with grays or aliens altogether is that we are constantly projecting Human traits into them. That's in our nature. In order to better understand something we desperately physiologicaly or psychological morph a creature into our human traits. Face it Grays are ugly and nightmarish. That's why people quickly created more human like species they could relate to. The whole thing about Grays using DNA/Cloning techniques is our way of humanizing them. Simple as that.

The funny thing about aliens is that we really are guided by the media. Those that claim to know of them lack any creative abilities only seem to focus on the idealistic and altrustic world saving ways.

Things I hope to answer soon are:

    1. Are they really that stiff?
    2. Do aliens get mad and complain? Who to?
    3. Do they listen to music?
    4. Are there alien artist?
    5. Do they use a restroom?
    6. Do they ever smile or are the all anal retentive?
    7. Are all aliens male? Why don't we see some curves?
    8. What are the dregs of alien society like?
    9. Is an an alien drop out on their panet a genious on ours?

I bet I will offer the answers before anyone who claims to know them will.

[edit on 5-1-2006 by nullster]

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 10:28 PM

The problem with grays or aliens altogether is that we are constantly projecting Human traits into them.

or them projecting, their alinenness in our human body? hm

chipping them, some, and spreadin' some wibes around the floor. tha mutha#as, now,,

if them projecting their alienness into us, we don't need them I guess, being racist now?? :p, donnow, let's see. WTFR are they doing here.


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