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JFK killing was a Cuban plot: New documentary

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posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 12:26 AM


A new documentary exploring the death of John F Kennedy claims his assassin was directed and paid by Cuba.
Rendezvous with Death, based on new evidence from Cuban, Russian and US sources, took three years to research.

One source, ex-Cuban agent Oscar Marino, said Havana had exploited Lee Harvey Oswald, who was arrested but shot dead before he could be tried.

Conspiracy theories on the killing have variously accused Cuba, Russia and the US of acting alone or jointly.

According to Oscar Marino, the Cubans wanted Kennedy dead because he opposed the revolution and allegedly sought to have its leader Fidel Castro killed.

Mr Marino told film director Wilfried Huismann that he knew for certain the assassination was an operation run by the Cuban secret service G2, but he declined to say whether it had been ordered by Mr Castro.

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I used to think that maybe there was a small chance Russia or Cuba had a hand in the killing. But if this new documentary checks out and the sources are all credible. Then who knows...

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