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Makin' my way 'round town

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posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 03:31 PM
Hello everyone,

Found this link via another board, checked out a few posts and decided... Like it !! I'm in! So I registered and stopped in here to introduce myself.

I am Fliesatnite, I've been around awhile on other boards I am not new to the whole paranormal realm, just to this board.

I hope to learn a lot and meet some great people, and, hopefully offer up whatever I can from personal experiences to the forum.


[edit on 4-1-2006 by Fliesatnite]

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 03:38 PM
Welcome to ATS fliesatnite--- Hope you enjoy the boards over here!

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:23 PM
Welcome and i hope you enjoy your stay. I think you will enjoy the vast majority of boards we have here, i know it took me a week or so just to read the Secret Bases forum.

If you have time make your way over to zedz hand book, its realy helpfull.

Also why not try your hand at PODcasting, it becomes realy addictive (plus the points you get are good too.

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 06:58 AM
I personally get more bugged by flies during the day. Especially in summer here. and double especially as I forgot to buy fly spray today. Ants are bad to, fascinating to watch though, have you seen how much load one ant can carry? We get lemon bummed ants here. Yup their bums taste like lemon, not that I have ever tried it but it does tell you that in the tourist brochures. Those ones don't bite, even though they have a green bum. Its only the green ants that bite and they have green legs too whereas the lemon bummed ants have yellow legs. I don't think anyones tried the green ant's bum to see what flavour they are, I guess they bite thats why. The flies dont bite, but flies get bit, especially during fishing season. Good flying fishing here but not at night really. I think the fly fish sleep at night. Oh there is the fireflies that come out at night, they are these tiny little zips of light that whizz past at night. They don't bite either, that I know of. We do get bats at night. bats have sonar and they make a dreadful racquet at night plus they eat my mangoes off the tree. The trees are full of them, except bats have got a bad rep since movies like dracula, so us aussies like to call them flying foxes. They bite too and they have a disease that can kill you which causes lyssavirus. Bit like avian flu. I wonder if flies can spread Avian flu. Or Mosquitoes, hey yeah we do get mosquitoes that fly at night.... they bite too. The sandfly's bite as well but they come out mostly at dusk and dawn. The sanflies leave nasty huge lumps and it takes liberal coating of vinegar to stop the lump and itch and burn. Sandflies are so tiny, the bite hard for being so tiny, quite amazing to imagining that tiny mouth or schnozzle thing or whatever it is that bites you. So much pain for something so teeny tiny. Planes fly at night, I like to watch them come in to land or take off, planes aren't that great though, they crash. I'd like to fly at night but I don't think I'd like to fly in a plane. A UFO maybe or even a top secret black project plane but not an airpane. I'd like to have wings and fly myself, at least I'd save myself the plane fare to Sydney and I trust my own flying. I trust my own driving. No one else does and I hit more kerbs than I miss but there's no kerbs in the sky so I wouldn't hit kerbs if I flew. But it would be a far quicker easier method of transportation. Flying is good, but at night you would need headlights so you wouldn't fly into a mountain or end up like a popsicle on the spike of one of the worlds tallest buildings.

Welcome aboard

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 10:43 AM
Whew... thanks!

I like to think I fly under the radar... at night or during the day... I'm not particular since when I do fly... I'm in my Astral Plane.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!


posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 11:03 AM
The irreproachable Mr. Beezer, at your service ©

Greetings one and all.

I am The irreproachable Mr. Beezer© and I am very glad to be here with you.

Welcome to ATS.

I hope you enjoy the stay as much as I have!

Mr. Beezer

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