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The Abductors' scheme here

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posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 03:05 PM
At the moment there are large scale "adjustments" being done with relation to humankind and the abductors' Intervention. For some time humans were massively out-staged by the abducting alignment, but now, as is obvious in better awareness, we're being integrated into the larger, finer terms of the universe. Higher orders of being are allowing humans a heads-up on the Intervention.

The surest, clearest and most cosmically acceptable route is through peaceful, more deeply shared, non-violent exposure--which brings us into a closer interaction, as we expose the old regime's crimes.

At the moment there is important attention being drawn to the American gulags where numerous witnesses have been imprisoned, completely incommunicado. They have been disappeared by an Intervention-manipulated regime. A telepathic and remote-sensing community of humans has actually mapped out other humans who directly report to the abducting alignment. We've been able to do so because good, non-threatening humans are able to remotely "see it all from above." For example, the day before yesterday we set up a situation in which IFSP (abducting alignment) security types watched us remotely sensing (and MAPPING) the location and violated prisoners of MAJ gulags, i.e. that Naval intelligence-run prison complex on the north edge of Las Vegas. I was able to get a good start on this a few years back when a Vegas resident told me about it as we drove past it on the freeway north out of Vegas into the desert (heading toward Grand Canyon). His friend works in the prison, which is federal, but it has a secretive Navy-run section that appears to be a MAJ gulag: prisoners of conscience, men and women who tried to tell "us" (others and the public) about crimes and a seeming plot against the people.

Meanwhile, many of us on this board know categorically more than do any of those gulag prisoners who simply spoke or acted suspiciously about what they'd seen in MAJ reverse-engineered complexes and direct, ALIEN OCCUPIED U.S. sites like the tall whites' base near Indian Springs, NEV. It appears to be one of the main props of cabal power in US government (via its technology scheme).

We can know more than gulag prisoners because we share information and are free to move about, while those in the gulags are isolated and tortured, staring at the sky and wondering WHEN WILL THEY BE FREE?

So, we set up a situation in which the Intervention alien security goons immediately alerted their (US military) direct contact about our probing. Bingo, we identified him and brought his face before a larger human scrutiny. How did we do this? Coordinated, shared human remote sensing, and some minor guerilla theater to keep it all interesting in order to maintain our host's attention. Now, the Intervention aliens are worried that other human military will catch on to the Intervention's direct operatives IN THEIR MIDST. Now that would be interesting...

Greater mind, greater openness (certainly implies non-offensiveness) exceeds those singularly brutal malcontents every time. But they don't "see" it, oftentimes. They hew toward the more physically pretentious; they are too much trapped within a kind of event horizon. Meanwhile, higher orders of mind span out into the finer, open spaces---and, by coursing more largely, more finely, are inherently more capable of nearly instantly assessing the sum total details of all those trapped with the brutal, singularly trapped lower orders of being (good minds remain outside of such crimes, hence they have greater, more universal perspective). And your route to such freedom? That innocence, that honesty that children and gentle women, fine and conscientious men seem to radiate. Good minds do good deeds and evolve better understandings, as a result.

So, now there is a move afoot to map out and expose as much as we can, to try and give hope to those gulag prisoners who have been locked up and probably tortured, abused. The risk is that MAJ operatives of the abducting alignment may try to kill all gulag prisoners before they ever get out---now that we have a disclosure movement afoot and are actively investigating.

The monsters who directly report to the narco-devoted Intervention operatives may think that they can get off for crimes against humanity (imagine what the US public will think to learn about US gulags of the sort, shades of that movie "The Island.") Prisoners in the gulags are probably raped and, as so often happens when military minds go without legal constraint, used as guinea pigs in unhuman experiments.

It's the cold, cold stuff of military and narco-devoted goons who don't have the spine to either question, or fight against such crimes. They are titillated, paid off and used like neatly-dressed prostitutes. They thrill in the bizarre, the exotic, slave-like quality of having absolute power over younger women and Delta types.

In gulags.

That goes against the finer, more intelligent order of being in the universe, and, even though that mega-population that controls the abducting alignment (the Verdants and their ilk) are herded toward a reckoning of their own sort, we, humans, have to make a big move: to expose, expose and draw mass attention to the end of democracy here (electronic vote rigging), the narco intel. crimes, the deliberate plan by direct operatives of the Intervention to sabotage humankind and human peace in order to take maximum advantage of us (to harness us as industrial slave labor, as a biological resource and use the energy in all star systems surrounding us, also use our location as a defense and technological base/part of their energy network).

Much of the new developments are in the mind: simple awareness, active remote probing and identification of Intervention operatives, then propagation of the findings to other humans to bring them up to speed, extension and refinement of a growing network of human awareness of all of this (moving it toward more equal, ecological consciousness).

In order to survive and not live as slaves, humans will have to get it right. It is a struggle. It requires effort, but the finer, more intelligent kind find higher order thinking EASIER, ironically--more deeply, gently interconnected.

Cabal puppet Bush wants to bomb Iran and maybe grab at their oil, thinking that all he need do is say that they are Al Queda connected (the old WMD's story, even without hard evidence), in hopes that such violence will overthrow the religious regime in Iran, giving the US better control of THEIR oil, too. Meanwhile, Iraq is going down the tubes: its oil won't be in US hands, although a likely separate Kurdish state in northern Iraq will probably sell to the US.

If Bush follows narco-Israeli directives and bombs Iran, the nuke fallout goes into India, Burma and more (sources say the Burmese government just packed up its national capital and government installations in Rangoon, giving them only 2 1/2 days notice, and moved them hundreds of miles north to set up a new capital at higher altitude where less radiation will rain down upon them--see former NSA analyst Wayne Madsen's news site for details). Russia, China and others use Iranian oil, and Pakistan may be overthrown by fundamentalists if the US invades Iran. And Saudi Arabia? Predominantly Shiite? What will they think of the US trying to overthrow the Iranian government? Frenzied.

Maybe Bush is so corrupt that he wants a fundamentalist regime to stay in Iran but be the propaganda devil for Bush's "comeback." (just like he wants Bin Laden to remain free because, after all, Bin Laden is a narco-dealing corporate prince, like Bush, and his Afghani heroin trading goes into Bush family conduits) After bombing Iran, no one will be able to say there's no evidence of their actually having nukes: the evidence will have been destroyed. This time, like those containers of flour that Bush Sr's generals placed in Noriegas Panama palace to make him look dopey (he WAS a Bush Sr. narco operative, incidentally), Bush's goons may try to manufacture evidence re Iran. *It's an ugly mess precipitated by US/British greed that overthrew Mossadegh in 1953 and installed a puppet Shah, a direct gofer of the Rockefeller/Rothschild (Intervention-related) combine.

In the eyes of the Intervention, the fundamentalist turn of the new Iranian "president" (no more legitimate than was Bush in 2000 due to exclusion of reformers from candidacy) will sow mayhem and allow their Nordics vs. Semitics scheme to bleed humans even further (making for more obedient future slaves, think Intervention schemers). The Intervention wants more bloodshed, then wants to do a federation puppet show with their claims to have influenced the three human prophets (presumably Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed).

Imagine how it would go over if, as Isreal savages the Palestinians, and fundamentalist Moslems sow bloodshed even among Moslem nations, the Intervention aliens appear in great number with news that they orchestrated fundamental upheavals and even have evidence of a role in the three prophets.

It's a bloody, cold design.

Which is why I mention Bush's grandiose CREEPING BIG BROTHER government scheme---due to its slave-like qualities. It isn't about democracy and finer minds; it's about consolidating criminal (Intervention) control here and obliterating human thoughts about independence.

But it has all gone too far. They've committed too many brutal crimes to be able to promise a finer, better ecology here. When an abducting, planet-killing mega-population from an entirely different galaxy group tries to mob us up with organized crime operatives and cloned/bred client populations (in near star systems), it doesn't agree with the Milky Way's need to REDUCE population in advance of the Milky Way's merger with Andromeda (which is 3-3.5 billion years in our future). For that reason, a larger alien community sees logic in human moves to expose and correct the ecologically suicidal scheme of the coldest Intervention operatives.

Exposure---with effort. It's all alive with possibilities (as is better, sharing mind).

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 03:57 PM
This reads like a thinly veiled poltical diatribe than anything to do with Alien abductions. Take the "Abduction" elements out of this spiel and tell me something different.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 04:22 PM
I can't wait to see the proof of this scheme. Just the fact of the word scheme in the title doesn't inspire much confidence. But ok back this story up with some thing concrete. Till then I'll reserve judgement.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 04:38 PM
1. There is no concrete evidence of ANY alien abduction. NONE. Hypnotic regressions and dreams and hoaxes do not make it real no matter what people think. Proof requires evidence - we have no evidence only conjecture and that does not hold up....

2. NWO, Bush, etc. Well Bush is an idiot sometime but to wraps this all into an alien abduction conspiracy - yikes. He will be gone in 2 years and look what may be coming - Hilary and going thru menopause. That is what we DO NOT want with her finger on the button and just what are all the Bush hater going to do when that happens..??

3. World is a complex place. Internet boom and travel have brought down borders and increased information flow. Some countries have prospered with this - others have not, because of long held beliefs and customs and they start to make noise. Logical outcome and I have no idea how to fix it. We still have race problems today in the largest and most open country on the planet. Tolerance and acceptance take time....

[edit on 4-1-2006 by UofCinLA]


posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 04:44 PM
Most ironic when someone who goes under the image of "2012 or Bust" with smiley photos of gray-like aliens posing (like an ad for 2012 dogma) tells ME, a critic of the abductors, to take the abductions out of my writings...

Most ironic. In other words, don't make waves?

*To the other poster: there isn't room for lengthy discussion here, and "concrete" proof is what is put in museums. You may still be waiting for "concrete" evidence long after the watershed events of the Intervention are long over.

However, I can refer you to the following for further info:

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:12 PM
Lot's of people push stories and cook stuff up under the guise of research and plop it in a book. You can make a good living that way as people eat this stuff up. It then spreads like a virus with more people rehashing other people's work and cooking up their own new story. I saw nothing that looks like solid or concrete proof - book references and stories yes. What we need:

1. Low light camera hidden in room of multiple abductees. Have someone else do it so abductee does not have info of if and when the camera will go live so alien won't "know" it there from mind penetration.

2. Solid and verifiable evidence of items removed from body of abductee. Need a documented evidence trail here and results and interpretations from experts published. Some stuff is out there but evidence trail is lacking.

3. They have craft - take a pic - pretty simple.

4. They have a body - take a picture - pretty simple.

5. Invite them over for dinner and take lot's of pictures and videos.

6. Have them do a slow flyby of a major metro area (before or after dinner) so we can get lot's of pictures.

What I do believe is that the human mind is wondrous and dreams can be so real as to be believable. Heck I have some where I think I actually met a person they were so real and yet I can not ever think of when it happened or where in many cases. I also believe there are many sketchy and crafty quick buck artists out there along with the lucid dreamers.

There is evidence out there but much is sketchy and not verifiable. I'd like to believe but I was schooled as a scientist and must way the evidence we are seeing in light of its strengths and weaknesses. The net has both helped and hindered as we get the good and the bad at the same time and much of the time you can make no determination what may be fact and what is someone's great fictional work....

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:23 PM
It would be a waste of time reading too much into my avatars, the image changes all the time. Hmmm...but if you want...yes there is a hidden message for special people. Given a good number of months someone real smart may decipher the "End Code"

And the 2012 or Bust. Lame. I'm getting really bored with it.....Hmmm or is that part of the "End Code" or just a ruse to throw less bright people off...hmmm.

[Fiction]Abductions have nothing to do with you and I and vast majority of the worlds populace. It's between a select few here on earth and hardly the president, premiere or what not of any governments. They are all almost completely out of the loop.

Yes there are secret organizations working with the select few descendants. The result is that the *** have been only marginaly succesful in extracting trans mutational DNA from their descendants. To date the *** or aliens have had their clocks cleaned in every direct encounter.
These secret organizations know there is no assurance they are covered when the *** return in force. The so called Black projects "facilities" in Latin America and the Pacific are their only leverage they have to play in the end. They are out to finish what they started. The rest of us are toast. Get used to it. [/Fiction]

remember to always use FictionTags when writing fiction.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:45 PM
I coulda predicted that response from gl2. It would have been too easy as thats the standard response. And as for a lengthy discussion, well is this not a forum for discussion. Give me a link to the appropriate museums. Not a link to a proven fraud like Phil Krapf(pronounced-crap).
Look I'm as reasonable as the next guy but if ya wanna make outlandish claims then you're gonna have to provide some evidence.
Otherwise it's just a story and belongs in the writers forum.
I've been studying UFOs since the sixties and I can say 2 things with certainty. I don't know what they are and stories like this always end up being just that.
And gl2, Nullster wasn't telling you to take out abductions. He was inferring a thought on your story.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 06:29 PM
I've seen posts of yours like this (and even longer) here and on other forums. No offense, but it would be polite to the rest of us if you gave us a concise summary, then included a link to your own website (which I know you have because I've been there). I'd cut you more slack if you had links to supporting materials/evidence as part of your message.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 07:20 PM
Yeah a bit over the top here. My sphincter muscle got tired of reading so I had to go sit somewhere more comfy.....can't remember exactly where I got lost now and don't want to reread the whole of mankind again.

Why not a summary and a link? If I like the summary I'll bite into the whole.


posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 08:16 PM
First things first: abductions are real and the evidence is good. If you don't know any abductees or distrust those thousands and government whistle blowers who corroborate such, that's your prerogative. Secondly, Phillip Krapf isn't a proven fraud. You're pulling a Lucy on us, here, but this audience isn't Charlie Brown. Krapf is a Pulitzer-winning LA Times editor.

If you haven't gotten to his story yet, none of what I say above will ring a bell. Finally, if you've read about or personally corroborated massive abductions (read David Jacobs' book The Threat, for a start, then read any of Mack's books, and Budd Hopkins), then you know there's trouble afoot. The US military and black budget sections are actively involved in reverse-engineered technology. It's on the cutting edge of condensed state technologies. I'm surprised that the above string of people on Above Top Secret (devoted to such subjects) haven't assimilated the basics, just yet. Many others on this site have.

I do take exception to curt dismissals of all of the above, of course. Anyone can pop up and say, No way. Nothing goes faster than light. No aliens, no abductions and no big heroin in MY government (although it may seem mainstream safe to assume such). Read A. J. McCoy. Read Daniel Hopsicker. Read Disclosure, by Steven Greer, MD. And know this: without a doubt cabal elements track some websites and, as one recent NY Times story shows, they are paid to deny sensitive claims about official wrongdoing. I'm certainly not alleging that about the above people, BUT... others of the sort may arise.

And Null: you seem to have inside perspective. You certainly claim knowledge that most of us don't have. I'm curious as to your sources. I'm the person who wrote that ebook cited above, by the way. I cite and specify my sources as fully as is possible.

I must admit, I'm pushing the envelope in any forum, in the above regard. I'm an investigative researcher who did grad study in (the underside of) US history and have worked as an investigative reporter, also. I'm actively in communication with various "extra" parties, and the subjects noted above are highly political, in some respects, of a garden variety in others.

Rather than dismiss the entire basis of the above, I'd suggest viewers read the testimonies of CSETI's witnesses, many of whom are impeccable, the highest standard of official mainstays, some of whom worked in the White House, others of whom supervised soldiers in nuke silos (not a psychologically unstable group, frankly). Specific critiques about (the given, ongoing) breeding program as it relates to the US government are fair game of course.

Bush Sr. is certainly involved in big narcotics, as is CIA. The evidence is coming out of the seams, so to speak. See the testimony by "Dr. B" in Greer's book Disclosure. It is most shocking.

Trouble is certainly afoot. When a colonizing alignment of abductors has one foot into our soil, and when, as airman Charles Hall notes so aptly, the "tall whites" are literally based in a remote corner of Nellis Air Force base WITH PENTAGON APPROVAL (in order to steal some of their technological fire), we're in trouble. As Budd Hopkins states, US black budget elements got way over their heads by allowing alien access here, and now many see a need to police it more effectively. Aliens are so much more capable than most humans, but informed and (remote sensing) aware humans CAN compete.

If you aren't at least moving in a more capable direction, you're simply out of the picture, in such regard--until such time as disclosure deepens (don't hold your breath).

[edit on 4-1-2006 by gl2]

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 08:53 PM
Where to start? Hmmmm.
The evidence of abductions is anecdotal. Thats not evidence its hearsay.
There's a fellow round here named Centrist and I'm sure he'd be happy to explain that if you ask nice.
So Krapf is an editor. This means......?
I'm a published poet. This means......?
His job title hardly has anything to do with his credibilty to the story. In fact it makes it suspect. Cause editors make stories better to read. Thats what they do. you should know that if you've had anything published. Serious UFO researchers have dismissed and disregarded the Verdant story and moved on to more serious lines of research.
And you still haven't presented any evidence to back up what on first read seem to be ridiculous claims.
Budd Hopkins expert on US black budget? Right.
Now dont get me wrong here gl2. I'm not sayin yea or nae. Just inquiring minds want to know.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by gl2)

It's the cold, cold stuff of military and narco-devoted goons who don't have the spine to either question, or fight against such crimes. They are titillated, paid off and used like neatly-dressed prostitutes. They thrill in the bizarre, the exotic, slave-like quality of having absolute power over younger women and Delta types.
It's a bloody, cold design.

Nice turn of a phrase there gl2!! You sure got my attention with that one!but like the cowboy; huh?

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 08:26 AM
Okay folks, now you're going to get an earful from the gal who screams and jumps between two feuding guys on the football sidelines, the voice of reason and compromise, not to mention, pulling her feminine powerfulness overall, lol (for you gl2), to break up the pushing, for a gal's sexual role on this planet always gives her that power, bonehead though she may be or not.

Gl2, I was the chick who was the last caller on C2C tonight, and it was impossible to ask or discuss anything meaningful in that forum, especially in those time constraints. But as you may recall, what I did bring to fore were two issues: physics as being supremely intuited by "lightworkers", and also the high level understanding of reverse causation- ie. the meaningless of "time" and linear, logical, 3d thought in the big picture out there (those conceptual constraints are human frailties, no question, and I KNOW IT ALSO).

So, to extrapolate, down to a less scientific and more amorphous realm- how social or ethical or spiritual norms on this Earth obviate disdain for challenges to the status quo, --- no--- naturally and understandably beget ridicule like some here lob at Gl2--- I figured out long ago that some of us "get it", "see it", "know it' and "feel it"--- and just cannot comprehend how everybody doesn't see what's smack in their line of sight.

THAT SAID, I know damn well from my walk on the planet this time (again, hopefully for the last time) that most folks do not live in the stratosphere like Gl2 and I seem to do. I know from from my own witnessing testimony, anecdotal to others for sure, but more sure as # to me than a sunrise each day, the incontrovertible truth of the Big Stuff. Like I KNOW I've seen "aerial stuff', (seen many, many obviously extraterrestorial anomalies, as did my dad, even moreso, as an Air Force Pilot), have been bowled over with astonishing 5th and 6th (??) dimension fractal formations-- luminescent and the source of crop circles if they land, ---plus the freaky disembodied spirit wildness I have encountered (ghosties), --and have experienced magical synchronicities we all have within us if we choose to refuse fear (national athlete, which was definitely about flowing with the physics I felt in tune with, and never had a trainer or worked on it, I felt God in me, for lack of a better word), --and then found myself as a top Ivy League scholar, though smoking weed and rockin' out 24/7, and DAMN, as I skipped in my spiritual spaciness, I somehow got railroaded into becoming a nationally award winning attorney who never cracked a book -- knowing now, of course, it was because I could see the law was about right and wrong--- # the details, idiots bother with worrying about minutae (and I went into non-profit law though top of my class, you bet!!!), and I could go on, and on.

What a braggart, huh? No. No. I throw this junk out to make a point to you readers, one which you likely know for yourselves in many ways, that to be human is to be free and going with the flow-- if it's in the interest of the universal good. I was a party gal into art, music, sex, drugs, et. al., but intrinsically, unknowingly for too long maybe, I somehow still deep down knew that the proverbial Golden Rule was all I needed to attempt to follow, for if I didn't, and I found out, all the magic and insight and joy got #ed up PDQ. Karma. WHat goes around comes around. And believe me, it was a lesson I learned by facing deadly consequences- literally. Flat-lined twice- and no, no tales of tunnels with relatives lining them- but you bet, your soul knows what's up, and I guess I had to pass twice to "really get it", to have my fears and mortal selfishness quashed enough to trust in the gifts that had so frightened me into being cocky, really terribly insecure, unhappy and unhelpful.

I didn't quite intellectually put that 2 and 2 together until my 30's, when in angst after the two death deals that I had just popped back from unscathed somehow, and it was when I finally dared to look at things, which for me was on a self-designed vision quest of sorts, that the whole deal coelesced for me---, what was good, bad, ugly and fundamentally my mission in this go round. I saw what had worked, what hadn't, and the fundamental cruciality of giving everything to the universal truth. I'll talk to Gl2 about what went down after that, cus that was ten years ago and oh boy, only he could tolerate that part for sure!, but suffice it to say, I am one grateful humanoid to have been privileged enough to see all my life with diffferent eyes than most, and now with them actually wide open.

NOW. I also feel that Gl2's proselytizing to the unwary and unwilling is almost idiotic. I personally have no beef with what he's convinced is going on, cus even though I have no personal knowledge of much of it, and also think he sounds as wacked as any fundamentalist anybody, I just say, hey, maybe he knows some # I should look into. I'm able to connect with these things he calls truths, if they be so, having seen an awful lot of what he has related already. BUT, still I would counsel him to keep the weirdest stuff to himself or close friends, expressing his reality gingerly, stay low and just write books---, and let the books propel him---AS THEY DID, GUYS!!!! DUDE GL2 was the FEATURED GUEST ON THE MOST POPULAR RADIO SHOW IN THE NATION LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! He's nuts? Maybe!! But you got something better going on?

Anyway, I had to spew my bit, and take it or leave it. Will Gl2 convince me about all this bizarre extraterrestorial warfare and abduction crap? Maybe, maybe not-- probably not. But I know one thing, I will give a good listen to anyone, any time. And try very hard not to criticize one's truth, biting my lip as I might have to. I know enough to know I know nothing, and that's where I get MY MAGIC. And whatever else is fact, Gl2 has serious magic, serious swing with the universe even if he imagines fantastical nonsense- for despite his human frailties- like being pissy on this blog (shame on you, bro!), his heart is intact, and as I saw last night, when I heard of him for the first time, for hours on national radio enthralling and enchanting millions, his heart also has IMPACT. Fact Jack.

(And I tracked his ass to this blog somehow, cus I knew I would get the full poop on his ideas if I used my womanly wiliness to hunt a bit- you better laugh, George!)



posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 03:58 PM
You have special sensitivities. You think in terms of time and its structuring, which provides a very comprehensive overview of much of the new physics. One researcher in New Scientist (Brit. sci mag) suggested that we can essentially model the weird new physics of the universe based upon the structuring, elasticity and tortuousness of time.

And on Coast to Coast last night, I didn't try to make myself seem formidable or protect my image, as such. Instead, I just speak spontaneously, as you say (sweetly, as you are) truthfully and from the heart. When the subject turned to hyperversals (hyper-advanced aliens originating much earlier than most would assume), it challenged conventional notions---the hyperversals say we live in a re-cycling multiverse. And when explaining how I came into contact, the nature of the contacts and a skeletal outline chronology, I was accurate.

Of course, when talking about alien thought, alien telepathy, the new physics of negative energy, black budget interaction with aliens, and the abductors' agenda---it may sound weird to some. But it's the honest truth.

Like you, I've done work for a free legal aid group (in Sacramento), in my case as a legal advocate summarizing and organizing cases for the pro bono attorneys to consult with farm workers and union people. But back to the alien subject, sure the jury is still out, but good data and astoundingly insightful alien statements are now being published and circulated. Look for an internal consistency in the reportage, and pay detailed attention to the science.

Perhaps the "weirdest" idea that I mentioned to George Noory and the audience last night was that we can literally see alien electrogravity streaming--between various aliens and their technology. What I didn't mention (I referred listeners to the mini-section in my book Alien Mind - a Primer (availiable on for free) is that alien energy networks are thick with information content, due to their use of psychotronics (mind-controlled technology). Hence you can easily pick up on the information content. Their electrogravity streaming stands out so starkly against the background that it's easy to find--and also characterize. (This is a kind of remote sensing but is as easy as is simple vision--although it comes with a larger network of intelligent implications. So, you can literally trace down any direct operatives of the abducting aliens. You can find alien locations on Earth and you can even probe human crimes--with subtle, yet unerring accuracy. The interpretation of your results can be vexing, however.

Another national (internet) radio host wants me to do an interview. I'm going to write him again to say I will, right after I finish this. *I found your remark about reverse causation interesting. That subject alone is worth quite a bit of discussion.

[edit on 6-7-2006 by gl2]

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 12:16 PM

I don't want to be a slave to bush and his cabal, but i don't see how we can win, There just isn't enough proof. The NWO now holds most of the cards, what can the avergae ordinary citizen do to them? They are too well dug in, the population may not be able to do much even with the right information or proof.

What do you suggest we do? I hope the bible lives up to its name and provide divine intervention needed to rid our world of the corrupt and selfish people who currently rule the world.

By the way you mention some aliens who may have good intentions and some who may have bad intentions towards us. Which ones are the good ones and which ones are the bad ones?

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 12:10 AM

This link leads to an interesting new article about "reverse causation" and how the mainstream physics folks are currently looking into the whole concept more than ever...

And gl2: yes I have those heightened sensitivities, indeed, and would love to discuss with you privately sometime what I have been made privy to, and have experienced, and most of all, have questions about, the answers to which you may be of great assistance. You have my email address from the bit I sent to the site.... and I would be delighted to hear from you if you have a moment.

[edit on 8-7-2006 by calgalcoolest]

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