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Call of the Banshee

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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 12:52 PM
of course.Now there are many different kinds of gypsys and lore regading our origins of birth and lineage most of which is lost with the dying of our numbers.

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 01:06 PM
Cool. Thank you. Here goes. Why do a lot of gypsys believe that they have to steal everything that's not bolted down? Is that why they are always traveling? Please help me understand. TIA

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 09:39 PM
In many cases gypsys hold no ties to the scociety that most of us live in.I believe you are generalizing to an aspect of what people label gypsys as"thieves".This is like saying because a few priests did some wrong things.

That all christians are evil wrong doers.I happen to know some rather
amazing christians full out god followers on this site that could single handedly speak for all of them with the weight of their deeds.
Gypsys are nomadic people who do what they have to do to survive.

As I said there are many different types of gypsys.We move around because we have to.Not meaning because of any particular reason but we hear the call and have to go towards our destiny.Most believe in omens and signs from mother earth to direct us.

And as far as people generalizing what certain cultures do?I wonder how many peoples lives and rights and liberty have been and still even now are taken away from them just so we can live the lives we do.

All for now If you want any more info as to why "gypsys steal, or whatever"Im around but dont try my patience......Scarecrow

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posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 08:31 AM
It wasn't my intention to try your patience. I'm sorry that you took it that way. I'm just trying to learn. That's why I asked. It's good to know that the klepto idea is just a stereotype. I'm sorry that you took my question so personally.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 11:20 AM
I am sorry.I realize that I may have come across as being a bit angry.I thought you were one of the villagers(torches and pitchforks).Many people
like to criticize me.But as far as your response is concerned I am glad that you are willing to learn about other cultures and beliefs in regards to what you may have alreadt heard If you would like to ask any question I would like to answer.

Sometimes I may come across as being a little stubborn when it comes to those who discriminate.I must focus on what I think and feel in regards to my reactions.Many times when we react negatively(well all the time).It is
Based on ourselves and how we function.When to react based on emotion.
Is to not observe why we feel the way we do.

Here is the thread to my latest podcast!
Podcast 4 goes up in three days!

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 05:53 PM
my two older sisters told me that they've seen and heard the banshee. One day when it was pouring rain, they were at our then neighbor's house playing monopoly and some card games. The power went out so everyone at that house left and ran over to my house. My sisters said their friends went through our front door first, and one of my sisters, Cathy, said she looked over on the porch of the house they just left. What she saw was a woman, with her face turned. My sister called my other sister, Stephanie, to look. When they were both looking at the woman, her faced was still turned but then started turning to were she was staring at them dead on. Cathy commented on how beautiful she looked from the side, but when she turned around, she was ugly. Then the woman let out a high-pitched moan. My sisters then, of course, ran in our house.
They both said she was wearing a victorian goth dress with purple coloring in some places, and she was dead pale.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by Sauron
The Howl of the Banshee;

First I never new North America had Banshees, There is a Irish wives tail that if you hear the wail of a Banshee someone in your family is going to die.
When I was a very young my father told me a story of how he had passed a small old woman dressed in black with one clubbed foot and a cain(a Banshee) on a country laneway she was cackling and mumbling as he passed, but once she was behind him my father told me she let out a scream like howl that scared him enough to run all the way home. When he had got home he was told by his mother that his grandmother had died.


[edit on 4/1/2006 by Sauron]

I have heard that wives tale as well now that you mention it. By the way, the OP said he/she lived in the UK. not North america. They did say though that the sound was similar to that of a north american elk.

That said, every now and again, A couple of the neigbors cats come up by my window at night and for whatever reason start fighting. Its quite a noise to wake up to. Hissing screeching etc... When one is half asleep it could very easily be misinterpreted as something much larger and scarier.

Anyway, I wonder if thats a possibility for our OP. Perhaps its just a neighborhood animal or two making some noise? I don't know, just a thought.

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 04:06 AM
Have you heard the bark of a fox?

I live in London and hear theses regularly. It is a blood curdling scream.

This link might help you, though I haven't listened myself.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 12:51 AM
I wouldnt rule out the possibility of it being just a neighborhood animal or two fighting.

I mean, Listen to this obviously upset cat and tell me that if you heard that in the middle of the night when you are half asleep, you wouldnt think that it was something much bigger and scarrier.

Anyway, I would bet that its just a neighborhood animal that you heard. Sometimes animals dont sound anything like you may expect. Take this video of an upset cat for example. Often times, animals dont sound anything like you may expect them too.

Kind of a funny video but would that not be a frightening sound to wake up to? Like I said, These two neighbor cats come by my window from time to tim and fight. Its quite a scary sound to wake to and I can deffinatley see how some one might think it is something much bigger and scarier.

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