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Tehran 'seeks nuclear bomb'

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posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 12:46 AM
Of coarse Iran would love to have nuclear weapons ,but can we trust what the Western Intelligence Agencies tell us?

News from today

Tehran 'seeks nuclear bomb'
From: Reuters From correspondents in London
January 04, 2006

IRAN is secretly trying to obtain technology and expertise needed to build a nuclear weapon, according to a leaked intelligence report that threatens to deepen a rift with the West over its nuclear program.

Tehran's nuclear purchasing plans stretch from Europe to North Korea and the former Soviet states, Britain's The Guardian newspaper said, citing a report by an unnamed European intelligence agency.
The 55-page report, dated July 1, 2005, draws on material gathered by British, French, German and Belgian agencies and has been used to brief European government ministers, the newspaper said.

The leaked report comes as Iran and the West remain locked in a standoff over Tehran's nuclear program.

Is this the excuse the US is looking for with Iran?

Or do they take their pick of the countries involved (taken from the same link)

It also says Syria, Pakistan and North Korea are part of a global black market in illicit weapons parts.

Iranian scientists are building wind tunnels, navigation technology and acquiring calibration devices needed for advanced missiles, the document says.

It concludes that Syria and Pakistan have also been buying technology and chemicals needed to develop rocket programs and to enrich uranium, according to the newspaper.

Yesterday, Iran said it would resume atomic fuel research and development next week.

After Iraq and the US and UK lies about WMD`s tho i have no doubt Saddam would have jumped at the chance to have them i find myself not knowing what or who to believe when further allegations are made.

But maybe extremely dangerous to wait and find out after its too late?


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