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truth prevails deception does not

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posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 10:06 PM
being new to posting threads on this popular website, but not new to viewing posts many have made. i for one, am a believer of Aliens, what i think of as multi-dimensional beings.

i have read many facsinating stories on this site, in fact i've credited this site so much that I don't bother to look at any other forums anymore, i truely believed this was the one that had 'truth' to this on-going phenomehoa of our mysterious world and universe. but as i have read posts, i come across those that claim to have 'spoken' with these multi-dimensional beings, or have somehow found a 'connection' with them.

someone random posts claiming they think they are chosen because they hear voices or see lights in their windows, but I question myself 'are they lying or telling the truth?'. I understand that posting occurences gives that person no profit in any way, except for the occasional questioning to 'give more details' or even others debunking their claim. from everything that i have read and collected as knolwedge on the site, everything has become disoriented.. one person claims that the greys are good, others say they are bad.

some claim that reptiles are controling earth, others say they have infiltrated our goverment system. Hundreds of years of recorded information concerning outer space beings, ghosts, etc, all have come to a point where many know of this information and seem to add 'twists' or 'edit' FACTUAL information with some of their spiritual belief or what they heard from another person.

This has made me believe that what i believe has be a total deception orchistrated to further confuse and manipulate our believers society. hundreds of years of reports saying that ALIENS HAVE BEEN HERE AND STILL ARE, yet many ask the same ol'question 'are we alone?'. I don't blame them, todays world of limitless and 'uncontrolled' information aka our Internet, has spawned much more deception and manipulation of our belief and long-asked questions.

i am not saying that i am discrediting anybodys beliefs or experiences, but everyone has a different one at mind. one believes aliens are angels, others demons, some even think they are the same in 1, but what are they truely? I have my own belief, multi-dimensional beings that communicate with our higher selfs, for what reason? i thought i knew, but now I don't, because i TRUELY don't know, and maybe they dont want me to know because I'm not ready mentally or emotionlly.
a time will come when human kind WILL HAVE TO make a change for the better of this planet Terra and its inhabitants, when the change will be needed for our survival as a species on the planet, thats when they will make contact i believe. this planet is beautiful, we humans, and all other animals that exists with us are all beautiful complex creations gifted with life and emotions, an invisiable yet powerfull force that we question.

as we bring our planet closer to the brink of ecosystem collapse and global destruction, i would rather personally favor the elimination of man before we let loose on our nukes and destroy our planets life just because of some IMMATURE primates greed for power.

it gives me goosbumps, pictureing the scenario in my head when humans are ready to destroy each other, and some Higher Force from the skies comes down and says 'you can destroy yourselfs, but you aren't taking the planet with you' and when all mankind is done with, time for an era with new humans and hopefully they will be the ones that will be spiritually ready set our world in the right path, thus connecting our solar system with communities of our universe.

edit: having alot on my mind, i had to break it down abit for everyone to fully understand, and my bold comment on prefering the elimination of humans was rather not my realistic choice for our existance. I would of rather said 'the power hungry currupted politics and governments that use humans as expendable tools for their own selfish reasons, lets say, for more Oil.' I truely do not want our species to die out. we have come a long way only to be wiped out by a team of politics that like to play with their stupid toys. we aren't cavemen anymore people, the days of fighting for territory or scrap of meat should of been long gone!

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posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 10:46 PM
The hoaxes have always been a problem. Nothing new about it. Theres no way to prove if something is right or wrong. Thats why theres so many wonky stories out there from bases on the moon to spirits and angels from god.

It's just rampant because theres no way to check it for validity. So 'the truth' is what you make of it. Believe what you want to believe if you think it's the truth. At this moment it is impossible to tell. We have no confirmation on which story is right or wrong. But don't think this is an excuse to opt out of common sense and being rational.

And if there was something I missed it's because I didn't read what you said. You need to chunk your paragraph so that it's easy to read. A big block of text is very annoying and boring.

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