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Everything about the abilty to fly !

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 02:05 PM
But seriously, I have heard of cases where people's parachute didn't open and they fell hundreds of feet and didnt die. Also I did hear on the news once a long time ago, about an infant that fell out of a tall building and fell 17 stories (I think it was), and was completely unhurt. He had nothing on but a diaper and landed on cement. So, what happened there? Did a guardian angel help him fly a little on the way down?

Also, as Steve said there are probably some people like monks who can actually levitate. Maybe if a person fell a great distance and levitated at the last moment they could be saved that way?

I want to believe there is a way people could fly using just their bodies too. And, did you know that birds have the skeletal bones of hands, including fingers inside of their wings?...maybe people evolved from birds, and that's why some of us feel this urge to fly. Or maybe birds at one time couldn't fly either but they developed wings to get away from their predators.

If people don't ever learn to fly or evolve wings a billion years from now, then I think hovercrafts are nice...wish they would become more mainstream.

[edit on 3-3-2006 by DeeplyAwake]

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 02:58 PM
eh, the ability to fly would be extremely kickass. But yeah, it's most likely linked to TK so unless you can hurl your own weight through the air all day long, it's probably not likely. Though if there were a way to manipulate gravity, that would be another story. I've never heard of any paranormal ability to manipulate gravity but it's not an impossibility, we still don't know what the hell it is other than an attraction force in the presence of matter. But hey, maybe in 30 years the US government will release cool anti-gravity toys that they're using now. (but traveling any significant distance at high altitude would make you freeze your ass off or pass out from the thin air. Low altitude would make people wreck there cars pointing cameras at you and next think you know, you're on the 5 o clock news wanted for a 32 car pile up.)

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 09:55 PM
I levitated for about 2 seconds. I had jumped into the air(now i can't jump very high, maybe a foot and a half at most), and the next thing I know I was half the height of a telephone pole(or light pole)then i came crashing down. Hoping for another experience like it.

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 12:45 AM
Ehh yes DeeplyAwake, at one point birds could not fly... they were called dinosaurs.

People can fly pretty well already, in fact faster and longer than any birds... using jets. We chose radically different evolutionary route. We lost some of the physical abilities but became dominating specie on this planet, nice trade off in my opinion.

posted on Jul, 4 2006 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by Sureiyaa
Ehh yes DeeplyAwake, at one point birds could not fly... they were called dinosaurs.

Yes, I know people used to believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and perhaps if they could discover evidence that went far enough back this would prove again to be true. There are birds today that have evolved with flying abilities and ample wings, but they don't have the external claw like appendage of the non-flying bird dinosaur Deinonychus, and thats why I mentioned the skelatal structure inside of the birds wings. There were also 'Flying Dinosaurs' that sprung from Deinonychus. And according to the link that the quote below was taken from ...Deinonychus himself was a flightless descendent of birds that flew, (so modern birds have the ability to evolve as wingless birds, or as birds with wings) Anyway, here is a quote and if you want to read the whole article. Here is the link:

"...When Deinonychus was first described in 1969, it was thought to be a bird-like dinosaur and a possible ancestor to birds. Now it is known that Deinonychus itself had ancestors that flew—flying dromaeosaurs—which makes it a form of flightless bird instead of a dinosaur. Had Deinonychus been found after the discovery of fossil flying dromaeosaurs in China, scientists could not have thought of it as a scaly dinosaur, but as a bird that had lost its ability to fly [emphasis added]."

~ Deep

posted on Jul, 4 2006 @ 11:12 PM
Prehap, some of you who have great knowledge or experience with chakras, flying could be possible by using chakras but it is very diffcult task.

To whoever doesn't know what chakras is, it's a living energies inside of our human's body and not everyone know how to maunally control our own energies in our body. Use to research about the chakras and how we can naturally use them for many different purposes.

I have vast experiences with chakras when I finally got my chakras unlocked in my body and I could feel energy flowing toward my feet... So I had a theory, if anyone learn how to supply their body with tremous amount of energy and use it to push through botom of human's feet, thus creating lift power effects out from their feet. I wonder if this is possible to give human the ability to fly with chakras.

Dragon out...

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 01:22 AM
My friend showed my an article about a Man that was able to levitate by jumping up and down on a couch like a little kid. He said what worked for him is to totally put yourself in that kid frame of mind. He said it took awhile and as soon as he noticed he was levitated he instantly fell to the ground. He said the second time was even harder for him to do.

My opinion we have just been programed to beleive it is not possible. I have never tried it, but I thought it was very interesting. Maybe someday I'll get there. Wasn't it Jesus who said be like the little kids or something like that. We have just been brain beatin into submission and doubt. But things are changing.

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 03:49 AM

Originally posted by RedeemingSpirit I've often wondered if we're not stuck to this planet simply because we've been conditioned to believe that gravity exists.

Err , NO !

You are confusing The theory of gravity [ abbreviated to TOG hereafter ] with Gravity , the physical effect .

A correct TOG is dependant on it conforming to gravitation , however Gravity exists regardless of any theories we use to explain it .

Every physical object has a Mass , gravitational attractions between bodies is what gives a mass a weight . These are often confused :

MASS = the universal measure of the amount of matter in a body

WEIGHT = the local force that acts on a mass as a result of gravity

Gravity is universal , not conditional and is always attractive , There are some exceptions in quantum physics , but in the “ real “ world the only way to negate gravity Is to apply a force that opposes it .

It is said that “ ignorance of the law is no defence “ – and this is especially true for gravity – Wiley coyote physics only applies in cartoons
A new born baby thrown from the hospital window will not float just because it does not know it is supposed to fall

There is no “ conditioning “ possible [ at least not in the manner you imply ] gravity affects all objects , even inanimate ones cf. Newton’s OBSERVATION of the falling apple , the apple fell – and would have fallen regardless of Newton or his opinion . The Newtonian TOG was his codified observations .

The observation “ The map is not the territory “ springs to mind .

TOG is NOT gravity , it is just how we explain it – there is a difference .

TOG is currently incomplete , it explains fully what happens and can predict accurately what will happen in a given scenario . But it cannot , so far tell us how – we theorise that gravity is a function of mass and the data from Apollo moon missions and other space programs has confirmed this .

There are theories attempting to explain the mechanic of gravity , such as the Gravity wave , and graviton particle – but none of these causal forces have been observed , only their effects .

Hope this helps

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 03:45 PM
As far as everyday science and physics go no you cannot levitate or "fly". Now there are subjects that these studies do not cover. Such as the supernatural, if you get deeply involved into either demonic realms or the drug world you will find there are people on this earth who can do things that will blow you away. Now what exactly do they use i dont know. My guess would be demonic intervention, i am gonna give you a warning and say DO NOT GO DOWN THIS PATH. It is serious and real and just becuase your T.V. and the "scientists" you hear about dont believe in the supernatural doesnt make it any less real.

I can vouch that people can levitate, if its them "focusing" energy or calling upon something else dont know... but i would lean to the later.

Bottom line is you dont need to dabble in this, its heavy stuff. Not meant for us to be involved in call upon the LORD if you want to be invovled in something supernatural and who knows what stuff he will call you to be a part of and endure.

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