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Self illuminiscent dust particles in the air ?

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posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 06:32 PM
1 - Can you find these particles in every enviroment, such as outdoors, in the car, etc.?

No, I haven´t noticed them outdoors or in a car. There are too many light sources in the environment I´m in usually. Up to now I didn´t try to find them out-doors. It´s a good suggestion, I´ll have a look as soon as possible.

2 - Can you photograph them?

I started to experiment with my digicam an hour ago, no joy.
I collected about 30 in a cup. They are rolling around. I can´t say if the particles distract each other (like magnets) or it´s just because of vibrations. I´m in a hotel room situated on a busy street. The environment is not ideal.
I´ll have a try later on with particles collected on a sheet of paper, this should work out better. It´s not easy because I have no stand for the camera and I have to do it close-up with a long shutter time.

3 - Can you influence their movement through thought?

I followed your suggestion: No success.

4 - How long have you been seeing this?

I found out in spring 2005. I read a (more scientific medical) book about human and animal video systems and was inspired to look at things more consciously. I read about cats eyes and snakes eyes and was just curious how my video works in the dark.

5 - Is it a constant or do you have to look for it?

Of course it happens just at night and I have to look for the dots consciously.
Usually I start to recognize the soup of white/grey dots on the black background first.
These fast dots move completely random, there is no given direction.
It´s exactly like the picture you get on a tv which is not adjusted to a broadcast station and the brightness control is somewhat turned down.
I´m sure, everybody looking consciously in a dark room will have the same experience.

Next, on the background of this random, irregular pattern there are dots which stand out because they follow a straight line. These are the dots in question. They always fly in my direction and, getting bigger the closer they come, they are easy to recognize.

6 - Do they respect the solidity of matter?

Yes, they clearly follow a straight ballistic curve, I can influence their movement by blowing at them, I can catch them, some of them crash against walls and fall down.

7 - How do you get them in the cup?

When they drop down within reach I let them fall in my hand, or as I did this evening, I layed out a sheet of paper they fell on, bent the paper in the middle and let them roll into the cup as you´d do with liquids or grains. This works quite well, the particles seem to be heavy.

8 - Do they expire or have a shelf life?

A good question. I observe them when I go to bed. There aren´t many on the blanket when I go to bed. They add up during time. I recognize every single dot. I can look away and find them on their proper location again. I had to go up very early in the morning today and I saw hundreds on the blanket. This evening, when I came back to my room, there have been about 30 on the blanket.
I´ve never seen one expire, but it seems they have to, otherwise the blanket would glow like the sheep in Whales over time.

9 - Any other pattern such as time of day,weather,etc?

First of all, I´m a musician (classical music) and on tour most of the time. I live more or less in hotel rooms or with friends. I switch time-zones frequently. I sleep during day time sometimes. The phenomenon is always the same. All it needs is a dark room.

As for weather: The dots are not so bright now in winter. Thunderstorms, rain have no impact.

Thanks for the good questions allisoneisall !

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posted on Jan, 6 2006 @ 12:49 AM
Fascinating.I too see the background dots and have been seeing them since i was about 6 or 7 years old.When i was a child i thought they were molecules.They are the same thing you describe.I have talked to others who see the "etheric field" as i like to call it

The other dots though...that is something i have neither seen nor heard of.What strikes me is the way they are attracted to you and the fact that you can handle them and they obey gravity; especially the gravity part.I occasionally see a singularity in the etheric field(i will call it that),but it is only a single bluish white one with a couple others orbiting it.And it appears rarely and at random.
I sense you may not be as comfortable with what is termed metaphysics as i am but i will share my take on at least the etheric field part.I believe that our sight is not limited to the bodys eyes.That there is what people call the third eye, which sees much more than the physical eyes alone.Mine has been open since i was a child.I see what people call auras as well as many strange things that float by.I have even found that i can see my hand in front of my face in a pitch dark room with my eyes closed.Learning things like this started with me paying attention to this etheric field.Many peoples third eye opens naturally without conscious effort or practice, as i suspect is the case with you.The fact that you are a classical musician means that your creative mind is already well excercised.There are also methods i have discovered to open the third eye even further.
What strikes me though in your case is the way these other dots move subjective to you.That they seem to be attracted to you.I am tempted to hazard a guess along the lines of some stuff you might think is REALLY far out like some sort of sentient beings in the form of tiny globes.Why they come to you would be a good question.Again, i am just speculating in the dark here.Do you feel any different when you touch them or they are near?Any more info you could give me would be most welcome.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 04:33 PM
Spose we're still in the dark on this matter.
It could possible be as already mentioned that you are seeing something others arnt, maybe you can see different EM wavelengths than other people can. I have heard of this 'Aura' that humans supposedly have, and i suppose, if the brain generates a small magnetic field, due to electric, any disturbances in this would be picked up by the brain, its just a case of whether or you pick up the ability to percieve it. For example, babies born with catarax, that isnt removed quick enough, will not have use of thier vision possibly all their life, as becasue of the darkness in the eyes all the time the brain has not made the right connections to use and percieve the information, and after the age of about 3 the ability of the brain to adapt becomes less significant, as by 3 most can walk, talk and so on. New research shows that the brain will make connections, even in old age and this explains people coming out of comas when it appears impossible. This means that later on in life we might 'learn' to percieve other information.

I'm still baffled!!!

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 11:28 PM
Thanks for your comments !

I went to a park the other night to look if I could see the particles outdoors too, but had no success, I´m in a big city and it seems there is no place without any direct light sources here. I´ll have to wait till I can go on the countryside.

I made about 30 (!) attempts to take pictures with different shutter speed, to no avail.
I made control pictures of the keyboard of my handy too: Same distance and same degree of darkness as I need to see the particles. These shots didn´t work either. It seems a digital camera isn´t built for that kind of pictures.
I´m looking for someone of our orchestra now who owns an oldfashioned camera with ordinary film.

The particles do expire !
Those I collected in a cup (which I covered with foil) aren´t visible anymore.
I made a second attempt: I collected about 100 this time and filled them in a small pharmaceutical bottle. The next morning they were still there, when I checked again in the evening there were about 10 left and they seemed to be less bright = radioactivity ???

The fact that I seem to attract them makes me still wonder:
First I thought it might have to do with temperature (cold window - warm bed), but the heater, situated under the window, has no influence.
Next I thought of the materials the blanket is made of, but I can exclude that too.
I switched my handy on and off and had a try with other electric/electronic stuff, no influence.

I can´t say that I feel different when I touch them.
During the day I can´t see them, could be they follow me everywhere all the time !!!

I will call the university here and ask them if I could come around to show them my collected particles.

I will inform you as soon as I have results of course !

As for the "background" light dots. It´s a low light natural phenomenon I believe.
The lower the light, the picture tends to become more black and white and the pixel resolution is reduced.
I´m pretty sure everybody can experience that phenomenon looking consciously ?
As for the straight-line particles, I don´t know.

I´d really appreciate if someone would have a try and look for them.

posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 12:23 AM
I was sitting in my car one day in the summer/fall time of the year. It was warm out. I was beside a University in Toronto and I looked up to the dark sky at night... and I saw a bunch of particles thrashing about above me.. not sure of the height but it was higher than a light pole but not as high as a 20 story building.

The particles looked illuminated. There was no light where I was but down the road was normal street lights. And the University did have many building with full lights on at the time. The time was approximately 10 PM.

The particles were like the static on your tv however they were more spaced out amongs each other. They shined more than actually illuminated anything.

They were not bugs as far as I could tell. Not dust particles for the wind would have blown them away. Eventhough there was barely a breeze that night.

This encounter took place in 1995'ish

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