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Grooming us for disclosure through media ?

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posted on Oct, 1 2003 @ 11:53 PM
Bisage ...are you disembodied. i understand now?.Do you see yourself as all knowing ,that somehow you are privey to some grand illusion we are all blind too , to make inuendoish< ( word?) style commments without any explaination. !!!! FILL ME IN on anthing i may have missed open to your thoughts

[Edited on 2-10-2003 by parker]

[Edited on 2-10-2003 by parker]

posted on Oct, 2 2003 @ 02:16 AM
you were supposed to keep up this is america why do you think races were creates in 1450...
wake up and smell the roses...

posted on Oct, 6 2003 @ 06:38 AM

Originally posted by THENEO
Actually this is a long story to explain but I'll try to answer your questions.

What I am referring to is that in general terms humans aligned themselves with god, the creator or whatever you call it long ago. While certain aliens or those of the dark side aligned themselves with the god of physicality which we call satan.

When we were originally designed our purpose was to contain a soul and exist in a positive environment for experience purposes. That which has been called eden. But negative entities such as the serpent or lizards corrupted our DNA so that we could be more controllable by them. This was the falling from heaven idea.

But to get to the point, yes our DNA and evolution has been assisted and interfered with by aliens. I do believe that and there seems to be proof of it too in that our evolution has in fact been so choppy so to speak.

TheNeo, all your posts about Lizards, 4th Dimensional transition for humans. This all sounds very David Icke.

I've read several of his books, I don't knock him.

Do you have any other sources of information that lead you to believe in what you state here.

I find the Lizard, 4th Dimensional thing very interesting, but with so little proof beyond 2nd-hand reports and symbology, it's difficult to see why anyone should believe it.

posted on Oct, 6 2003 @ 07:32 AM
I've been thinking about this again, and now I think that we will not have government disclosure. Unless something incontrovertible happens that removes all doubt as to the reality of the situation, we will be left in the dark. We will not be groomed and what we have seen is not preparing us as the signals are too mixed. I think the governments of the world realize that they could never tell what they know without it destroying them. The bits and pieces we are given from NASA and other agencies is piecemeal hogwash fed to us to keep more pertintent questions away.

I think once the day extraterrestrials are revealed, there will be a lot of suiciding going on with the people keeping this information. They won't attempt to deal with the outrage and will take the easy way out. Its going to happen eventually, by hell or high water, of that I have no doubt. Either the money is gonna run out completely or the big screw-up will occur. Though I still put this within my original time frame for these events to happen.

My two scenarios are thus:

1. The screw-up: Something incontrovertible happens regarding the reality of extraterrestrials. The U.S. government's secrecy organizations keep their mouths shut and become very defensive. Reports of mass suiciding within these organizations happens. Congress does the investigation, but may or may not find anything else out depending on how much information is burned & destroyed. Public outrage/panic/rioting happens. FEMA declares martial law. Civilians are killed, but basically all hell breaks loose and the only thing we know is that the governments of the world lied and wouldn't talk about it. Trickles of real info leak out from then on and is passed around. The world may collapse into economic disaster fairly early into this scenario, so there may not be much government fighting of the issues as there won't be one that exists anymore.

2. The money runs out: The governments of the world collapse from economic disaster. The trillions spent keeping the secret are no longer there and whatever is flying around us slowly is revealed through former employees of the now deceased governments. Documents and information may or may not be destroyed, but there won't be any formal investigations and records will be lost from nobody being around to know where they're hidden at. Due to the change of style of life that will happen in economic collapse, people may not even care at that point and likely would just do what they could to stay alive.

Extraterrestrials may fill us in on the details if these things happen, but I figure they won't and would likely watch us descend further into chaos. After all, thats what they've been doing for so long anyway.

Maybe I'm too negative regarding this, but I cannot imagine a positive scenario taking place regarding this subject. Whatever happens will be extremely ugly.

[Edited on 6-10-2003 by heelstone]

posted on Oct, 8 2003 @ 11:33 PM
Heelstone ..thanks for the re-evaluation of this original post of mine.You have given it the relivence it demands this is not about reptiles ,and demensions that collide, it is real world, and real time. If this does happen there will be "1000 Vince Fosters sucking on 38 caliber lollipops" all over washington. and both your points you make are very valid. this is what concerns me .we really do not have in place on any level the correct way to responde to this eventuality.and the mayhem that will ensue.

posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 12:18 AM

actually this material is not from David Icke.

there are others out there that are aware of the lizards et all.

do a web search for yourself.

the best and fastest proof of the lizards is to research the maya and Inca and other central and south american (as well as tribes farther north), for information about serpents and the worship of lizard deities.

posted on Oct, 13 2003 @ 08:15 PM
I have heard several people in the entertainment industry talk on this issue, and had a lengthy talk with one celebrity in particular. They seem to feel that disclosure will come through the "show biz" people...actors, producers, directors, TV networks, etc. In fact, the Sci-Fi Channel is lobbying in Congress for disclosure right now.

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