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JFK Assassination - Old Story New Questions - The Green Man

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posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 10:46 PM
Kids if you accidentally clicked on this post and read that last reply...If you EVER give up your passion because you think your 75% swallowed then your already trailing behind the snake.If your not passionate about this find something because it's important but if you love a great mystery maybe this for you.Heck if you just like makin old people really mad this could be for you.If your middle finger to the law and you wanna kick it old school this is definately for you.
For anyone who likes Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poiroit maybe just Inspector Clouseau or Ace Ventura..For anyone thats ever wanted to be a detective or had the thrill of the hunt..this may be for you

If you passion lies elsewhere dont ever give it up, if this doesnt ring your bell find something good to fight for that rings it so that when you do get swallowed you go down middle fingers up

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 07:34 AM
As previously said we believe that many photos have been edited or touched up to make the picture fit the official story. This is one phto that we believe to have many edits

We have listed the first glance touchups that we feel are rather odd about the picture. We would love to see the very original image of this photo.

By today's standards of photo editing it is rather a botchy job and easy to spot. But we are talking many years ago and back then I don't think the photo editors would have realised how easy it is today to examine images closely using resizing, pixelation and filtering techniques.

Maybe it is just our eyes, but this photo for one does not pass the truth test. If these photos are fake, a lie, then "Houston we have a problem", or in this case Dallas. This means the offical story and the official line and the official record is a lie. Just what did go on that day, when JFK was assassinated. JFK's assassination has started the most controversy and the birth of the most conspiracy theories than any other event through time.

posted on Jan, 23 2006 @ 10:31 PM
That's mighty crazy how new things are still turning up in the JFK case. How did people miss a man raising his hand like a gun and then putting it behind his back until now??? haha. Although to me it looks like he is holding a ball, or an orange or something. It is still very interesting, and shows the great independant research that ATS can produce.

Who knows? Maybe all of them shot him at once, just to be sure

[edit on 23-1-2006 by Yarcofin]

posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 07:54 AM

That's mighty crazy how new things are still turning up in the JFK case. How did people miss a man raising his hand like a gun and then putting it behind his back until now???

He was only clapping. It's quite obvious the man brought his hands together to CLAP as the procession went by. People keep their hands behind their backs all the time while they are standing. There is absolutely nothing to this theory.

And Jackie's outfit changing? Give me a break. And you talk about some sign moving? It didn't move, the camera angle changed and gives the appearance that it moved when in fact it never moved! Plus some photos were take with telephoto lenses and some weren't. Telephoto lenses distort what looks like reality. And the lettering on the signs changed for the Stemmons freeway? How about taking another look at the quality of the two is horrible quality and cause the letters to look differerent because they are distorted by the poor quality of the image, when in reality, they are the same!

And all this junk in these guys pants and jackets is pure speculation. The one of "green man" showing something in his pants leg just looks like the wind blowing his pants up against his leg. This whole thing is a stretch and has required much imagination and creativity but no real EVIDENCE of anything!

posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 09:24 AM
That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, however other people may like to see for themselves and judge for themselves.

posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 07:18 PM

That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, however other people may like to see for themselves and judge for themselves.

Thank you for explaining what an open forum is.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 02:03 AM
The two ananswered questions I have so far, (aside from who, why etc, which are highly subjective at this time) is how the first shot missed, and subsequently, why Kennedy, no stranger to combat, after hearing the 1) shot go off 2) sonic boom of the round did not immeidiately duck for cover. Of all things that were beyond his control, taking cover (duck down on the floor of the car) was completely under his control and he had ample time to do it.

2. After being hit in the back with the second, better aimed shot, yet having enough control of his body's facilities to raise both hands to his punctured throat, clearly realizing he was hit, did not take cover even then. Amazingly, he remained a seated, motionless target for the next head shot.

I suspect, the head shot was fired to the center of his forehead by a well placed marksman, yet the windshield may have deflected the bullet slightly which accounted for a slight deviation in trajectory of the round which hit him to the left of the center (looking from the shooter's perspective)

Poor Connally (sp) was an unlucky passenger that just happened to be in the path of the incredible penetrating powers of a high-velocity 6.5MM round.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 11:51 PM
The root cause of the Kennedy assassination began when his Daddy married into the Fitzgerald banking family. At the time, Joe was a bootlegger and movie mogul. After he wed the Fitzgerald girl, her family set him up in the New York banking business. Joe soon discovered that he had an enormous amount of respect for his opinion. He started whispering stock tips into the right ears and soon that stocks price would soar.

Joe, ever the opportunist, soon decided to buy worthless pennt stocks and whisper them up. He did it so much that people got out of the market because they lost their ass. Joe went crazy with the whisper campaign to make himself rich. President Roosevelt acknowledged later that Joe was the major cause of the wall street crash. Hundreds of businessmen lost fortunes because of Joe's scams.

When Roosevelt got elected he made Joe the boss on wall street. Roosevelts aides asked him why he gave so much power to the man that caused the stock market collapse. Roosevelt said " it takes a thief to catch a thief, if Joe could destroy wall street, he can build it back up and keep anybody else from destroying it." At the time it was common knowledge that joe kennedy caused the wall street crash.

Along came ww2 and those same guys that lost their asses in the stock market got into the defense contracting game. They re-made their fortunes.

After the war, they needed safe investments and didn't trust wall street. So they went to Cuba and bribed the Battista government. They set up casinos, hotels,resorts,drug running, prostitution, laonsharking and all sorts of criminal activity. They partnered with the mob and became known as the "Military industrial complex." During the fifties they flourished. They escaped american taxes and when one of their henchmen committed a crime, he just ran to Cuba to escape justice. That was unacceptable to President Eisenhower and VP Nixon.

Nixon and Ike sent a CIA operator posing as a new york newspaper writer to Cuba to interview Castro to see if he wanted to make a deal. Between the time Ike was still in office and right before Kennedy took over, the CIA sent trained guerillas to Cuba to help Castro. Castro was holed up in the back country hiding out. The CIA fed Battista some false intel that Castro was planning a raid on Havanna and killing Battista. So Battista sent 10,000 men into the bush to kill castro. The cuban troops were ambushed by the CIA guerillas and slaughtered. Castro took over. Immediately he went to the Whitye House to meet with Nixon. Nixon told him that he was supposed to appear to be an enemy of the united states government because nixon feared for his life from the military industrial complex. So castro agreed to serve as a devil to america in public.

The mob and military industrial complex wanted kennedy to invade cuba and take out castro because he took one billion dollars of their assest and another billion in cash. kennedy agreed and the military induatrial complex planned the bay of pigs. Kennedy sabotaged the operation so it would fail.

Word leaked out that castro was a shill, but nobody would believe it because he was spewing so much anti american sentiment.

The mob and the military industrial complex designed a plan called "project northwoods." it was a plan to use MK-ULTRA/ MK-DELTA assets to hijack american planes and fly them into civilian buildings and blame it on osama. er, castro. mk-ultra means mind control and mk-delta means mind controlled assassin. They also planned to attack a u.s. ship in the gulf and blame it on al qaeda. er, cuba. they also planned to use chemical and biological attacks and blame it on castro. They also planned to shoot americans dead on the street and blame cuban snipers. James bamford published NSa documents about it. Kennedy said " I don't care how many planes you fly into civilian targets and how many americans you shoot, I'm not invading cuba. SIX MONTHS LATER JFK WAS DEAD.


So they pushed viet nam down Johnsons throat. Johnson was no fool. he went along with the "Gulf of tonkin hoax" to stay alive. The military industrial complex created a new plan to lie to congress and the american people. they said that one of ships were attacked by the vietnamese- ala project northwoods. congress went along with it and 59,000 american boys were killed over that lie.

Nixon came along after johnson said he wouldn't run for nor accept another term as president. nixon promised an end to the war. So did bobby kennedy. kennedy was a prime target because he was talking about getting us out of nam and the same guys who lost their fortunes to his daddy and brother weren't going to lose their fortunes a third time to a kennedy. so they killed him with a mk-ultra delta asset. sirhan sirhan.

nixon liked living, so he escalated viet nam. Soon he sent kissinger secretly to negotiate a truce with viet nam. They agreed to an american pullout if north viet nam released prisoners before the military industrial complex could stop the pullout.

When the military industrial complex found out kissinger and nixon were pulling out, they framed him on a thing called watergate. Watergate went nowhere for a full year, so they created a clown called deep throat to meet covertly with a couple stupid reporters anmed woodward and bernstein. They swallowed the shadowy Bs hook line and sinker. Aftwer the pullout and release of the pows, nixon resigned.

Admiral Lemnitzer was the mastermind behind the JFK killing and the MLK killing and the RFK killing.

In short the guys who became the military industrial complex killed kennedy because they lost a fortune in cuba nd kennedy wouldn't help them get it back. They were still mad that joe kennedy robbed them in oct.29 when the stock market crashed. MLK and RFK got it because they were interferring with the military industrial complex ability to make billions off the viet nam hoax.

Ike sternly warned america about the military industrial complex in his farewell address. unfortunately nobody listened.

On CHRISTMAS DAY 1979 the military industrial complex got a gift from russia. Russia invaded afghanistan and opened the door to a covert war.
Iran kidnapped some americans shortly before the invasion to intimidate america and cause public fear and confusion. it worked.

The military industrial complex used tip o'niell to wage a covert war that was to be paid for by americas drug users. Thats why america was flooded with coc aine and crack in the 80's. they worked out of mena arkansas.
Reagan didn't want it to happen and it became a source of contention between him and o'neill for reagans whole presidency. The military industrial complex shot reagan and expected him to die. Bush had a dinner meeting with the parents of john hinckly the night he shot reagan.

According to George Criles book "Charlie wilsons war" murtha and wilson sent 200 million dollars to al qaeda after the u.s. defeated iraq in 91. al qaeda publicly supported saddam. MURTHA AND WILSON GAVE SWORN ENEMIES OF AMERICA 200 MILLION DOLLARS .


Now for the good part.

Murtha had some nukes and it hit him that he had control of a powerful blackmail device. He put himself above the law.
In 1994, the GOP took control of congress and murtha lost his chairmanship of the defense appropriations commitee.
Clinton and Gore were mad that the GOP won the house and senate. Clinton was in deep doodoo over the mena drug operation. Murtha and avrakotos killed anyone who went public and clinton took the blame.

Clinton, Gore and murtha decided to pull out all the stops to raise enough money to take back congress and the senate. Murtha arranged the sale of nuclear technology to china for democratic campaign cash. Congress found out and investigated. Congressmen COx and Dicks prepared a report that implicated murtha,clinton and gore. Murtha had al qaeda bomb some embassies in africa and some other terrorists deeds. Congress didn't back off so murtha tried to detonate several suitcase size nukes in new york,DC,LA, chicago and new orleans. The bombs didn't detonate because murtha didn't know they were booby trapped. You need to enter a security code before you try to detonate. With no code entered, the kryton high speed triggers get coated with a gel that corrodes the triggers and tenders them useless- except for a dirty bomb event.

The codes were on a harddrive at los alamos muclear lab, so murtha set a fire when the wind was blowing towards the lab and then sounded the alarm to evacuate the safes. He stole the hard drives and the FBI got pissed off. A few weeks later he put them back behind a "copy machine".
The chinagate report came out and COx said the guilty parties should be executed. Trouble is that the first 100+ pages were blacked out. clinton,gore and murtha weren't mentioned in the nasty part because you couldn't read it.

Gary condit sat on the house intel committe and went ballsitic. He wanted to take drastic measures against murtha,clinton and gore. A few days later chandra levy disappeared and condit went bye bye.

Congress decided to take action and a few weeks later 9/11 happened.
murtha and al qaeda attacked and killed americans. murtha was going to be outed by the tabloids as a leak, so he stole some anthrax from his defense labs and sent it to the media and the senate to make sure they didn't expose him. He didn't send any anthrax to the house because he has his office there.

The american supported taliban was killing al qaeda and the herion trade al qaeda depended on, so murtha pushed for american troops to invade afghanistan and kill the taliban and restore the al qaeda drug operation.

murtha and avrakotos are training al qaeda terrorist in greece as we speak. if murtha is exposed or if the dems don't get control of the white house, the congress and the senate, there will be several suitcases coming to america in 08.

Only the american people can save their own lives, but they can't because the media and government is scared to tell the people the truth because murtha will anthrax them or nuke tham

thats why when murtha stepped into the limelight for the first time in 32 years, he made big headlines. 99.9 % of america never even heard of murtha before he saw the polls that only 30 % of americans supported bush and the war. He took a phony stance and gained 75% approval rating and is getting medals for himself, like he did with his viet nam medals. he's a liar and a phony. But 75% of americans support him.

murtha is like the shadow president and the head of the military industrial complex. thats why everybody atsrted yelling hero and everything when he stepped into the limelight. word got out not to say a bad word about murtha because he was prepared to detonate if he was exposed . when jean schmidt called him a coward, everybody dam near fainted. she got educated and apologized.


posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 12:17 AM
This is a most interesting thread and very good work in my opinion. Even though officials have tried to discredit it almost immediately for some reason...

My digging has Castro heavily involved in JFK's assasination and that is why he continues to operate an openly communist government within miles of Florida USA until this day unapposed while communism has fallen all over the world.

Did Castro supply the hit men which were spirited out of the US asap after the job?

Annother angle some have been working on recently is that JFK pissed off the secret world government because they WANTED NUKES on Cuba. Believing that JFK was weak, they tried to put them there in hopes to put the US under globalist control. It didn't work though. True or not I don't know.

But the ideas presented here make sense for two important reasons:

1. Whoever shot JFK did it from close range to ensure that the job got done.
2. Whoever did it has not until this day been identified and that is why this mystery has not been solved.
3. Whoever did this had to be non-descript and was likely not even american and was spirited out of the country asap so that the trail could go as cold as fast as possible. Witness the Saudi flight after 911 for example of how it is done.

Great post.

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 05:11 PM

At the time it was common knowledge that joe kennedy caused the wall street crash.

Really? One man caused the crash? That is amazing. All Joe did was pay attention to what was going on and just before the crap hit the fan, he sold short and made out well, where others that kept their money in the market, lost big time. He had nothing to do with the crash. What a ridiculous statement.

Why not post some links to some proof of your theory that Joe Kennedy caused the crash....I would LOVE to see it!!

[edit on 13-3-2006 by Excitable_Boy]

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 05:21 PM

Kennedy sabotaged the operation so it would fail.

Kennedy didn't plan the Bay of Pigs invasion. He was poorly advised and the people that planned it within the CIA are the ones that screwed up. After the mess, Kennedy fired some high up officials in the CIA because of the mess and that pissed off a lot of people. The Bay of Pigs invasion was planned before Kennedy even became president. It was planned during the Eisenhower administration.

Kennedy learned by this fiasco that he couldn't trust a lot of his advisors and no longer put his faith in others to make his decisions. It was an easy mistake for a first term president to make, early in that first term.

Trust you you know what you're talking about? about some links that corroborate your information? And why do you think your life is in danger? I mean really, are you kidding?

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 05:48 PM

I agree with what you have written here, it is difficult to believe that Joe brought down the markets himself. My understanding it had to do with international bankers and US attempts at gold standards etc that did it. Such related issues.

shot messenger:

I don't know who Murtha is so you have me at disadvantage, so I don't know if the facts surrounding this person are true but I do know one thing: his power could only come from those behind him and not entirely from him.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 03:12 AM
Outstanding pensmanship, shot messenger. I have been wanting someone to clarify this theory, posted by others on ATS, and you have just dropped it all, friend. Thanks.

shot messenger siad:
murtha is like the shadow president and the head of the military industrial complex. thats why everybody atsrted yelling hero and everything when he stepped into the limelight. word got out not to say a bad word about murtha because he was prepared to detonate if he was exposed . when jean schmidt called him a coward, everybody dam near fainted. she got educated and apologized.

This is from Wikipedia regarding the moment when Jean Schmidt called Murtha a coward:
Schmidt's "coward" remark threw the House into an uproar. Many Democrats saw it as an unwarranted "cheap shot" against Murtha, a 38-year Marine Corps veteran. Angry Democrats led by Victor F. Snyder of Arkansas demanded that the remarks be "taken down," i.e. that the House consider whether they were unparliamentary. Martin T. Meehan of Massachusetts screamed "You guys are pathetic! Pathetic!" Harold E. Ford, Jr. of Tennessee charged to the Republican side, waving his finger at Schmidt and other Republicans, yelling "Say it to Murtha!" or "Say Murtha's name!" and had to be restrained by David R. Obey of Wisconsin.

After ten minutes, Schmidt asked for and received permission from the House to withdraw her remarks and apologized to Murtha. Had she not done so, she risked being sanctioned for violating House rules against disparaging other members. [32]

Quite a fit being thrown just for a woman being insensitive to her fellow housemember.

"Say Murtha's name?" Is that part of the congressional record?

[edit on 22-3-2006 by smallpeeps]

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 03:42 AM
for Valhall:

more digging, word association game,

Cuba, EBEN, Kennedy/psychological profile, time travel/Montauk NY, Oswald/Consortium/FBI/CIA/Mafia

mix it all together and Viola!!

Maybe that is why Jackie's jackets collar went from black to pink??

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 05:05 PM
Jimstradamus.....are you kidding with this stuff about this picture?:

The black around the back of the head and along his back and leg are quite obviously the reflection or glare of the sun off his body. Look at the original image and look at the glare off the back part of the matches exactly the black images you came up with with your magic "filter."

This is ridiculous. It is quite obviously just the sun. You think this is an image of two men meshed together? What would be the point?...and do you see how ridiculous this is? doesn't take a genius to see it is just the reflection of the sun.

I can't believe you and Mayet actually put together a website devoted to this theory of nonsense......neither one of you has come up with an ounce of anything new with regard to this "Green Man"...a man by the way, who is simply in the crowd clapping as the motorcade goes by.....

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but honestly....

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 05:24 PM
Here is another example of this ridiculous "magic filter" of yours:

This image shows quite clearly, that what you were trying to turn into a gun with your "magic filter" is actually just shadows on the mans coat caused by creases and so forth. It's like looking up at clouds and seeing bunnies and doggies. You can see whatever you want in your filtered images with a good imagination and possibly some chemicals to enhance ones creative mind.

What you tried to turn into a weapon, is just shadows from wrinkles in the guys jacket. Come on....

[edit on 28-3-2006 by Excitable_Boy]

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 05:52 PM
Why is this guy grabbing at his belt as he runs? Is his pants going to fall down for some reason? why is he running? who is he? why is he there?

he looks like a spook, eg. CIA to me.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 07:22 PM

Why is this guy grabbing at his belt as he runs? Is his pants going to fall down for some reason? why is he running? who is he? why is he there?

Is he running? Looks like his walking against the wind to me....and maybe he is just adjusting his pants. Or yes, maybe he has a weapon hidden in his pants just like the one in his jacket!!

Who is he? A pedestrian.
Why is he there? The same as everyone else: to see the president pass by.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 11:25 PM
Her refusal to change out of her bloddy clothes all day was not just her being in shock.....she knew who was responsible for JFK's death.....

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by Excitable_Boy

Why is this guy grabbing at his belt as he runs? Is his pants going to fall down for some reason? why is he running? who is he? why is he there?

Is he running? Looks like his walking against the wind to me....and maybe he is just adjusting his pants. Or yes, maybe he has a weapon hidden in his pants just like the one in his jacket!!

Who is he? A pedestrian.
Why is he there? The same as everyone else: to see the president pass by.

This guy has quite a lean going for somebody that is just walking??

He has a worried look on his face too. He looks like a spook to me. Does anybody know who he is or was?

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