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Power goes out across Italy...

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posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 12:14 AM
Guess the traveling power outages is continuing its way across Europe...

Italian Blackout Cuts Short Rome All-Night Party

Saturday, September 27, 2003; 11:24 PM

ROME (Reuters) - A power cut hit a large part of Italy in the early hours of Sunday morning, the country's civil protection agency said, putting a sharp end to an all-night street party in the capital Rome.

"A large part of the country is in darkness, although as yet it is impossible to quantify how much or why," a spokesman for the civil protection agency told Reuters.

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 12:25 AM
Either the grid worldwide is going down, in every country, within a very short timespan....... or something nasty is going on behind the scenes.

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 12:40 AM
Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action.

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 12:46 AM

"As far as we know it's all across Italy,'' police official Franca Sesti Miraglia said in Rome.

The whole of mainland Italy has been blacked out by a power cut.

The WHOLE country??? That's over 50 million people.
That's serious....that's very serious...


posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 01:59 AM
More info coming in....

The national grid authority blamed the blackout on a malfunction of supply lines from France, according to the Ansa news agency.

The failure appears to be similar to the problems that caused blackouts in the north-eastern United States and London last month, and Denmark a few days ago.


The only part of Italy that is not affected is the island of Sardinia.

Okay, wait....US blackout = London blackout = Denmark blackout (didn't know about that one...) = this latest one in Italy??
Somethin' don't smell right here.


posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 02:24 AM
The Island Sardinia doesn't sound right. Sounds like it was named after Sardines.

Damn Italians. ;P

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 04:49 AM
Last week South Sweden and parts of Denmark lost power for almost 20 hours..

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 05:06 AM
What is going on?? Who will be next?? Looks like Australia has been lucky so far, but for how long?? Maybe they are waiting for George Bushy to arrive next month!

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 05:08 AM
Wasn't the one here in the U.S. blamed on a Freakin tree falling and cutting the line or some Lame Crap like that???

(Once again the experts give the most stupid excuse for the people to swallow as truth. Falling trees goes on my "Lame Excuse" list right between "Swamp Gas" and "National Security".)

So I guess all these power outages means we had better start cutting down all these dangerous trees before they fall on all the power lines and knock out power forever huh?!?!?!

Maybe we aren't getting the whole truth about these rouge falling trees. Perhaps it's really the "Last March of the Ent's!!"

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 05:14 AM
OK lets make a bet which country is next...


posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 05:30 AM
They must be making alot of Frankensteins around the world.

next country?
any country helping the U.S with Iraq.

[Edited on 9/28/2003 by Katie]

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 06:04 AM
Well, I too find this a bit worrying actually. In just a little over a month we have had five instances of very large powerouts.

1. US
2. London
3. Sweden, directly followed by ..
4. Denmark
5. Italy

This is something that can't possibly fall into the category "statistical probability". Question is just what realli is happening. I was trying to figure out what someone could benefit from such a large outage. So far I have not managed to come up with anything that feels likely. What bothers me the most is perhaps that no newsfeeds seem to question what is happening. But the most alarming thing above all is that we have all found out how extremely vulnerable our electrical systems are.
One thing I learned during my military service was that the first thing you do when starting a war is to try to disable a countries internal structures, starting with power grids. I do not buy the fact that these outages would be caused by freak storms (like in Italy) or falling trees. Those occurances could cause minor failings in the grid but not on a country scale (I have no facts to back this up but if that was true wouldn't we have blackouts every other week?).

So, if this was induced by someone. What would the possible gains be? See how well a nation stands up against a large scale power failure in case of terrorist attack or act of war?
Is someone using the grid failures to install or otherwise trying to manipulate something that has yet to be discovered?

If these grid failures were induced by a third force I imagine that the governments/companies in charge of maintaining the grid would be reluctant to share with the world the ease as of someone doing this. Which might explain the fact that noone is pointing fingers.
If these are in fact normal occurances at least this writer remains to be convinced.

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 06:10 AM
I'm putting my money on Germany being next. However, the power grid here is pretty new compared to other countrys. what kinds of things can be put in place/or taken out of place when power is off to an entire country?? maybe it's some type of monitoring they're wanting to implement??

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 06:18 AM
It sure sounds like it is possible that someone has found a way to take out power grids. Are there any "power company people" online who have a theory as to how they could be doing this? What is the common thread to how these outages occured?

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 06:22 AM
Well there seem's to be something going on around this planet, there's too many massive black-outs going on now, and no-one really has any reasonable answer to find out why?

As asala was saying "Let's make a bet, on which country next"?


The list is endless, so we sit and wait!


posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 06:23 AM
perhaps the machines are run by Windows and there's a major hole in it....again. It seems logical...considering the slew of major virii out there right now that are owning windows.

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 06:47 AM
OK so I am going to guess that if someone is behind all of this, then they hate Italy, the US, the UK, & etc.. So I am gonna go out on alimb and say it will be a western country. Now, which one will it be? I think my guess is Germany. Why? They have active terrorists in that country and they took part in Gulf War I. I also think that they may be more reliant on the power grid than some of the others.

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 07:00 AM
found on

A lightning strike or fallen tree, related to stormy weather overnight, may have caused the powerline interruptions, Italian officials said.

sounds all to familiar. Do you think the trees are out to get us? More likely just another cover story...

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 07:04 AM
well i just heard on sky news ....

they are saying France might be to blame....
i will update when i hear the rest of the story

posted on Sep, 28 2003 @ 07:07 AM
thats it blame the french, everyone blames the french....

dunno why they do

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