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[roxor]HOW TO: Add custom music to your PSP for GTA:LCS[roxor]

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 02:18 PM
If you are like me you get sick of the radio on GTA and IRL. Well if you have a psp it's easy to add your own tracks to the game.



and GTA:Liberty City Stories.

with that out the way you'll need to download the PSP EAC program

download it, rename the file extension to .zip or just use whatever zip type program you have to open it if you are lazy. install. reboot. start the program

now what I did is I made a folder called PSP music on C: drive and i keep a window to it open. then I open another window and go and find the mp3s i want cause i keep them in different folders anyways drag the one you want into the EAC program.

it will start to decompress then recompress into a .toc file when it finishes it should save the .toc file to your folder where the original mp3 is. from there I click and drag the .toc file to my psp music folder.

once you get as many songs as you want or reach your memory limit. rename all the files extension in your psp music folder you made to .gta instead of the .toc

right click file
Back Then.toc -> Back Then.gta

also you can name them whatever you want but just be sure to add the .gta

ok now here comes the final steps.

connect your psp to your computer via usb. and be sure to go to the main menu on your psp and select USB. after that the psp will pop up on windows like a digicam would or another HD.

Go into your psp saved game data.
should see some folder called
ULUS10041 or something like that. then in that same directory NOT IN THAT FOLDER make a new folder and call it

ok now move all the tracks from your psp music folder into

once it completes that unplug usb start up GTA:LCS pause the game go to audio and turn on custom tracks.

and there ya go

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 02:25 PM
and if anyone tries this and has any question feel free to u2u me or post here. there is another way to do it but it's lengthy imo.


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