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The worlds future

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posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 05:48 PM
The way we advance today is great, we are at a all new time in life on earth and a new area.In the advance in meds and tech. we can now take a kinda side step to other things and apply our knowledge there.I do believe in a parallel universe. Something we might see in the near future might be a sort of high tech med on the nano level or pehaps a molecular nuro drug or a kind of parallel universal compas.One that might help us in our decision makin abilites, not too far from the matrix.As we advance through the social problems and scientific finds of the past. I see us in the not so far future becoming less dependant on religion.And as we embrace this new evolution,and are our self's evolving. As we grow in the future we let go of past idea's that have had good yet binding hold on us.aka religion and false belief of a magical being waiting to come save the world.And as we grow the new ideas and discoveries from new generations will take hold on us.I just wonder what some of the thought of the future people might have.Such as new drugs and evolution might have instore for us as well as the social ways of the future

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 06:46 PM
the keys to the star are ripe with fruition of mind and matter. the molecular coiersion energy can be appied to so many levels of understanding. with intergalactic governence, the industry institutionalizm may maintain coherence for larger more expansive systems of planets, and terrestrial regionalism. replace cars with trains, and superstructure complex geodomes, can compute larger arrays of technologically inductive materials. nano electronics, oxides, machery , and more fusion particle assimilation, theres materials to science that can enhance messurable wavelengths of energy.

medicine is

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 09:07 AM
heres a link

military, industrial, domestic. the applications of these technologies will dramatically enhance many aspects of modern life. nano assembly lines, and robotics constructing machinery for advanced particle technology open doors to advancements that will greatly increase efficiency and coherency in most sectors of engineering.

heres a link

As scientists and engineers exploit the tools of nanotechnology to design closer to the molecular level, nanoscale materials engineering will have an increasingly important impact on a number of sectors, including biotechnology, electronics, energy, and industrial products. For example:
•Advanced Computing—Nanoelectronic devices based on quantum dots or molecular switches will enable next-generation memory and logic chips
•Cancer Treatment—Nanoparticles are being developed for the targeting and destruction of breast cancer cells
•Energy Storage—Cathodes fabricated from nanomaterials promise rechargeable batteries with higher energy densities and longer lifetimes
•Engineered Textiles—Nanofibers improve the properties of lightweight protective gear for public safety and defense professionals
•Environment—Nanomaterial-based photocatalysts clean the environment and yield surfaces with revolutionary "self-cleaning" properties
•Metalworking—Nanoengineered copper boasts 6 times the strength of conventional copper
•Packaging—Nanocomposite plastics that serve as barriers against water vapor and oxygen can increase the shelf life of various foods and beverages
•Pharmaceuticals—Antimicrobial nanocoatings on wound dressings kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and promote healing
…and the list goes on.

imperturbably so, these things are the benevolence in the eye of the propriator.

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