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New Research Project, Mind-Control and programming

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 01:10 PM

Originally posted by Sparhawk
I think i see your point... it's some kind of "divide and rule", as ancient Roman domain was used to: program some people to mess around and spread false informations, in order to distract unprogrammed individuals and still be able to control them... did i get it?

Communication is key. Every succesful military campaign in the last 50 years has started its campaign by deminishing communication capability.

Language itself.

Communication is key.

The Arabic word for "Humanity"?

The Arabic word for "humanity" is pronounced: INSANE

Irony? Only if languages are coincidental.

Carl Rov, President Bushes top aid: Carl Rove

Carl Rov

backwards: vor lrac

vor lrac

v is the closest to the "f" sound


l is a lower case "L" which resembles a upper case "i"

"c" makes a hard "k" sound, as does "q"

vor lrac = For Iraq


The great pyramid is attributed to one who goes by two possible names:

Kufru / Cheops

syllables backwards:
F* ur spoech

F your speach

Tower of babyl?

Do you think you are consciously aware of 99% of your total thoughts that reside within your subconscious minds?

If you are not consciously aware of what is going on in your subconscious mind, you are not consciously aware of your own thoughts.

Why are you not consciously aware of your own thoughts?

Why are you not consciously aware of your own thoughts?

Wish I could tell you, but you aren't willing to accept the answer is "Fear".

You may hate that I say fear is what binds your mind.


But, how can you honestly justify hating without first fearing that that which you hate had the percieved potential to deminish that which you love?

Hate, andger, rage, negative emotions, feelings of victimization, all these things stem from your fear.

When a human's cranium is hooked up to a machine that measures the amount of sparks traded between brain cells we see this:

Conscious mind = generates 2,000 sparks of electricity between brain cells per second.

Subconscious mind = generates 400,000,000,000 sparks of electricity between brain cells per second.

Which do you think is storing more truth?


[edit on 29-12-2005 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 01:45 PM

Why are you not consciously aware of your own thoughts?

How CAN I be aware of these thoughts???? What can I do?

Wish I could tell you, but you aren't willing to accept the answer is "Fear".

I can accept that I fear it. I don't want to fear it, and why would I fear it? I do understand that fear is the basis for all those other emotions.
It's kinda like in Donnie Darko, when Donnie gets mad because the teacher is trying to lump everything into love or fear. He says there is the whole gray area in-between. Love leads to the positive emotions and Fear leads to the negative ones?

When a human's cranium is hooked up to a machine that measures the amount of sparks traded between brain cells we see this:

Conscious mind = generates 2,000 sparks of electricity between brain cells per second.

Subconscious mind = generates 400,000,000,000 sparks of electricity between brain cells per second.

Which do you think is storing more truth?

Interesting, and how do we get to the subconscious? By meditating? Erasing fear in our lives?? By accepting we have nothing to fear but fear itself??

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by AlphaCentauri

How CAN I be aware of these thoughts???? What can I do?

Interesting, and how do we get to the subconscious? By meditating? Erasing fear in our lives?? By accepting we have nothing to fear but fear itself??

I promise you: When you are being honest with yourself, you will obtain the sum of all you have ever experienced.

Want it bad enough?


Consider this:

You are not the same person with your mate as you are with your parents.

Come to think of it, you do not present the same aspects of your personality with everyone you interact with.

You are not the same with your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband as you are with your best friend as you are with your boss as you are with your grandma as you are with your grandpa as you are with your neighbor as you are with . . .. . . etc .. .. . .

You do not act like the same person with everyone when dealing with them one on one, now are you?

Why? Fear of not being accepted for who you are. So, we only present the aspects of our personality we know they will accept willingly. We tune in to how they judge and simply adapt to their expectations because of our fear of not being accepted.

Our instincts of "Self Preserve" produce our fear of the unknown, and if you fear the unknown enough, you will not understand what truths are unknown to you because of that fear.


DNA incoded with "Self Preserve"

Self = Me Me Me . . ..
Pre = Before, prior to
Serve = To aide, to help, to love, to understand, to COMMUNICATE


Since it is apparent that your very dna is encoded with orders that cause you to fear, which is why you act differently with everyone you know, then:

Start a journal or diary. And as you are writing in it: Know no one else shall ever read it. No ones eyes but yours shall ever look at your chosen words.

Why is it so important to KNOW no one else shall ever read it?

Because you are then knowing that you are writing this soley for you and you alone. There is no need for the masks. There is no need for the deceptions, or selective truths.

Writing your thoughts and asking your questions without the burden of the fear of reprisals will permit you to write your own truth.

As you are writing, remember this:

All sensory input from all senses first get delivered to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can only present what information is accepted by the conscious mind. Our conscious states of mind dictate how much information we can accept without enforcing or invoking fear.
What does this mean, and why is it important? It is proof that if you can think to ask the question, then you must only be able to ask the question because your subconscious mind has the answer already.

As you are addressing the issues that cloud your mind, keep it simple:

Ask a logical question, get a logical answer.

When you find the most acceptable truth for yourself, then ask the next logical question.

Continue this process and eventually you will be left with the last logical question.

But, what if you can not be sure of one of the answers?

Well, in those cases pick the few that are the best acceptable truths for you. It's not written in stone, so speculation is an available tool

Then follow those speculations to just leapfrog over the hurtles.

Then ask the next logical question.

Addressing the questions without fear opens your mind.

And, yes, you will confront ideas and thoughts that are ugly and make you feel uncomfortable, but continue on anyways.

Your brain is a computer.

You defrag your computer to decompartmentalize it, and it usually takes between 6 to 14 hours.

When is the last time you defragged your brain?

Be truthful to yourself and write.

Even if you find ugly things that make you feel uncomfortable, you have still released it from your brain. Your subconscious mind will not have to keep the uglyness, because it has seen it has already been written down in a hard copy. Condition your subconscious to discontinue trying to quantify the unknowable, and you will have won back emense portions of your own mind you did not even consciously know were there.

Once you accept your own truth, you may find you have more sensory input than you previously accepted was even possible.

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by Merger
In a nut shell, yes!

Kind Regards

Pretty subtle

But then, where's the blue pill leading to?

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 11:30 PM
Thanks for your wisdom, Esoteric Teacher.
That's really good stuff!!!

And you're right, I am NOT the same way with everyone. I don't even think anyone knows that real me. Now THAT is scary.

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 04:05 AM
When you talk of mind control, your talking of basically behavioural science. The art of changing a human beings thought process to suit a certain goal.
Usually this involves brainwashing techniques(such as liftons brain washing process).

Hypnotic inducement and brainwave entrainment: (brainwave entrainment)

Also a delivery system is often used such as xband, elf, infrasound, ultrasound, space based lasers and particle waves ect.

What the delivery system does, is covertly deliver the combined hypnotic scripts and sequences subliminally into a targets mind.

A llittle knowledge of radio wave theory, antenna array setups, scripting and sequencing, hypnosis and brainwave entrainment combined with knowledge of synthesing rf waves can make anyone into a programmer without a target even realising there being influenced.

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 05:26 AM
Thanks for the post, I know a bit of ELF, i'm trying to find my notes on what hz it works on, will post later.

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 03:56 PM
Spin Programming—A form of Mind Control

From AlphaCentauri--

The subject of Spin Programming to control the mind is a controversial topic. I got this information from a paper by John D. Lovern Ph.D. He presented this at the Sixth Western Clinical Conference on Multiple Personality and Dissociation in Irvine, Ca.

The information in the paper was taken from seven cases of patients with multiple personalities, all which had histories of ritual abuse. These patients were all females ranging in the mid-twenties to mid-forties. The patients were diagnosed with complex personality disorder due to the ritual abuse by satanic or similar cults.
The patients had been in therapy for about a year before disclosing any information on spin programming. They were all white, the majority were married, and over-half were employed full time. College degrees ranged from two year to masters degrees.

The information about spin programming was usually disclosed when the patient and therapist were brainstorming about the programming history. Some info was revealed spontaneously, or with direct questioning. The technique used was previously unknown to the therapists. In this paper, the technique is called “Spin Programming.”

Ritual abuse can involve a technique known as “spin programming.” Ritual abuse, a brutal form of abuse given to children, teenagers, and adults, uses physical, sexual, and psychological abuse to control the victim.
Therapists that have been working with ritual abuse victims will often discover evidence that patients have been abused with mind control techniques, often called programming. Self-destructive behaviors such as contemplating suicide, and self-mutilation were often found by the victims responding to different types of cues, such as numbers or signals. Also, outbursts of negative emotions, fearing the therapist, and other such behavior patterns were found.

Spin programming is designed to make emotions such as pain, spread throughout the body. It is then spread to the personality to help crush it, so it can be rebuilt in the image the programmer sees fit. Many times, this is done on children, because they are so vulnerable and can easily be molded. This method is also used to harass adults and to disrupt their pattern of thinking. This type of programming is often done in cults to abolish individual thinking.

The spin program is based on actual physical spinning and cognitive/imagery training. This, along with repetition and practice is designed to create internal multi-alter egos: a multiple personality disorder. The physical abuse is usually severe, and torture and killing are usually involved. Sexual abuse is used to humiliate the victim, cause pain, and to show them that they are slaves. Psychological abuse uses mind control techniques and mind altering drugs.

Physical Mechanics of Spin Programming

Victims who endure spin therapy are physically spun. They are usually drugged at the time, with hypnotic drugs, sedatives, and anti-nausea drugs. Spinning can include being spun horizontal, like a record player, vertical, like the wheel of fortune wheel, inside a cylinder, and even hanging upside down. The victims are bombarded by lights, (colored or white) or listen to verbal commands, music, or rhythms. Sometimes, they experience addition pain, tied in with the pain of spinning.
Usually, these victims have sensitivity to these cues of light and sounds, and will respond to them negatively. These can be used to punish the person without having to physically spin them.

Stages of Life the Programming is done:

1. Programming at the earliest stages of life, often birth. This is favored, because this is the time when minds are growing and learning, and the programmer doesn’t have a lot of built walls to break down and rebuild, unlike with the teen or adult.

2. Current or recent programming or reprogramming that can disrupt the older persons psychotherapy.

Programming a person can target a single alter or a small group of alters. Alters are also known as sub-personalities. Spin programming, however, often targets the entire system of the person, and is also called Global Targeting.

Spin Programming and its Effects

Examples of how spin programming is spread include: physical pain, depression, apathy, hopelessness, confusion, lethargy, sleepiness, self-destructive urges, suicidal thoughts, fear of rejection, terror, jealousy, doubt, suspicion, use of drugs and alcohol and many more. These can be spread throughout the system by a programmer to disrupt the personality and to erode the functioning of the person.

Currently Activated Program: Global effects, symptoms that can feel and occur like a storm, dizziness and spinning inside, pressure. Also, many individuals will use spinning-related images and language.

Physical Effects: Victims tend move about at moments when they are reliving the spinning sensations. They may have a blank state and be ready to dodge pain, wherever it may come from. Any type of rhythmic or circular motion can be noticed. It is interesting to note that these movements are not your typical nervous jerk motions. Spin programming movements are slower, graceful, more subtle, and fluid-like in nature.

Global Effect Symptoms: The person will typically use the word “we” to talk about themselves. One can conclude they are involving the alters (sub-personalities) and that the person is referring to him/herself as a “we” rather than I. For example, instead of saying, “I have to go now,” they will say, “We have to go now.”

Stormy Symptoms: Often like quick temper tantrums, these outbursts will build in intensity until they peak. They will gradually diminish and then completely subside.

Pressue and Dizziness and Sense of Spinning: Because spin programming uses physical spinning and force, victims will often get headaches, vision distortions, and speech disruptions. Victims will often still feel a sense of dizziness and spinning inside at times, and feel like their whole body is out of balance.

The Imagery and Vocabulary of Spin Programming

Victims will often symbolize their spinning into images and words. The typical vocabulary recorded include: vortex, tornado, falling, sinking, exploding, whirling, and twirling. Likewise, images are invoked.

Patients victimized by spin programming often obsessively draw and make doodles of their feelings. Many of the drawings reflect the image of spinning.

One of the victims of this disorder felt the diagram showing multiple personalities or alters should be circular (b) instead of tree shaped (a). One alter could branch off to other alters to form secondary alters. Then in turn, the secondary alters could branch off and form tertiary alters. She felt like the most powerful alters were in the center of the diagram. In a multiple within a multiple subsystem, the original alter can threaten to activate and replay the pain caused in order to cause more trauma. This can lead to greater breakdown of the victim.

Long Term Effects of Spin Training

Spin training is usually done over a number of years, and includes physical spinning, cognitive imagery, pain, and sending out of pain and emotions to other alters. This training is very successful to the programmers. The victims actually become the representation of the spinning object. The victims’ link spinning with the send of the emotions so that with the sending out of pain, emotions, and other feelings to other alters, the two experiences are inseparable and indistinguishable. Spinning can be done at such a force (physically and internally) that the faster they spin, the more pain or feelings are sent out at a farther rate.

What Programmers want Spin Programming to Accomplish

What spinning must accomplish in the victim is the idea of feeling good. Victims will think themselves separate from their alters, and must view the other alters as deserving the pain brought on by spinning. Proper spinning is reinforced and praised by the programmer to establish good feelings. So not to deflect the training of spinning, contact with the outside world is limited and the victim is usually surrounded by like people or protectors. The victim is usually surrounded by disciplinary figures and has to follow strict rules.

Victims are taught that there are two ways to deal with the spinning:

1. If they don’t spin, they themselves will experience all the pain, and it won’t be sent to the other alters.

2. If they do spin, they won’t experience any pain at all; as it will be sent to the other alters.

When creating a spin programming system, the programmers keep alters dimly aware of the other alters, so they won’t interfere with each other and because one person. Within cults, the people usually have different groups of people with certain abilities or jobs. They are taught to hate each other so they won’t form any kind of resistance.

The Effective Training Method-What It Does to a Person

1. Create multiple personalities. The more personalities the more to send pain to, the less pain and emotion the individual as a whole will feel.

2. Physical spinning is used so when pain enters their lives, they will create that feeling internally, sending the pain to the many different alters. It’s like an escape mechanism so the person won’t feel.

3. Imagery training is used to build and reinforce connections between internal re-creation of the experience and sending out pain to escape it. Connections are established between the centrifugal force, velocity, pain intensity, and other feelings.

4. Additionally, special training can be used to convince the spinning alters that they are not related to each other. So, when the victim hurts someone they love, the other alters don’t feel guilty, because it’s not really them doing the hurting.

One training method includes a contest known as a “Pain Contest.” Two individuals would receive mounting pain until one could not take it anymore. The one that could not take it is deemed a loser. The persons receiving or the specific alter receiving the pain creates new alters to send the pain to, to dissociate from it. This is the creation of the multiple personality disorder, also known as the “multiple within a multiple.

Internal Workings of Spin Programming

For spin programming to work correctly, there must be an alter who spins. There should be another alter who will move the dissociated memory so it can be spun. Informers will tell of alters that are not behaving right. Punishers will punish bad behavior of misbehaving alters. There is the controller that runs the whole show. All these different personalities (alters) keep the person in check and compliant.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Program

Spin programming has strengths in that it has been unable to be detected for many years. It is difficult to diagnose; the reactions in therapy can be non-specific. Hypnosis and visualizations don’t work well in spin training therapy because there are many cues and flashbacks that can activate the training. Working with the victims is difficult due to them being guarded against outside contact, and their ability to not trust anyone.

Weaknesses are detected with the program because it can be helped with therapeutic intervention. By exploiting the weaknesses in the program, the therapist can slowly show the patient was has happened to them.

Alters that aren’t affected by the spin program can observe the reactions of self, and make decisions for the benefit of self. The victims are usually proficient at spinning and therefore are definitely feeling emotions. A therapist can find ways to communicate with these alters, and to open them up to become aware of emotions and feelings.

Also, the link between external and internal spinning can be broken. Pain can be disassociated with spinning. The illusion that must be shown is that the alters are different from the rest of the person. Good spinning during spin programming is reinforced by the programmers with praise, so spinning is something that is looked upon by the victim with pride; something that he/she does well. That is a habit that needs to be broken.

The key in helping a victim of spin programming is providing therapy to each of the alters inside the person, and to all the checks and balances that control. The therapist can show that the programmer has been using the different alters against one another, and that they can work together to resist the forces.

Alpha Centauri

I got the information from this website:
For more information visit this site:

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