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Planet X, New World Order, Dark Matter, and other things I hate

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posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 11:13 AM
First off, let me just say that I've only been a member of these forums for about 3 weeks... and I've already seen more referances to these things than I can possibly care to count!

It's not that I consider the theories stupid (well... except in one case), it's just that tons of people relate EVERYTHING to these! Oh, a new television series! OBVIOUSLY this has to do with the New World Order! They're infiltrating our thoughts and minds and soon, if not already, we are all under their gross, underestimated powers of mind control!

How about no? How about it's just a TV show - and the reason it's coming on is because there's a demand for such a show, and the people who make it will become rich? I think that's plenty good a reason to start a TV show.

Or Planet X. Honestly, what's with that? "I had a dream that Planet X is coming! Obviously this will come true, as is the tendancy of random dreams..." Trust me people, there's a difference between a vision and a dream. I've had visions whilst I've slept which have come true, and I can tell the difference between something that happened and something that didn't/won't. Thus, when you say that it was a dream, then chances are it was a dream. Two nights ago I had a dream that I saw a UFO. Does this mean I was abducted? No! It means that I dreamt of seeing a UFO. When I see a UFO in my dreams, I try to yell - but do you know what I realized? You can't yell in dreams. No matter how hard you try. Because, whilst dreaming, your body purposefully paralyzes itself. To scream/yell in your dream - do to the physical stress involved - would make you scream/yell in real life, and the paralyzers make sure that just such stressful things don't happen.

And finally, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Not every cosmic occurance must have something to do with these things. Dark Matter is NOT a source of strange energies and mystical properties. It is matter, in some form or another, which is not normally detectable by light. Such as planets in far away galaxies. We can't see 'em, and we can't account for the missing mass/energy when we sample that galaxy. We know some of the missing mass belongs in planets and nebulae, so we put a rough number in, but that could be too small or too much, and so it's still considered Dark Matter. Then there's dust clouds and Black Holes - things called MACHOs (Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects) - which are there, bust suitably undetectable. And then there's neutrinos and other such WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles).

These are things that we know exist, but they still count as Dark Matter simply because they are not Stars - because they do not emit light.

Then there's Dark Energy. I don't know what it is about labelling something as "Dark" which makes it so "ooh! It must be something relating to UFOs and universal matters!". Dark Energy is the same thing as Dark Matter, except for energy. We can't normally detect this energy, and so we call it Dark to account for the missing energy when we take a sample of space and calculate its energy that we can see, and the energy it apparently has. Perhaps we should name it by the things it's actually called, like the Casimir Effect (which only functions at incredibly tiny distances - but still would account for some Dark Energy), or the weak (and in my opinion, but not some major physicists', stupid) theory of Vacuum Force - a kind of cosmic anti-gravity.

These people need to take a step back, and relook at things. Understand some more of what they're talking about before they go on and post random information that is almost completely useless.

I'm sure everyone else here has some similar opinions about really unbased arguements. People that see things and just jump on them before analyzing them. And I am immeasurably glad to see some people argue points and argue against some of their own points, just to make sure and see that they could be wrong.

Like the Casimir Effect. Until yesterday, I did not know about it. Someone responded to it, and I took a look at it. It apparently exists, and was even predicted to exist. However, looking deeper into it, I found that it did not impact my arguement because it only functions at very tiny distances. Although it could explain some of the "Missing Energy" mystery when trying to determine Dark Energy - it did not explain the universal expansion problem which was my arguement. Still, I have to accept this proof and integrate it into my theories - despite it being wrong.

So, if ever you're thinking "Is this for real?" just look at my signature...

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 04:11 PM
I tend to agree with you. While I have nothing against people posting something I personally consider wacko, the world would be a better place if everyone stopped and thought about their theories a bit. However, it can also be beneficial if people just post ideas and theories that may spawn further research and discovery of related things, even if the original theory is bogus.

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