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Pondering Relativity.

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 11:24 PM
Its Christmas ! Merry Christmas everyone!

I have free time to ponder and a thought occurred to me.

We know that in the end Einstein rejected the " aether " concept, although I have a book Co-Authored by him in which he makes a good case for the concept although he does eventually reject it.

I was pondering the fact that we know a photon is not actually a single " wave " of light.

It occurred to me that " Photons " must be the harmonics or harmonies of multiple waves.

Just like if you hit two notes on two Guitar strings that are in "Key" then you create a chord . Maybe two light waves in " Key" create a photon.

Maybe two slightly disident light waves create an Alfa Particle.

Maybe two opposing light waves cancel eachother out and we never even know they existed.

When I think of light in this way then it makes sense for light to be able to travel at different speeds and light to act as a particle and a wave at the same time and for light to travel at C no matter what direction or speed you are travelling or where an observer is positioned.

Maybe this concept of light explains the Doppler Effect and the " Red Shift".

Maybe the "Idea" of "aether" is not so far fetched after all !

Any thoughts?

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 11:51 PM
Good topic LS, I was just thinking about similar things.
Maybe you should look into subquantum kinetics. This is a theory by Paul Laviolette. You can check out his website here. With this theory he predicted what came to be known as "The Pioneer effect", yet his paper was blocked from publication on the LANL archives! You can read about that here.

So, there we have one scientist who lends some credence to the idea, as well as some pretty amazing theories and science to back it up. He's also mentioned quite a bit in anti gravity research. He was a source in Nick Cook's "Hunt for Zero Point".

Check it out,

and don't hog the nog !

posted on Dec, 25 2005 @ 12:55 AM

Thanks for the links it sounds like sub-quantum kinetics is indeed similar to what I was thinking of.

Imagine a Garden Hose laid out in a large Garden, when you flick the Hose up then down quickly to make a wave it travels across the yard. If you tie down the loose end across the yard and then flick the hose the "wave " gets smaller and faster as tension increases. Or in terms of "light " we would say the Garden Hose is "Blue shifting" as the "wave" gets smaller and faster as it gets closer to the tied down and increasingly stretched end of the Hose.


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