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The Ethereal Beast

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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 07:56 PM
Great post Tantric Wolf. Your theory is not off topic at all. The Ancients spoke of beams or rays that washed over this planet in cycles. These rays created madness, miracles and fearsome apparitions. The source of these beams was usually said to be the Pleiades, Orion in particular (this belief has been held by diverse races of people: The Australian Aborigines, the South American Indians, tribes of Africa and the Ancient Babylonians). The cycles occur approximately every 9.6 years.

"The conclusion is inescapable that these cycles of activity, which pass through our world like radio waves of enormous length, must have a common cause." - Knight, Damon. Charles Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1970.

Strange apparitions seem to appear in roughly the same areas. Does electromagnetism play a role in this? It would seem that areas favoured for these occurrences are on magnetic faults. Many of these fault areas also tend to have had temples and mound structures built on them.

"There are some sacred places made so by the radiation created by magnetic ores. My village, for example, is a kind of natural amphitheater enclosed by mountains containing iron ore, which makes a magnetic field. Most holy places in the world - holy not by some accident, like a hero dying or being born there - are of this sort. Delphi was a heavily charged holy place." - Robert Graves

It would be interesting to find out if 'Skinwalker Ranch' sits on a magnetic fault.

JackofBlades, your cases are very helpful. Indeed, it is the attempts at killing these beasts that first caused me to doubt their physical reality. In Tennessee in 1976 a hairy hominid was blasted by a posse with a small arsenal. The creature merely limped off into the night.

Your quote pertaining to the medium is interesting. It calls to mind the 'Ape of Thoth', studied by A. Crowley and Kenneth Grant (O.T.O.). A creature that is believed to be summoned by the peculiar mechanism of women on a monthly basis. This monster (Monstrum - signifying a showing forth or a warning, usually of divine origin), as written by Grant,

"Utters no human word, but a wild and monstrous speech." - Kenneth Grant

I thank you both for your input.

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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 08:34 PM

Originally posted by Beelzebubba
By stating my own belief I could be 'leading people down the garden path', so to speak.

I believe in the Pan spirit. A force that acts upon the impulse of the earth to confuse, confound and frustrate. I believe that ever since man stuck the first megalith in the ground, it became a cancer, draining the earth of life force. We are an abomination that the earth has been forced to endure as a parasite, so why not f**k with us while we are here?

Maybe on some subconscious level these apparitions are provided to assist in our spiritual evolution?

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posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 12:41 AM
Another interesting addition is a 'New York Times' article in June 1969. A warning was delivered by an Iroquois shaman to the public, that the Apollo 11 moon landing would result in darkness over the earth and the escape of monsters and wild beasts from the earth's core.

The Hopi believed that this desecration of the Moon would result in apocalypse. The theft of the Moon Mother's flesh (moon rocks) would have to be balanced by sacrifice here on earth.

posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 03:43 AM

Originally posted by Beelzebubba
It would be interesting to find out if 'Skinwalker Ranch' sits on a magnetic fault.

There is nothing specifically about magnetic faults, however, I quoted some incidences of magnetic fields in the book about Skinwalker Ranch.

“Hunt for the Skinwalker” by Colm A Kelleher, Ph.D. and George Knapp

Referring to an incident involving four bulls being found inside a corral that they, according to the owner, would not have willing ventured into…

p. 120 – “…Right away we realized that the metal bars of the enclosure, especially in the region near the trailer, were highly magnetized. The needle of the magnetic field detector went off the scale when we applied the instruments to the bars of the corral nearest the trailer, but the magnetic field was absent on the other side of the enclosure. Something had apparently magnetized the bars of the corral nearest to where the four animals had been found.”

p. 120 – “Forty-eight hours later, the magnetic field was barely detectable.”

Referring to an incident that stampeded a herd of cows…

p. 121 – “Whatever was dispersing the cows was invisible even in the noon sun, yet it was exuding a powerful magnetic field that was detectable on Tom’s compass.”

p. 122 – “…there had been two magnetic field effects at different ends of the ranch in less that twenty-four hours.”

Referring to a magnetic spike centering on Ellen Gorman…

p. 125 – “Instantly the needle jumped off the screen…We had previously carefully calibrated the inside of the command center…We had a recognizable and consistent baseline magnetic field “footprint” for inside the command center…This dramatic surge in magnetic field intensity was inconsistent with anything we had previously seen. It was the strongest about two feet from Ellen…When she left the trailer, the field had disappeared, and a few minutes later, when she re-entered, there was no field present…We checked the instrument itself and compared with other instruments. It was working normally.”

Odors –

While reviewing some mysterious tracks…

p. 122 – “…an overpowering stench of musk assailed my nostrils. I had spent enough time on the ranch to know the difference among fox, skunk and this particular odor. It was strong and appeared localized…A chill ran down my spine. Something was close by and watching me. The locus of the strong odor was coming from my right…This was one of the very few times…that I ever felt physically threatened.”

p. 123 – “Later the Canadian investigator told me that he too had suddenly become aware of being watched…He had also smelled the strong musk odor. That smell came back to haunt us repeatedly throughout our research program on the ranch…”

Referring to the area where a large, black figure appeared, from a light / tunnel, and walked away…

p. 146 – “But once near the track, a strong, pungent odor assailed their nostrils. They were both familiar with the sulfur-laden odor. It seemed to be centered on the spot where the light or tunnel had been. Jim felt slightly nauseous from the pungent smell.”

I looked up regular fault lines and Utah, appears to be really active in specific areas. Including the areas surrounding Uintah where the ranch is said to be located. I did have a great site, with map and all, however, it has gone elusive on me and I cannot find it currently. If I locate it again I will post it. For now here is a historical Utah fault line site with map.

Also, Here’s a couple of links dealing with the Alien / Cryptid connection just for the heck of it.

Originally posted by Beelzebubba
Great post Tantric Wolf.

Cool, thanks.

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