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Signs our loved ones give when they pass away...

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posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 02:10 PM
my father passed away around five weeks ago now, after five years of battling disabling pain following a botched operation... Dad was a lot like I am, with respect to the fact that he was always very quiet, very reserved, and tended to relate with animals better than he did humans. Dad had a cat, Charlie, that was his constant companion for fifteen years, and Dad loved that cat more than anyone except my mother, my sister and I.

At his funeral around a month ago, I was walking into the church as one of the front pallbearers. The people inside had started singing "Amazing Grace" as we walked in. Then, as we approached the short flight of stairs inside the door, a cat, a grey tom that looked not dissimilar to Charlie, walked in the door behind us. It ran up to the top of the stairs, sat down, and started meowing loudly... the priest had to gently escort the cat outside, it was so loud and persistent. He then proceeded to tell us that the cat had been a frequent visitor to the church in the past, but that he hadn't seen it for some six or seven months, and had no idea where it had gone.

I guess I sort of saw that cat showing up and singing along as a sign from Dad that he was where he needed to be.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 08:45 PM
In the post earlier, I did not include a few points that may be small, but I think are important. One is that she told him she was allowed to send a sign... as opposed to that she was going to send him a sign. A small, but definite, difference.

Originally posted by BlackGuardXIII
I used to work with a fellow who's wife died of lung cancer, though she was a nurse who never smoked. After she passed on, he raised their two daughters as a single dad. It was about a year from her diagnosis until she was gone. Around a month before she passed on she told him that she was going to be allowed to send him some kind of a sign. He is a very honest, family-oriented, devout Catholic, and I honestly cannot see him lying about something this serious. I felt he really, truly loved his wife. It was beyond question to me. Then, from her hospital bed a week before she passed on, she told him she knew what the sign would be....lightning. I have only been to one funeral in my life, and it was scheduled for 1 P.M., one Saturday, at a local church.
As we arrived it was pouring rain out, really hard, the sky was completely filled by very thick, very low overcast clouds, and it made midday as dark as if it was dusk.
We sat down, got settled in, and then boom, thunder, and the lights in the church went out for a couple of minutes. My friend told me that when the thunder struck, he immediately raised his forearm in front of him and looked at his watch and, it was exactly 1 o'clock. After the funeral was over we came out to find there wasn't a cloud in the sky; I looked in every direction. I know that it comforted the guy I worked with, you should have seen his eyes as he told us about it. It was after the funeral standing in the parking lot. He is a quiet guy, so he started by mentioning the lightning, then he said something like, ' ya know what was odd about that....'
and told us about the two talks he'd had with his wife just before she died. And I totally believed him.

[edit on 11/15/2006 by BlackGuardXIII]

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 08:05 AM
That's incredible! I think that ties in a little bit with how it seems people "know" that they are going to pass on soon but can hold out to say their good-byes and do what they have to do. Like God is giving them some bonus time. And it seems like the pain they were suffering from subsides somewhat. Like they look totally at peace during that time.
Thanks for making that distinction.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 08:36 AM
Amazing stories, I thank everyone for sharing and the author for starting this thread.

It was mid November last year when I recieved a phone call at work from my mum telling me that police had found my 32 yr old cousin dead in her house and at that stage was believed to have committed suicide. She lived quite a way from the rest of the family we have in Australia and so we all gathered at her family's home while her mother, my Aunt, and her 2 brothers left to go talk to police and make the needed preparations.

What my cousin told us when he next called was spine tingling. As they walked through the house a book went flying off a desk from across the room which they found to be a diary her husband had kept, in which he had noted some kind of movie screenplay in which he killed his wife and then his 3 young children.
Her cause of death was investigated and found to be a murder however police officers noted that they had searched the house thoroughly and that diary had not been on the desk prior to that moment. Her husband had disappeared soon after he killed her but turned himself in later that same night, confessing to the murder.

I believe she was there and that was a sign from her to let us know what happened to her. I also believe she had something to do with him turning himself in, God bless her.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 08:46 AM

Originally posted by ImJaded
What my cousin told us when he next called was spine tingling. As they walked through the house a book went flying off a desk from across the room which they found to be a diary her husband had kept, in which he had noted some kind of movie screenplay in which he killed his wife and then his 3 young children.
Her cause of death was investigated and found to be a murder however police officers noted that they had searched the house thoroughly and that diary had not been on the desk prior to that moment. Her husband had disappeared soon after he killed her but turned himself in later that same night, confessing to the murder.

I believe she was there and that was a sign from her to let us know what happened to her. I also believe she had something to do with him turning himself in, God bless her.

Wow. That was amazing. I do believe that the blood of murder victims often cry out to God for vengence --- and sometimes God lets them answer.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by ImJaded
What my cousin told us when he next called was spine tingling...

Wow. Now that's what I would call a "sign" if ever there was one. That story sounds like it was straight out of the movie "The Sixth Sense". That's another example how people are in limbo for a period of time... to tie up lose ends before they leave. Seems like some are able to do it before they die and some after. I wonder if there's some connection there.

Great story. Thanks.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by GodsWarrior

My brother passed away 3 months ago in a motorcycle accident. I have been getting alot of signs from him. The first one was at the cemetery. I left my cell phone in the car, and when I left to go backto my mom's house I checked my cell phone, and it said I had a new voice mail. When I played the message there was nothing but static in the phone. I hung up and went back to look under the last call that came in, but it only showed the call I had gotten from my daugher which was an hour before. When I got to my moms I wanted my other brother to hear the message, but when I went to retrieve it, there was no record of it.
Then about a month ago I was talking out loud to my brother, as I do everyday, and crying and telling him how much I miss and and wished that he could come visit me. Well I told him I was going horseback riding that afternoon (a regular hobby of mine) and asked him to hang out with me for the day. When I got home I was getting ready to go ride and I told my daughter, who rides with me, to get our riding boots and saddles out of the garage. She came walking in the kitchen and said "mom look what I found on the floor next to your riding boots" It was a can of SKOAL, a small can of chewing tobacco, something my borhter always chewed. On the bottom of the can was the expiration date which was 4-12-08 the day he died, and on the inside of the can was a code that read EZX-43. He was 43 when he died. I was really freaked out, but knew it was my brother letting me know he heard me asking him to hang out with me that day. I miss him so much. I hope he continues to send me signs, I look so forward to them

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 06:47 AM
my heart goes out to all who have lost a loved one.
i lost my son just7 weeks ago, at the funeral i talked to him privately and told him i knew he was there watching us.
i wanted to know if he was ok,as his wife ,sister and i where talking together about if he was ok a light bulb exploded so loud and bright in a lamp next to us everyone thought it was someone with a flash camera.
little things have happened since i seen a large ball of colors blue and purple coming towards me and then disappear.
i miss him terriblely but it gives me comfort to know he is still reaching out to let me know he is still around.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:55 AM
i belive this!

my mam died 1 month ago!
ive never ever told any one this as im only fourteen and people will think its my imagination!
but a few days after my mam died i also looked into the sky and i seen the most weirdest shape ever! it was a figure of a woman and slowley floating towards the sun!
and as soon as it was in line with the sun in disserpeard.
i always thought that it was my mam floating into heaven!

i dont care what anyone says but this is the only way i have ever told anyone!
i refuse to tell anyone as they will not belive me
but i know what i saw was my mam!

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:10 AM

Originally posted by mecheng
. In an instant I suddenly noticed that there were clouds in the sky that distinctly formed a “smiley face”! The clouds were orange (from the sun setting) and formed two eyes, a nose, and a curved smile underneath! There were absolutely NO OTHER CLOUDS in the sky. And, I’ve never seen a curved (smile) cloud before.

Great thread. I had very similar experience when my mother died. She died late at night but next day evening I was dreamily looking out the window and there were no clouds in the sky apart from a pair of eyes and brows exactly like my mothers. We also had a butterfly in the house, and a rainbow that day.
So what if folk think these things are silly. It's nice to believe we get signs.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:27 AM
When my grandfather died when I was 18 I was horribly upset and devistated. The night he died I cried myself to sleep. While I was asleep I had a dream where the phone rang. I answered it normally and it was him, Papa, on the phone. He said don't worry, I'm OK. I said I love you so much. He said I'm OK and I'll see you later.

I awoke immediately and just laid there in amazement. A wonderful peace came over me then. I am convinced he was trying to comfort me during my horrible grief. This did comfort me.

When I was almost 3 my mother died suddenly. I don't even remember her. While I was growing up I had a hole in my heart from missing my mother, whom I don't even get the gift of remembrance. I don't feel her spirit, I don't get signs that I would recognize from her, I don't dream of her - nothing. Is this a gift or curse, not to have contact from her?

How strange life is. Grief is horrible and necessary at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I could die from the grief of loved ones lost. Overwhelming thought of grief and regret of people lost. I even grieve for friends lost who are not dead.

I'm not some emo kid here - I'm an adult. I live a "normal" life with a stable life but sometimes I am grief stricken by the losses of life. I control them and don't let them interfere with life but I still feel it.

I commute 45 minutes to work. Sometimes in the car on the way to or from work I will become heavy hearted remembering things and am grieving. It just hits sometimes. I don't know if I will do this all my days.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:43 AM
First of all...Sorry for all your loses !

When my Mom was ill and we were taking her back and forth to the hospital she always was flirting with male nurses and Dr's. We always had a good laugh. When things started getting worse, her and I would joke about how they say you turn 30 on the other side and she could flirt with all the guys she wanted.
A few months after she passed I had a vivid dream. It was just her face. First I saw her as she was in the hospital(she was 69), she opened her eyes and they were black. Next I saw her face and it looked younger and she opened her eyes and they were black. Next I saw her face and she looked very young(30), she opened her eyes and her whole face was in color and hers eyes were bright and she looked up.
I took that as a sign she made it to the other side and it was true you look 30.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 08:30 AM
My grandmother died last Thursday on Christmas day, 12/25/2008. We convinced her to come over for lunch and she died 10 minutes after walking in the door.

The night before at midnight Mass, I did my usual prayer, thanking God for keeping her with me another year. But this year, I said that she was tired and if he had to taker her I'd understand. 12 hours later, she was gone. She held on long enough to see her family for 10 minutes.

The night she died, I had a dream... it was Christmas and she was sitting in the chair she died in but she looked great. She looked at me and smiled and said "The greatest thing anyone can have in this world is a grandmother". I leaned over and kissed her forehead, just as I did in the hospital after she died, and she began to cry and she hugged me. I told her not to cry and that it was OK because she was so sick and so tired, and through her tears she said "Oh, I was so sick, I was so so so sick and tired" and then I woke up.

Last night, I was talking to my friend about her while driving and she was weighing heavily on my mind. I kept thinking of her empty house and the fact that she wont answer the phone or call me again. I got silent and so did my friend as we drove. I continued to think about her as we approached a red light. My friend broke the silence when she said "look at that license plate, how silly!" so I looked up at the truck in front of us and looked down at the plate.. the license plate was GOD. How odd huh... I didnt even know you could have a plate like that and of all times to see it...

I share these stories with my mom and it makes her feel better during this rough week. When I told her about the GOD license plate she said "you were the grandchild she talked about the most, she always worried about you and never stopped bragging to everyone about you". I believe I have this connection with her now and I look forward to every sign I get.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 04:59 PM

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS
Hello: I would like to share our story of Signs from Our loved ones. Our story begins on June 27 2004, that is when we received the most heartbreaking and the most devastating news any any could ever receive, that one of their children has died. Our son Billy was killed instantly while riding his ATV at night hitting at tree, Billy died instantly. Other than just trying to survive and making sure my wife and other son were ok, I had an overwhelming need to see if I could make contact with our son Billy. I had been surfing the internet, read books and so on. I read that their are different ways that we canreceive signs from our loved ones.
I noticed that one way they can give us signs are through photographs. About 10 monts after Billy had crossed over to heaven i decided to take my camrea and start taking pictures at random, and to my great joy we did recieve many signs from Billy through our photos. Our signs from Billy came in the form of "orbs" streaking lights, spirit essence and my favorite the heart shaped images of the moon, street lights and of our christmas tree lights. We have a website in honor of our son Billy which everyone is welcome to visit read our story and view a few pages of the amazing types of photos that we are able to receive. We also have a book out called Signs From Our Loved Ones. Your welcome to visit and read our complete story at

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 10:15 AM
It has been 33 years since my dad passed away due to cancer. He told everyone that he would not live past February 1st., and as he said he passed on the morning of February1st. A few weeks before he died he told my brother, Wow to think that this life on earth was only 15 minutes. (A subject that could start a whole new thread. What is time in Heaven?) My mom passed 16 years ago and the day after she passed I went out in the garden and saw that all the flowers that she plante with love wete all in full bloom. I know that she was there with me.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 01:13 PM
My Nan sadly past away a few days before my birthday leaving my Bampa really upset. We whent to the funeral and said our goodbyes but I felt really lonly inside. A few months past and we decided to go on holiday
abroad. One day me and my brothers went to the silverner shop to get something to remeber the holiday when my brother noticed that there was
two keyrings next to each other saying both my nans name and my bampas name they were the same colour and everything they did not have any keyrings behind them either. So we decided to buy them thinking that is was to conicedental that out of all the names there those to
just stood out. My Mum believes that it was my nan saying that she was okay and to look after my bampa. So now I am happy that she is fine up in heaven.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by mecheng


Firstly , I believe God ,or our creator, or whatever you call it/him or her, is like that of our earthly Parent(s), and I should also say I am not an avid church goer or involved in organized religion, which may in fact be because of my orthodoxed Catholic upbringing itself.

I believe your cloud experience was a spiritual one, given the timeliness of it and the way it made you feel. I believe you have witness grace, as shred from your mothers creator with you and your family, still here.

You will see your mother again, enjoy your pleasant memories, and give thanks for them. God Bless.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 12:04 AM
I am hoping what happened the other day is a sign from my father. 2 years ago I lost my father to cancer. I have been lost since the day I lost him. I wonder if he is still with me all the time. The last week has been overwhelming for me. I had my air conditioner go out in my house, I had my car break down. My middle son is being tested for cancer in his back, and my youngest just went in and had minor surgery. I work three jobs and I go to school full time and am a single mom. So this week has been beyond overwhelming. I have been crying constantly and depressed constantly. Well my daughter and I were standing my our job that night, which usually we can not do because we are extremely busy at our job. We were standing by one of 6 different check in points at our job and a guy walks up with a friend of his. This guy did not say a word and kept looking at my daughter and I then looking away. My daughter noticed him and turned to me and said, he looks like grandpa. So I turned and looked at him and my mouth dropped. This guy was a spitting image of my dad. Same arms, same beard, just as thin as my dad. same eyes, nose, hands, everything. I look at my daughter and I look back and the guy, he is holding his mouth like my dad use to when he was thinking. Kind of a pursed lips look. My mouth dropped open and my daughter is smiling really big. I started crying, like uncontrolable crying. She is smiling so big. The guy never said anything and they go to walk in a door and the guy walked like my dad did - with a sort of limp. I never saw the guy again. My daughter said she almost yelled grandpa and ran up and hugged him. I kept crying. I miss my dad so much and seeing this man was just overwhelming. I called my friend and she said that it was a sign from my father to tell me things were going to be ok. I am hoping this is true. I know that I felt a sense of wow when I saw him. I have been shooking up over this event since it happened.
what do you think? Do you think it was a sign or a coincidence?

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 08:07 AM
I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that these things happen.

After my mother died I was thrown into an enormous state of grief. I was relentless on the net researching anything I could find about the afterlife.

The general concensus seems to be that within 72 hours after they die, they can hang around a little bit. It occurs after that too, mind you, but for the most part it is within this time period.

Since she died, there have been others. My father, and very close, lifelong friends. They all dropped by within at least five days to let me know they were still around. I should probably delete this, I know how it sounds.'s true, so there you go.

Also, this: If you are recently bereaved, and you want to know they are with you, tell them, out loud, what you want them to do. (They cannot read your thoughts, I don't think)....but can hear you. Tell them something easy to do. Maybe something to do with electricity. They can manage that. Also, this won't work for everyone. It has to be someone who loved you, and who sees you are in pain.

Too, it can be a playful thing they do. Blow on you. Knock a pillow off the couch. Just something to get your attention.

But yes, it IS real, and it DOES happen. For the non-believers.......
you just wait. I was a non-believer too. Once upon a time.

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