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One of our own will be having a very stressful holiday season...

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posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by Springer
I just SPOKE TO WILLY!!!!!!!!!!

He sounds GREAT!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! What a JOY and RELIEF!!!

Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!

*doing the happy dance*

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 01:00 PM

Thanks for th update Springer.

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by Springer
He's not getting out for another week so we have plenty of time to get stuff to him!

By the sounds of things Springer, he won't be able to leave the hospital due to the amount of stuff in his room.

Glad to see he is doing well.


posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 02:34 PM
yeah!!! very happy to hear WOS is awake and communicating in good spirits. Thanks springer and sister one sac for keeping us briefed.

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 03:23 PM
Brilliant news!

again, the empathy of ATS members is the greatest thing that can be found on this world

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 06:02 PM
Thanks for the update, Springer!

Glad to hear he's awake, alert and, at least, starting to get back to his old self.

Re: the Spooky mug ... If it made him smile, then it was all worthwhile!

Hat's off to you Willie One Sac! You're one tough hombre', when are you getting back to work?!

I've heard, through the grapevine, that there's a new [cough]..CIA..[cough]..front.. [cough] masquerading as Manhattan Medical Insurance ... er, ummm ... nahhhh, couldn't be ... ?SO's day job?

Get well man!

p.s. I'm sure you will find many uses, in the coming days, for the Spooky "liquids deliverence device" you received.


posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 08:01 PM
great news and such a relief that you have talked to him springer!

going to have some flowers sent out on monday to the hospital. ur
Happy New YEar WOS!!! and to your sister and rest of family,

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 10:31 PM
Thanks for all the updates - with all the good, loving and healing thoughts winging their way to NYC our WOS has to be doing better. Here is hoping for a HEALTHY and Happy New Year for WOS

btw -- notice that Spooky is running around Camp Hero while you are lazing around in that hospital. She will keep things under control there for you. thanks kinglizard....


posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 11:08 PM
Happy New Year WOS!

... would have rather had a beer

Stay strong and get well!

It was New Years our time ... your's too, WOS!

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posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 10:42 AM
I am not back at ATS HQ yet but I do have an update from Sister One Sac...

Willy has a small amount of fluid in one of his lungs (typical after this radical surgery) and a low grade fever, he's not out of the woods yet BUT per usual, NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT!

The hospital delivery guy asks Sister One Sac "Why does he have an alias?" she responded "Because he's known ALL OVER THE WORLD" that's the TRUTH too!

Just read this thread and you can see people from EVERY continent are cheering for him.

I'll be back at the ATS,LLP Home Office later this afternoon and will call Willy. Soon as I get off the phone I'll update this thread with a list of what he's received and how he's doing.

I hope he'll be able to talk in-spite of the pnuemonia, I figure he will since they are making him do breathing exercises, talking makes your lungs work too right?

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who has wished him well and a very SPECIAL thank you to those who have sent cards, gifts, flowers etc...

I think it would be especially COOL if a few of our Artists could create something, a drawing, a painting, whatever medium you prefer and mail it to him, I'll give anyone who asks the address you can send mail to him at.


posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 10:57 AM
WOS, you made it through mega surgery, you can kick the pneumonias arse!

We're all still thinking of you.

Thanks for the update, Springer.

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 11:21 AM
hi, sorry...this is the first time ive logged on this xmas..been abroad with family n stuff.

All my love and kindest regards with best wishes for a speedy recovery to WOS + Happy new year.....(to all at ATS)

take care fella...

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 11:29 AM
Thanks again for the updates, Springer. Looking forward to hearing that the pneumonia is clearing out.

William, do that breathing thing! I know it's a hassle, I hated it, but it will help!

Just a reminder to anyone who doesn't know about Willypalooza! :

Put your PODcast greetings and well wishes to William One Sac here:

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 11:44 AM
Best of luck along the road of recovery mate. I hope you and your loved ones have a happy new year.

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 03:38 PM
Just sending some more thoughts, prayers, and general good vibes your way William One Sac. Wishing you a speedy recovery and all the best.

A happy New Year to you and your family.


posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 06:42 PM
I just got off the phone with Willy One Sac.

He sounds good, the pneumonia is clearing out and he's feeling a little better.

He told me, and I quote, "It looks like a flower jungle in here!" "the delivery guy knows me now because of all the flowers, balloons, and cards he's had to bring to my room!"

I asked him how many flower arrangements he had, he said he's got 12 of those and several balloon bouquets, cards and letters.

I can't wait until he can get on line and sees this and the WillyPalooza 2005! thread.
He will be blown away! THAT makes this all worth our while.

I can't begin to say how deeply I appreciate this community and how amazed I am at the incredible kindness and caring of our members. I know as long as I am a member of this community I will NEVER BE ALONE.
That's pretty incredible if you stop and think about it...

Thanks again and let;s keep those cards, songs, poems, pictures, balloons, and flowers COMING!


posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 06:49 PM
That's awesome that WOS's pneumonia is getting better! It is definately good news for everyone here at ATS.

I can't imagine what the delivery people at the hospital are thinking with all the items that must be coming in for him. I'm sure they must think he's some sort of celebrity ( true).

Thanks for the update, and here's to a sucessful and fast recovery for WOS


posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 07:30 PM
Good news to hear William One Sac is doing better.
I think it would be cool if Sister One Sac could take a picture of his hospital room and post it here. It would be neat to see some of the flowers and stuff that have arrived for him.

Happy New Year WOS.
We'll see you around the boards soon.


posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 08:34 PM

Originally posted by Springer
I know as long as I am a member of this community I will NEVER BE ALONE.

By the response of this group of members, I'd say truer words were never spoken.

Thanks for the updates, Springer...I'm on this thread like flies on...well, never mind...but it sure is good to hear WOS is improving daily.

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 09:29 PM
Great to hear things went well! I wish you a speedy recovery WOS.

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