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Childhood Cancer Caused by Infection

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posted on Sep, 26 2003 @ 10:11 PM
I had heard of this before: It would have massive repercussions for the medical industry if this was proven to be true.... a simple vaccination program could drastically cut cancer rates.

However, because the medical industry generates so much revenue out of cytotoxic chemotherapy (and nearly killing the patient in the process), I doubt that they would be willing to part with so much income....

A common infection could be the cause of the mysterious brain and lymphatic cancers that kill young children. Scientists have discovered that childhood cancer cases cluster together in a way that suggests that this is the origin. And how do adults who survived childhood cancer feel about their lives today?
Caroline Ryan writes in BBC News Online that researchers who studied childhood cancer rates in England for the last 50 years say the disease patterns can't be explained by chance. They found that cases of lymphatic cancer and brain tumors occurred in the same areas and time periods much more frequently than they would have expected. Children born within a year of each other and living within a few miles of one another when they were born were much more likely to come down with these diseases.

posted on Sep, 29 2003 @ 09:20 AM
I read the article (BBC) and it's not that convincing:

The cancers appear in children who move into the community from elsewhere (which, to me, suggests environmental... and environmental factors have often been linked to cancers)

(from the article)

He added that the study supported a theory developed by Professor Leo Kinlen of Oxford University that childhood leukaemia was caused by infections introduced into a community by migrant workers.

Responding to the findings, Prof Kinlen said the next challenge was "to identify the infective agent, and at the moment scientists have little idea what it could be".

Cancer triggered by viruses is known (hepatitis is a factor in liver cancer and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in cervical cancer:

But the "evidence" here is so vague and I don't see signs that the research controlled for or investigated environmental factors.


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