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Man or god

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posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 01:04 PM
When is it going to stop.Throughout history many people confuse God and personal thought through eduction and propaganda many fall into the lines drawn before them.It is to easy to not recognize what is happening.Where
god is supposed to be loving and have no ill will towarsd anything for he created it.Many turn this completely around and state that if you do not follow scripted word written by man.That you are going against god.I barely step into a church for rarely would i be accepted by my appearance and aura.God is with us everywhere for we ourselves are him incarnate.
You dont need to go to church to flow with god for hearing sermons mean nothing unless you use them as a guide to conduct your life.Let me say this
none of us are following properly.We must defeat the ownership of belief
for this world is falling apart around what people believe just try to think where those who speak of him and how if we open our hearts to him that we will be saved.Do not open your hearts to anything just open your heart.

[edit on 22-12-2005 by toraylin]

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 02:51 PM
Egad! I've used up all my votes and I need one for you, for what you say in this post.

Above all:

Originally posted by toraylin
just open your heart.

It is not about what you call it, what ritual/praxis it is assigned, or by who you accept to be an ordained authority. It is not about protecting truth from heresy. Truth needs no protection and heresy is what we create to avoid truth.

Heresy is division, comparison, inequal esteem of thoughts we do not try to understand.

Heresy is thinking that there is anything other than just love.

a four letter word, and the 4 is all about support, foundation, and the stability of creation.

Without love, the world will not stand. Divine Love from the Creator is the force/vibration/energy that supports us--but the channel of that love is us, ourselves. If we do not realize that, through love, God has already given us, in full, all that we need concerning all things--
sources of energy and fuel
restoration of health and ability to maintain it
the required knowledge for true husbandry of the Earth
and anything else we can possibly list as being something that needs 'fixing'--
that no amount of the passive so-called faith of 'depending on God' to fix these things is going to save any one of us or the world at large.

We are to 'keep the faith' and 'have hope.' Calling belief in what seems like the best possible solution to our troubled soul's anxiety is not 'having faith.' It is seeking and establishing false comfort in the form of self-delusion.

We are to trust what we've been given and believe it is a gift from God. It was not a man named Jesus but rather a manifestation of love that truly pure, a reconciliation that can be symbolized in the figure of the cross--God as the vertical and mortal man as the cross piece. In the very center is the only answer, where the two pieces cross. That is where God gave us His power channeled through a mysterious and misunderstood concept appointed as the 'Christ'. The anointed and prepared place of union between man and God.

If we resist the flow that comes from that union by sectioning it up and making it mean death for some instead of life for all, then we are all as good as dead.

you cannot let go of Christ being the way, then just understand that nothing has really changed if you see what is there--only your ideas will release their hold on your heart and your mind can expand and receive, and you can see that Christ is not an exclusive concept and that the 'church' is mankind, in total.

alternatively, if you find that you cannot embrace the idea of that certain 'way' as being named something, even Christ--then just understand that nothing has really changed for you, either. The essence cannot be stolen and names mean nothing to God.

Even if you choose to deny God exists, don't deny that love is something we all share, outside of all beliefs, both organized as well as personal.

Maybe that's why there is no real name for God. Because it is not needed by anyone but us, and obviously one name does not fit all--and therefore it is an impossibility that the choosing is actually the determination of the choice.
However, the insistence that the choice determines anything other than personal attachments and judgments which are applied to others in justification of ourselves--that is what makes a name that is we consider to be Holy into a literal living lie.

And if you find something true and use it to form a lie, that's when Satan becomes tangible reality. Right inside of you.

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 09:21 PM
I really have to work on things QueenAnnie.I just came from a place thqat most would not want to go.I have seen what happens to those who give in to that which i will not say.Many echos of what i have served and how
I lost most of my light still plaugue me.I want to read the bible for the first time.Which version or whatever(I know that you probably know about some that others wouldnt suggest)should i pick up.I have never studied scripted word much and believe that i am headed in this direction.

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 04:37 PM
Thank you for asking for my input. The best advice I can offer is to go to e-sword and download, for free, the basic program, which includes both the traditional KJV translation with Strong's numbers and a Strong's concordance, both Hebrew and Greek.

There are many, many other translations, dictionaries, and even commentaries (which I don't recommend as a start, they are not anything more than men's ideas, and I know that's not what you're after) that you download whenever you want, and the majority are totally free.

If you want one in print, I still recommend the KJV. Most are turned off by the archaic language, but really, once you get used to it, it's not distracting or misleading. And for all the fuss over this or that 'revised' or 'new' version of various translations, I can tell you, from experience, that they may be instantly understandable, but if you are understanding the wrong thing, what's the point? The thing about the bible is that it is, above all, an allegorical handbook for the individual soul, and so the 'word pictures' are the key--certain ideas are conveyed with words that we can conceive of literally, so that we can conceive of the unconceivable. And it is amazingly consistent throughout both OT and NT in this. But not in those newer versions. The KJV is about as consistent as I've found--and truly, I've read in pretty much all versions, but they all lack.

And even so, it is good to have other translations available, just for comparison. Sometimes it helps to have another slightly different wording to help understand a certain concept.

You might also download the regular KJV, because the strong's number annotations can be distracting, but when you want to know what a word really means, all you have to do is mouse over it and the greek or hebrew definition comes up as a tool tip. Because ultimately, I only trust the original languages. And the cultures were different, but things will reveal themselves to you and it won't be difficult. Especially since you feel the pages calling you.

There is another translation that I've heard of, but I can't even think of the name right now--but it is probably the most consistent there is, judging from how it was achieved. All translations are really interpretations, and that's why I prefer the original languages. I'll search for that other translation, and post or send you the link, because although I haven't tried it I will probably get one soon. They are only $20 but they only have the NT now, and some of the OT, but they are in separate books. But the NT is more mistranslated than the OT, no doubt about it. It might be worth it to get one of those.

If you ever need some help with the words, just U2U me anytime you want, or send an email and I will be happy to do my best to make it clear what the words and linguistics are about. Not my interpretation, but my translation, if you know what I mean.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 03:37 PM
Okay Queenannie i finally got it loaded.I can start getting little spurts of it in.Thank you so much.I posted a little thank you for you here'

ill talk to you soon on these things.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 08:26 AM
Thanks toraylin...

That is truly awesome and I am touched.

But even more, I am thankful that I have helped; because that is all I ever really want--to help someone else.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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