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Antarctica was Atlantis

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 04:09 AM
Atlantis used to be where antartica is currently situated .. they posessed technology that is far beyond our understanding .. and left our planet when a nearby water planet tiamas.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 10:33 PM

Removed because of extensive copying and pasting.

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 05:52 PM
Honestly if you do think about all the scientific evidence that backs up the theory of "crust displacement" you have to stop for a second and wonder why there are no recorded inscriptions or writtings that have ever been found in the pre alaskian area that record these events occuring. If all of Canada - Alaska was once burried under thouseands and thousands of feet of ice, why were there never any re-covered frozen carcasses, or any recorded history about the sudden change in climate. ?? No writtings, or comments through history ever record Ice melting in that reagion that I am aware of.

It dosent really add up to say that within years Antartica and Upper North America could suddenly shift and not have drastic changes in our enviroment. I do agree with the science behind the out core of our planet shifting. and that the continents do drift apart in a slow cycle but explain this one to me.

Take the north atlantic current for instance, it is well known that the planets warm temperate is due to the mix of salt water and fresh water that meets in the north atlantic current, a current that flows directly through the area that this Drastic Change suposidly happened. Now had this happened, the current would have been affected, and in doing so would have brought about a dramatic climit shift, one that could have potentially pushed the entire planet into an ice age. Why did this not happen? How were we able to completly avoid an ice age when the Axis shifted and the two continents temperature changed, when the ice melted and flowed into the sea it would have interupted the North Atlantic Current, and the ICE forming in antartica would enevetibly have also changed the current, if not altered it and pushed us into a drastic climit shift.

I would love to see Atlantis discovered in my lifetime as well as everyone, but to me the facts about Antartica being Atlantis really arent all there.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 06:15 PM
I found this online it seemed to interesting

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by mccainz

The Antarctic Ice Cap! In 1976, the encyclopedias claimed confidently and absolutely that Antarctica had been under ice for 50 to 60 million years! Now it seemed to me that Plato’s account had been amazingly accurate when it came to geography so I decided to treat the question of the age of the Antarctic Ice Sheet as an open rather than a closed question. In 1990 I was rewarded when two geologists made a discovery that completely reopened the question of the age of the Ice Sheet. Working just 250 miles from the South Pole the geologists discovered the frozen remains of forest that was later dated to be between two and three million years old. So it turns out that the encyclopedias of 1976 were wrong by a much as 58 million years! The absolute ancient age of the Antarctic ice cap wasn’t so absolute afterall.

I want you to notice that most of the ice (nearly two and half miles thick) lies on what we know as Greater Antarctica (on right in map above). Darker colors here represent thicker ice sheets. On Lesser Antarctica (on the left), the side facing South America and the area corresponding to the island on the Kircher map, the ice sheet is quite shallow. I thought perhaps this curious phenomenon could be accounted for by a greater snowfall on Greater Antarctica. But when I turned to the snowfall patterns this is what I found:

It’s snowing like heck on Lesser Antarctica, the black areas, while over here on Greater Antarctica (on the right and the area which holds nearly 90 per cent of the world’s fresh water) there is virtually no annual snowfall. Greater Antarctica is a polar desert. There is a dramatic anomaly here: the area of the greatest ice has the least snowfall while the area of least ice receives the most snowfall. Current snowfall patterns could not produce the ice sheet that we see today. In this case, the present is certainly not the key to the past.

When I looked through the scientific literature trying to find an explanation for this anomaly I found only silence. There was nothing to be found. Nobody seemed even curious about the fact that the greatest ice sheet in the world does not have snow falling on it! And when I looked at the northern hemisphere I found a whole host of anomalies.

taken directly from this web site it actually makes some good arguements

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Its great that there is all this discussion about atlantis and the potential location of the lost civilisation and what could have become of it but I think the important thing to remember is the source.

Plato is the ONLY original source for any information relating to Atlantis and he uses his story of atlantis to describe a war, and to depict the city state of Athens as leading an alliance against the atlantians who were intent on invading the lands east of the pillars of hercules.

He explains that the atlantians divine nature began to fade away, this we assume led to the start of the war and the demise of Atlantis due to the displeasure of Zues etc etc.

Plato is describing a clash between a wealthy and powerful civilisation against an alliance led by his native Athens, it has been deemed likely that he was merely making a point about displeasing the gods through immoral living, greed and excess.

I think what is interesting though is that when you actually start to look for a potential Atlantis there is a surprising number of candidates, Santorinas probably being the likliest (btw for those who posted before its not that an extra 0 was added to the years passed intentionally, its a common mistake made when translating eqyptian to greek).

I think what it shows is our current level of civilisation and social structure is by no means unique or by any means limited to recent history, the earth is 5.5billion years old and has reportedly been able to sustain (early)life for the last 4.2 billion years if not longer. We can reliably trace back history to 3300bc provided by the egyptians and hebrews.

Humans or homo sapiens are beleived to have been around for 100,000yrs and before that hominids (or a human like species) have been dated back 4 - 6.6 million years... so quite simply we have had plenty of time to build our pyramids and cities.

Anyway the point i'm actually getting to is having read page upon page of idea's, fantasy and fact about Atlantis, coverups and alien visitors i'd think about the following...

If in 200 years we have gone from using sailboats and horse and carts to present day space flight and electric cars what exactly happened in the 96,700 years prior to that? Surely there is scope for many Atlantis's over many tens of thousands of years? Ice ages, impact events, super eruptions and earthquakes have all shown that they have the ability to disrupt and destroy species/civilisations, are we not naive to beleive that we, in this age, are the first to accomplish the social and technical position we currently enjoy?

I'd be surprised.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 09:38 PM
David Wilcock's latest video that I've seen, shows a sunken city with a Pyramid off the coast of Cuba. Now I don't believe it is part of the Atlantean continent but he says it wasn't above water since 10,000 yrs. ago. A sunken city with Pyramids and Sphinxes over 10k ago in the caribbean, IMO it's Atlantean. Look at 51:00 for Pyramid info, and 54:00 for the photo of the Pyramid itself. The DVD "Journey To Joy" has detailed earth maps showing exactly where Atlantis and Lemuria were.

I'm not saying this is all 100% proof but it's some of the most interesting info. I've seen.

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 10:45 PM
I see there are multiple threads concerning this.

Quite the interesting topic.

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 12:56 AM
To me the whole point of discussion is the reality of the mystery of ANTARCTICA.Not Atlantis....and here is my point!Regardless of if and where Atlantis is or was.Antarctica is real and is there waiting to be explored.Is not this what minds like us crave for.It,s a real mystery waiting to be uncovered.The 1st Global treaty of Antarctica was signed in the year our lord 1959.LMFAO...this is 2010.Maybe some young mind out there is already on it,pushing the envelope. Exploring all the questions raised here.But I think we all (all of mankind)should have pressed forward on finding out everything possible about the last unexplored continent on our planet.What...we have the explore the Solar System.But not our own backyard?What every happened to the spirit of the explorers.

Oh yea thats right.SAT INTEL can tell you what natural resources are waiting to be exploited from your laptop now days.So why bother if there is not enough detected to make a profit off exploration!

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by OutoftheSky

Just had to bump since someone started another thread with the same topic

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