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Putting on the teachers hat!

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 05:12 PM
It seems that there might be some low level witches and gypsys or whatever floating around,so i wanted to start a thread where i can give some guidance to those who are looking to study these arts.
But i would like to focus on witchcraft and paranormal studies.
Many paople read books and study what they say to do.This is not neccisarily wrong but do not believe it all and only use what information is there to further your own studies.Too many times have i seen people read a few books on summoning and either do it wrong and dont believe in it or screw up and cause themselves or others harm.Second you have to look into protection.Many things can be used to do this.Most of protection is
based on intent and will.Starting off you will not have much understanding of the way this world works and you will not hear the voices of anything around you.Everything has what i call a voice that will contribute to yours.
A voice consists of your etheral spirit or soul.Many people have grown weak in spirit due to not listening to it.
For those who are first stepping up to the broomstick(joke)
I suggest going somewhere where there is alot of nature and sitting for a while try to calm your chattering monkey(mind)and try to listen.Mabey after you leave take a rock or twig with you.If you hope to get the attention of any spirits or elements or be able to make any spells you must be strong in the understanding of the real world and how our feelings and thoughts(intent) affect our surroundings.

One thing i would like to stress is that i am doing this to help those interested and do not care to hear about how im full of it so if anyone does have a problem please u2u me leave this space for those who want it.
thank you and everyone here has been very nice to me so far and i feel comfortable enough to express myself.

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 09:27 PM
here is a small link to a myth and legend page
here are some experiences with ouiji boards.
You might want to study crystals
here there seems to be a great amount of info i havent really done much looking into it.

Here are some links to get you started.
When people come into this field they are often full of their own ideas
on how it works.Now this is good.The whole key to it is finding wht you want to be or,simply what you are.Now i dont want anybody tyo start trying blood spells or chants until they have studied a few things first.
As witches and warlocks sorcerers and litches go.It is our job to study as much information gathered by others as possible.Try to consider all but believe in nothing for it is when we believe in something wholly that we no longer try to understand it.

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