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A strange sensation

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 08:49 PM

This behavior will stop now.
There is no need for the kind of remarks that have gone on here for two days. And no need to continue on and on.

No one says we must agree with everything another posts.
But, we do expect that member will respect each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even a hint of a return to the dissing will not be tolerated!!!!
I heard Santa could be giving out red flags this Christmas....

Okay, back to the originally scheduled discussion......

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 08:58 PM
why do you say enough?

i thought the discussion was going somewhere.

i dun get your logic..

curious minds wans to know..

secretthrone, plese check you u2us

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 09:13 PM
i apologize if i sounded a bit blunt..

if you like to point out any discrepancy/mistakes i'll be pleased..

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 09:21 PM
secretthrone, there has been enough drama on this thread.

Please return to the topic.

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 09:39 PM
okay, let's get back to topic..

you can start by paying visit to your

i advice:
-keeping a pet that makes noise when approach by strangers
(my preference are caged birds
-buying a burglar system..

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 09:58 PM

This is not going to be sent as an u2u, this is in public:

Good-bye. Bu-bye now, bu-bye!


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posted on Dec, 25 2005 @ 05:04 AM
this has happend to me alot
since your concious and lucid just remeber this
try moving your thumb in small circles
(as stupid as this sounds)youll feel your soul connect with your body like two sides of a magnet
starting with your thumb then hand and then the rest of your body
next thing you know is your awake for real
in your room
and all youll want to do is go back to sleep
and you not alone or crazy

more advice if you want it...

merry christmas


posted on Dec, 25 2005 @ 01:10 PM
That sounds like a good observation. I can reconize that...
I i have proberly done that too... But didn't remember it...

That is good advice TheRepublich just came with.
How to wake up from a half awake, half asleep situation...

Thumb up

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 10:43 PM
Sorry for the late reply Conquistadork.

I just read a really innapropriate thread, or two, and I would like to say that if anyone is interested in learning more about the supernatural.. avoid stuff like this and this. No offense to the posters but stuff like that is not what you should be looking into.

Originally posted by Conquistadork
he saw what looked like an infatile or very young shiloutte ... he saw the "shadow" move very quickly across the bathroom

Yes.. the main two ways for a spirit entity to manifest visually is either by creating light or absorbing it. The former would appear brightly, sometimes colored. The latter would appear as a dark mass or shadow. It's late and I may not have wrote that correctly, so the physics fans can correct me.

Hope this helps. If you've any further questions let me know..


posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 08:38 AM

Originally posted by SteveR
I just read a really innapropriate thread, or two, and I would like to say that if anyone is interested in learning more about the supernatural.. avoid stuff like this and this. No offense to the posters but stuff like that is not what you should be looking into.

Yes - that is important... Good you mention that SteveR.
It's like an old teaching "keep it simpel -O.O-"..

And also - Try to avoid jumping to far of your own abillities - Take your time... Let it come natural... On step at a time. And don't let it take you to places you don't really want to be in...

Stay cool sort of

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 05:16 PM
I will say this. I know Steve R has a different opinion of mine on this subject and so be it. But the beliefs are simple. There are no such things as good and evil

or good spirits- evil spirits. Good and evil were created by religion and societies to keep control of the masses. Best be good or the evil will get you. This works great at controlling spirituality. Fears of evil stops people from examining and searching.

if someone is undergoing a "strange sensation" and they see a dark shadow, all they have been taught about evil surfaces. Its a bad and evil shadow.

In nature there is no bad and evil dark shadows. There is light there is darkness, but none are evil or good, both just are, nature is just.

Humans have used this evilness excuse throughout time for their own benefits and control. Kali is often seen as an evil goddess, but she is just one aspect of nature and she has been symbollically atributed to all that is bad, Like........ah its a volcano, it bursts up fire at will, destroys our crops and villages - therefore it is evil. If we sacrifice one virgin child to this volcano perhaps this volcano will spare the rest of us..and so on. but really is the volcano bad? or is it the interpretation of the people? The simple mindedness and lack of scientific knowledge and thought bought by a history of peoples who didn't know how the world worked.

The bible did much to perpetuate the myth of evil. Lucifer, satan and the devil, burning in the pits of hell. (well at least its warm there I hate the cold). Control of people was simple, stray off the path and you will sell your soul to the devil, be vanquished to the pits of hell for eternity for your sins.. you must pray to god for forgiveness. Be good, obey, dont stray. Do not meddle in magic, it is wicked, the occult is wcked and evil, in league with lucifer.

But it is not so, we as a species have become beyond that, we understand more about life and yet we still cling to the strands of history. Religion has helped perpetuate that fear. Watch out for evil spirits, watch out for dark shadows. Fear is a powerful emotion, it is all consuming and takes over other emotions in it's total consumption of being. We can manifest fears quite easily. But in order to grow and learn as a spiritual being one must conquer that fear. Conquer and unlearn all that has been taught and stamped on our psyche from childhood in a controlled society about good and evil. There is only what is inside us. As above so below, the macrocosm and microscosm.

I explained it in a poem once. Its the easiest way to "grasp the concept"

Lifes Lies By Mayet

The fright and the terror
that creates all life's tears
is born of religion
which creates all life's fears.

Satanism or hatred
Christianity alike
all are just mirrors
on the scales of our psyches

Follow thy leader
all the rule books do say
obey and work hard
to earn a weeks pay

Day and day out
year after year
sleeping and working
'til the ending is near

Not having no time
nor energy for fun
living life bleak
the work never done

Creating suppression
of instinct and light
blinding the glory
of nature's delight

Clouding the images
of the spirit called man
The soul put in chains
cross and nails in his hand

but whether the cross is upright
or spun in reverse
as you see from these lines
its mirrored its curse.

Good and evil are created
from fiction not fact
to explain it this way
is a matter of tact.

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 06:15 PM
Good that you dropped the insults
. Anyway, interesting post. I'd like to make a few comments on it, so here goes.

Originally posted by Mayet
Good and evil were created by religion and societies to keep control of the masses. Best be good or the evil will get you. This works great at controlling spirituality.

Although there is no absolute certainity, the concepts of good and evil were indeed distorted and used fundamentally as a tool of control, in religion. I am merely echoing you there, but I firmly beleive that same thing.

In nature there is no bad and evil dark shadows. There is light there is darkness, but none are evil or good, both just are, nature is just.

Again, true. Colour, light, portraits of blasphomet, whatever, nothing is inherently evil. The people who think that are stuck in the misconception deliberately perpertrated and engineered by religion.

Humans have used this evilness excuse throughout time for their own benefits and control.

No doubt about it, holyness is another tool they used, especially in monarchies. Again, it all ties into lies and fear utilized for power and control over an unenlightened mass of people. I take it we are in agreement so far

This is where our beliefs differ though. Good and Evil does exist, just not in the way billions of people have believed. 'Good' and 'Evil' are terms synonymous for me with the phrases 'good will/intent' and 'negative will/intent'.

The latter is not naturally intentional, but a corrupted type of the former. This is also reflected in Christian mythology, Satan being an ex-archangel. Whether that is true is open to debate, but the basic principal holds true. In your lifetime, have you seen a man turn very bitter? Have you seen a child brought up in a bad way or perhaps not brought up at all, and as a result of that they harbor negativity and sometimes malice? I could go on with examples.

Materialists will say that behavior is a result of brain chemistry and sociologically/psychologically learned behavioural patterns.

I don't agree. Not exactly. I beleive that everyone of us has a soul, our life energy, auric field, whatever you like to call it. Mood/intent are different vibrational frequencies of that energy, with negativity/bitterness/sadism/hate/destructive intent being the very lowest of frequencies.

Not all souls/life energies are incarnate, they are capable of functioning without a body. When energies are far gone into this realm of low frequency they become demons, or poltergiests, and whatever else. Thus evil exists, purely as self-aware negative energy. It is that and nothing else.

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posted on Jan, 15 2006 @ 05:41 PM
Good and Evil.... Both exist. Just as energy never stops existing, so does good and evil. Weather it's creation was created by mans actions (rapes, wars, murders, greed, incert crime here for evil... or good intentions, kindness, charity, love, incert good action here for good) or man's actions were influenced by pre-existing evil/good creatures... it does exist. I think to say it doesn't appears neive especially when you read the headlines of any newspaper.

The collection of evil as well as those who past that had evil intentions (such as Hitler, Nero, or any other notorious historical creature... famous or not) can be manifested to appear to be demon's or inhuman spirits. They can possess people, making them say/do things that not only they wouldn't do, but even shouldn't know how to do. Those who are particularly sensitive to spirits are supseptable to there influences. As thoses who are young and still impressionable and not so ridged in there beliefs.

But evil isn't the only thing that can be manifested... there are millions of "angel" stories, in which beings would appear out of no where, only to disappear after what ever happened. This isn't just religions way of controlling people since "angels" don't always appear to those who follow a holy religious path, or even people who believe in angels... and they don't appear to everyone who is in need....

Mayet, you may not of come across these beings because you simply don't see them. You have the ablity to explain away anything that happens out of the ordinary to your self, so for you they simply do not exist. Your beliefs (or lack of) in spirits provides basicly a sheild for you... and good for you. You won't be haunted by any caspers, or have to deal with some of the things those of us more suseptable will have to deal with. Personally I envy you... if i could ignore that kind of phenomenia as easily as you, my life would be infinantly different.

To the rest, there are 3 types of spirits in the paranormal world. Human spirits, inhuman spirits, and Echo's. Human spirits are basicly that... human energy that has passed on, and has not yet let go of this world... they can haunt and do things that appear to be thought out... Human spirits are not good or evil, they just exist in a different form than the living. They are energy signatures of what they once were... and since energy never disipates only transforms, that is what they will remain until they transform again. Inhuman Spirits are either human spirits that have been to corrupted/enlightened to exist in the plane of exisance that we live. They are commonly called demon's or angels, some younger than others but all exist. Demon's act like poltergiest, and can manifest to something more physical (depending on the amount of evil it contains) appearance... just like Angels can manifest ( depending on the amount of good it contains). and third, echo's tend to act like rips in time.. something tramatic happened and the essiance of that event remains to be replayed over and over again. It is not either human or inhuman... good or evil.. it just exists.

To adress the late at night issue.. if you notice most of those nervous feelings do tend to start around midnight and continue to intensify up until 3am, then disappate again... 3 am has significants in the spirtual world for those with evil intent just like 3pm tends to manufest those with good intent. Some tie it to the death of christ, but weather that is a coincidence or if that is the cause i can't tell you. All i know is 3 is very important in the magick/spiritual world. My suggestions are, use whatever means you have at 3am to keep whatever may attempt to plague you at that time.. those who are catholic that i know tend to say the prayer of saint Micheal, those who tend to feel that magick is a better way of protection that SteveR suggested, and those inbetween just trust on what your personal beliefs are. I can't always say it's something spiritual or if it's something your own immagination cooked up... but whatever the cause what i suggest should help.

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