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What is the allure of firearms?

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 01:56 PM
Just another tool? How many Hollywood posters to you see of stars toting saws, screwdrivers or chisels?

Boys and their toys...

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 02:15 PM
The true allure of guns is when you can play "dirty Harry" and pull out your big phallic symbol and make some "punk" grovel at your feet and apoligize
for being such a scumbag.

I think it's about power. Even plinkin at tin cans, gives you a feeling that "if I wanted to, I could send some poor soul to his maker, even if this is just a puny .22"

Sorry, was I to honest here?

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 02:38 PM
Of course, the lure of firearms will differ with each individual.

I can’t say what is for me in one page, it would take a chapter.

I will say this: Guns are sexy! They are not a phallic symbol, but, as Paris would say, "They are hot."

Seriously, sometimes I pull my favorite handgun (a Beretta 96 Centurion .40 with trijicon night sights and a laser grip) and say to it "damn, your one handsome gun."

Sometimes I just sit on the end of my bed, staring at all the guns on the wall. I love my guns, and I think they love me too.

BTW, for real this time, my 96D has the year "1776" inscribed on the slide if that gives you any idea as to the real allure. It is about freedom from the state, from the guy who wants to take what is yours, from the guy who wants to hurt those you love, from hunger and from fear.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by Wembley

Just another tool? How many Hollywood posters to you see of stars toting saws, screwdrivers or chisels?

Boys and their toys...

Heres a few off the top of my head

Army of Darkness-chainsaw

The texas chainsaw massacrechainsaw

Another with tools in the movie poster

Friday the 13THAXE

Shaun of the deadShovel+Cricket bat

Walking tall 2 by 4

These are all quite violent movies

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 05:20 PM
I find them to be nothing more than interesting machines, precisely built, sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but always a challenge to shoot well.

Reloading is fun as well.
Finding that perfect load that will do what you want whether punching holes in paper - my preference, although I've been known to kill a few tin cans here and there - plinking or hunting.

I admire the hunters who humanely dispatch game animals in a merciful fashion and know how to take care of the resulting bounty in the form of meat that's good tasting and good for you in most cases.

By the same token, I despise those who shoot animals simply for the sake of killing them instead of harvesting the food that is within.

It is a comfort to have a gun in the house when you have to investigate those strange noises in the middle of the night.
With appropriate precautions for others as well as carrying a good flashlight so you see just what it is that's making the noise.

A gun is also the answer to the desires our ancestors had.
A magic weapon that could do it's magic at a much longer range than fist, rock or spear.

Guns are not inherently evil, they are nothing more than a simple machine that extends the will of the owner to a longer reach than would be otherwise possible.

Funny part about all this arguing against guns that some of the elite do, almost always they either own a gun themselves or hire people that carry guns.
They are of the opinion their lives are more important than anyone else's.

You can ask Rosie O'Donnel about that last comment....

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 05:30 PM
I do this when I have time, and it is a hoot, maybe a hoot and a half.

The 2A is very important also.


posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 07:20 PM
Owning firearms is the ultimate responsibility, and operating them in a skillful manner is the ultimate form of reassurance. The way society has been breaking down lately, it's nice to know I possess the means to defend.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 09:08 PM
Thank you for your responses.

I didn't start liking guns as much as I do now till I met a class-mate of mine at a computer training centre somewhere, he was obsessed about the M4 Carbine, he inspired me to read up on guns and I soon discovered how much I loved them, esspecially the AK-47 (looks great, esspecially in black like the AK-74M, sounds great and I love the operation of it), the Desert Eagle pistol (mainly because of the Matrix), Five seveN (looks cool and has an interesting round).

The Berretta 92FS has also been a favorite of mine mainly due to hollywood and computergames, but later my taste was more for H&K's like the USP and Mk23 Mod 0 "SOCOM" Pistol.

The first time I fired an actual firearm (not firing blanks, I fired a C7 Rifle with blanks a few years back) was in 2002 on by Birthday (29th of Nov), my inlaws in the US took me out to a range and I got to shoot a 30/30 leveraction rifle and a 12ga, later the next year I got to fire my father-in-law's .22LR semi-auto wish I truly loved to shoot, since then I have only shot airguns, mainly due to the cost and moving to an Anti-Gun country (the Netherlands), in December i'm moving back and i'm looking forward to shooting.

firing a gun is exciting to me, it's alot of fun, a gun makes me feel secure and I like the way they look, I guess i'm making up for all the time I as a dutch citizen have been deprived of shooting and gun ownership, I barely knew anything before I did serious research on guns, and I have learned alot in the past years.

All the responses I have gotten to this thread made me put this subject in perspective and now I can see much clearer why I personally like them and why others like them, ofcourse I also saw how much others didn't like them, I have felt very similar to those people, I at first feared them and the gun-toting officers of the law (I had 2 cases in my life I had a police officer aim a gun at me, both times was when I was a child and playing with fire with my friends, no I didn't get arrested and charged, just warned.), it's interesting that I went from fear of them to a near obsession on them.

I sometimes feel embarrased when talking about, asking others to go out shooting with me and such because i'm affraid they'll say "oh him and his guns again", it's something I enjoy and make a past-time out of, if it's reading up on them, watching a show on or shooting them.

my wife actually has some interest in them, but not nearly as much as I do, i'm not sure if people will frown on the idea of me getting a firearm when I am back in the US or are excited about it, I fear they will see me as a potentional criminal but all I want to be is a law-abiding citizen, a citizen who enjoys them for all their intended purposes which is defense, sport and collection.

Can anyone tell me why I feel so embarrased to have such interest? is it because of the country I grew up on that (for the majority) frown on gun ownership? how can I change this mindset into something that isn't frowned on and is part of everyday life? is a gun a good investment? or is it just a waste of money, money which I might need to buy groceries and have a roof above my head? the average gun's cost can provide a roof over my head for a month or buy a month's worth of groceries.

Sorry for having such a long post that revolves around my self here, I just hope people can help me with this confusion i'm having and these feelings that I have with them.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by GrOuNd_ZeRo

I sometimes feel embarrased when talking about, asking others to go out shooting with me and such because i'm affraid they'll say "oh him and his guns again", it's something I enjoy and make a past-time out of, if it's reading up on them, watching a show on or shooting them.

Can anyone tell me why I feel so embarrased to have such interest?

I'm not sure why you would be embarrased about owning a gun...first of all, you enjoy it: that is all you need, I am from Texas, and alot of people go to the range as a hobby, just to fire off some rounds, and yes it is a great stress reducer also. It also seems you want to get better at accuracy (which is always my goal), and that is commendable. All the people who just like "capping off rounds" seems pointless to me. I enjoy getting better all the time, so I can put 2 out of 3 in almost the exact same hole. You should not be embarrased at all, and it is probably where you are from, with the scared of guns ideas, and the worrying about what people will think if you get one. This is America, if you want a gun, learn how to use them responsibly and there is no problem...noone will think you are obsessed with them! Now I do have a friend in the Army who is obsessed with weapons, but he has 23 different rifles, 6 pistols and 4 shotguns..that is obsessed: a few and you will be just fine. If you want a pistol and live in a state where you can carry it concealed (like Texas), get the proper permits and dont think twice about it. Personally I just like shooting in the country or at a range, but I have 2 uncles who carry a pistol at all times, not because they are scared or anything, but because they CAN.

Dont feel bad about any of your feelings, unlike some of these previous posters who talk only about guns taking lives, and god complex's, etc...they should never have a gun if these feelings are inside their heads. I have never thought about my "superiority" over someone else just because I have a gun, or thought about killing anyone..that is horrible thinking, and I think you Ground Zero have the right idea. You like the looks, you like the sounds, you just enjoy shooting! Hell shoot all you want, and get good at it while your at it. As long as it's responsible, buy all you can afford! Best of luck to ya

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 11:41 PM
Sorry for the double post..but Zero asked "if they are a good investment"...and most definately YES. If properly cared for, depending on what model you buy, some actually go UP in value, especially rare/limited production rifles, or the classics. So do some research and buy a nice rifle (they seem to hold their value longer), keep good care of it, and if you keep the maintaince up on it, keep some oil on it (not too much), they are a GREAT investment, and you can shoot em for years, or pass them down to the kids.

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 02:19 AM
Brohaculo, Thank you very much!

My embarrasment stems from my family who view guns as evil tools of destruction, my dad is a typical type who is afraid of them because he knows he would probably use it if he had to and that scares him, my other brothers think guns are stupid, for cowards, for "hill billies" etc, they don't even considder self-defense and how important it could be esspecially in this pro-criminal country...

I personally enjoy shooting yes, I believe completely in responsible gun-ownership and that convicted fellons should not be allowed to have one at anytime.

Well I guess I was born American at heart but born in the wrong place, I got an American accent during my 1.5 year long stay, that's how American I am

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 12:01 PM
You posted:

"Just another tool? How many Hollywood posters to you see of stars toting saws, screwdrivers or chisels?

Boys and their toys..."

In the real world...not on the screen ..Hollywood types usually hire people for protection ..they often have licenses to carry firearms. Most of us cannot afford this kind of service. Some of us do know the difference in what the religion is ..bombarding us on the screen and real life Wimbley!!
In area of the country where guns are banned and crime is not ..people often carry screwdrivers and chisels etc .knives for protection..what are you possibly thinking not to include this view.??

My chisels, screwdrivers saws are mechanical amplifiers..just like my automobile. They make my efforts more effecient. Same with my rifles and handguns. I can also hurt myself or someone else if I dont use my saws, chisels, and screwdriver responsibly. To this I can more than surely testify.
My automobiles and truck are mechanical amplifiers and also make the usage of my feet and hands more effecient. They also require responsiblity in using them. The number of people killed or injured by irresponsible operation of motor vehicles is legendary..I will not discourse on this angle further. Think about it.

My firearms are not toys...they are tools.

By the way...while I am thinking about it ..make up for women is a tool used to increase the value of women in the men and in the view of other women. This is known by people who can think outside the sports ..television and big screen mentality. If not used properly and responsibly out here among the wildlife, this can have wild and sometimes deadly consequences. Very uncivil conduct often occurs among the wildlife on Friday and Saturday night due to increases in competition or value in the marketplace. You do know this dont you?? Do we need to ban or license the use of make up???

Some of us can think outside of what passes for "normal" ..Wimbley.


posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 12:15 PM
First off Shadow,

Those movies you posted..yes I recall them being blasted across the screen at regular intervals to increase traffic in watching them. I am not intrested at all in this type of movie though they seem to be regularly scheduled on the local HBO channels etc. In spite of the "tools" used in them they are often of what I call the lowest common denominator. But some people find them entertaining. Most do not go out and use a chainsaw or axe in this manner....same with people who own guns.

Desert Dawg..I reload..and I enjoy it for the precise reason you posted..making my ammunition perform to my requirements in accuracy. It is quite a challange and dicipline.

I dont hunt I would rather fish. I am not into trophy fishing and if I hunted I would not be in it for trophy mounting which seems to fascinate so many hunters/fishermen. The closest I come to trophy is a good photo..I prefer to eat what I catch. It would be the same if I hunted.
I too do not approve of wanton killing of game or animals. I dont object to others mounting their game ..its just not for me. Id rather have something to eat for my efforts. Something to put in the freezer or cooking pot.


posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 06:19 PM
Well I do know for a fact that I would have loved to have carried a firearm in some situations in my life, not that I really needed it, but I have had my times I was in crime invested areas in both the US and Holland where I could have been easilly mugged or have characters who wanted to sexually assault my wife or her friends.

I do not rely on knifes or other objects for self defense since they can be too easilly turned towards me in a struggle, however, I do have a keychain which is big enough for me to swing it by and it could do some considderable damage in situations like that.

on a side note, would a WW2 era P08 Luger or colt M1911 be C&R elligble? it would be nice if you could purchase one of those without going through too much paperwork.

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 11:54 PM
Im not understanding what you mean by C&R? Do you mean Curio & Relic Firearms? If so, just go to the Bureau of ATF, and it should provide a complete list, but yes, the guidelines are 50 years or older generally, so an original 1911 would definately qualify. I'm not an expert in C&R, but from what I've briefly read Here
The 1911 and the luger seem to qualify. It seems if you are planning on buying collectibles, getting the C&R license is the way to go because you can save money. That is just one link I found real quick on a a search for "C&R Firearms" or go to the ATF main page here ATF
and I did find a listing of all registered C&R's from there, and the list is HERE but there are other sections, not sure if this includes them all.

The following is a snippet from the first link I provided:

What type of weapons are available as curios and relics? The easiest (and hence incomplete) answer to that question is that if the firearm was manufactured fifty or more years ago it is a C&R weapon. This includes virtually all small arms from the World War II era and before. Additionally, if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms deems a particular weapon to be "collectible" then it is also added to the C&R list. A complete list of firearms deemed to be C&R weapons is available from the BATF.

Hope this helps, and I also come from a family (the women anyway) who don't like guns of any type, and are scared of them, but then again they have never shot any either. When you learn respect for the "tool" and yes it is a tool, and learn proper care and safe operation, they serve a purpose, and can be alot of fun as a hobby also! And I agree, I think you have a bit of American in ya! Best of luck

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 12:05 AM
With me there's an allure to guns and then there isn't... I think guns are cool in principle, I'm fascinated by all of the different models and familiar with many of them. I like to watch movies/TV shows with gunfights, cool firearms, etc in them. I'm more interested in the history of the guns and the eras they represent than the guns themselves.

However, I don't personally feel safe around them, especially when someone else is holding one. Maybe it's all those saftey stories of the kids who play with guns and die when one inexplicably goes off... Whatever it is, I still just don't like them around me. I don't really feel a need to own one since I'm not really worried about home invasion or whatever the reasons people stockpile guns and ammo for are. Besides, they're overly loud and don't look nearly as neat when fired in real life as opposed to the movies...

Now I'm much more interested in swords and other hand to hand weapons, I have a decent sized collection myself. For me, there's much more of an allure to those than guns. They take more skill to use than guns, they're a pleasing shape, the represent a much wider and more lengthy period of human history, and they're just...well...cooler.

But really, it call comes down to what phallic symbol you prefer.

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posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 12:18 AM

Originally posted by Conquistadork the right to bear arms is only for "State militia groups" and was established in the fear of a renewed British offensive on the infantile and fragile state the US was in at the time.

no....militia is not what you imply, the constitutional meaning implies ANY citizen able to fight, not an organised military force charged with the responsibility of defense, it says "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms" see THE PEOPLE, your completely wrong about the reasoning for the 2nd amendment, read the federalist papers #46 and james madison argument is based on history and is quite detailed.

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posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 02:09 AM
THe militia was and still is the people...even our militarys today are often called "citizen soldiers" unless of course you believe what they have omitted from public schooling. In older books and historys you will see the term Citizen Soldier.
Nevertheless the militia was any able bodied citizen with a firearm who could defend thier community. It was not ever a military body under the governors..or president. They were independent.
What they are teaching and preaching today is a rewriting of the history of what actually was and still is at law. Ignoring the history and trying to get us to believe this doesnt apply anymore. That somehow ...someone else will take care of us.
Wake up people....when you hear the looting stories coming out of Hurricane Katrina and other natural is immediately obvious as to how useful the police, National Guard, and Federal militarys were for days and days after such a disaster. It was the same in Florida years ago after Hurricane Andrew. I cant imagine what some of you could possibly be thinking.
Ordinary people working together ...armed people..working together became what we call today ..militias.. Thats all it ever was and still is. Especially when most public and civil functions break down for days and days on end.. You dont hear about this because they want you to have confidence in the system.....but for a few days to as long as two or three weeks after such a are on your own..this should be obvious. Only pubilc education can dumb a people down so far they dont understand this concept and put faith in a state or federal government under such conditions.
Around here after Hurricane Isabell..a few years back they were coming up into peoples yards and stealing their generators. This could be life and death if you or a member of your family have medicines that need refrigerating. And this was not as bad a hurricane on the scale of Andrew or Katrina. We do not often think of our generators being a calling card for predators when we have taken such care to prepare ourselves well ahead of a natural disaster but I can assure you it can be just so. Police and National Guard will do nothing but take data if you can even get in touch with them.
Some of you need to think about these things outside of just what you watch on television and movies...hero worship and other drivel that passes for cool or not cool. Others may have had experience in that for which I speak....among the wildlife.
These things are real...not some political exercise or debate for votes or in some theoretical class in school. Those who prepare ahead of time always have a better chance than those who do not. History bears this out over and over. Those who can understand a changing condition prepare...they dont rely on others.
I dont want to have to shoot anyone ..ever..but I know what is at stake under certain conditions.


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