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Top Eco-Trends,Events and Technologies of 2005

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posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 03:22 AM
The Good
One Laptop Per Child
My favorite news this year is definately the OLPC Program, with it's hardy shell which looks like it can stand up to a fierce tantrum perfect for a child. It's eco-friendly design allows it to be powered by Crank, Solar and Grid it truely is meant to go everywhere the child goes, it's open platform will ensure that the most inquisitive have stuff to play around with and potentially even contribute to OSS in the long run.

Automated Urban Organic Farms
Could quite possibly stave off Agricultural Sprawl in the long run. I'd like to see it tried at the very least.

Organic Concrete
Just click the link really cool stuff.

Organic Polymer Battery

Nanotech Solar Breakthrough


Rice Finds 'On-Off' Switch for Buckyballs

The Bad
Simulations hint at possibility of DNA damage from Buckyballs

Hurricane Katrina

The Ugly
The EPS Wants to Ease Toxic Spill Reporting

If anyone wants to add any Good,Bad or Ugly Stories or Trends that happend of the course of 2005 then post tha link mon.

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