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Marine Census Shows Diversity, Declines

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 01:57 PM


1215dv-ocean-creatures A massive census of all the fish and other marine life in the world's oceans has reached the halfway point with new evidence of the rich diversity under the sea along with warnings about the alarming decline of many species.

The 10-year international project that began in 2000 already has tracked the migration of tuna from Japan to California and back, along with the movement of endangered British Columbia salmon with implanted computer chips.

With this new data it will certainly give scientists all over the world and new and changed look at the sea beneath the waves. We've known that our oceans are not infinitely vast, infinitely bountiful and infinitely resilient. That is why changes are being made. New species are being found and other species are finding ways to repopulate their numbers. With the help of marine biologists and other scientists, our oceans will be "rebuilt".

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