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Was Dave Chappelle Taken Down by Oprah and Co?

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 05:12 PM
Wow, Oprah is hardcore!

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 07:16 PM
It makes me sick to hear about things like this, and makes me wonder what would happen if this event were to be blown wide open.

Anyone notice that the chappelle conspiracy website hasnt been updated for quite sometime?

Knowing that recently at the Comedy Central Last Laugh of 2005 Dave announced season 3 would come out. I wonder what must be happening now, what these "crusaders" are planning.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by madnessinmysoul
oprah is powerful, not just regular powerful, but crazy powerful. she's sneaky, because that's the only way any black woman could get as powerful as she is.

Pardon me? That just blows me away that you said that.

I don't know what to think about the Chapelle thing. He's funny, that's for sure and like Carlos Mencia (one of my favorite comedians) he doesn't have a problem bringing out racial issues into the light of day for serious examination.

His 'disappearance' was sudden and unexplained, so there may be a conspiracy, but it could very well be explained by stress or other personal problem. I hope his show starts again soon.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 08:24 PM
Yeah I was taken aback by that comment too, not sure what was meant by that exactly, if U mean hard work and sacrifice then yeah I agree. Although I won't dismiss she may be a lil crazy lol

Originally posted by shadow watcher

I wonder whom else has been at the recieving end of their threats.

One name that came up in a convo about this yesterday was Eddie Murphy, gonna see what I can dig up if there is anything related to this.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 11:29 PM
Dave could probably do really well just selling DVD's on the internet, or even comedy downloads. Then he could start his own TV station and fight back. I hope there's no consipracy to keep him off the air and its just some contractual kinds that need to be worked out, or maybe he just needs to clear his head and then he'll be back. I hope he comes back soon cause he's pretty funny

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 04:37 AM
i thought from what i understood it , comedy central was just going to air the few episodes they had of season 3 (i think it was something like 4 episodes). I don't think he was making anymore and that was going to be the end of it.

One of the stories i heard of why DC took off was because alot of people were pressuring him with a load of ideas and he just couldnt handle it all... and lets face it.. his shot to stardom was extremely quick. I mean, he played a bit part in ConAir for christs sake, obviously wasnt famous then.. but now I don't think u could find many people in the world who dont know who he is. ( the world that has access to television and other media)

can you imagine what that would do to your psyche? i mean, yes it would amazing, but it's gotta be insane when anywhere you go people know you and are quoting your comedy left and right, and pressuring you with ideas for you show.

I think thats more than likely what happened to him, not all this other suppression and censorship tactics. There are plenty of shows that are on the level of Chappelle's show as far as dragging things right into the open ( ie South Park).

I'm not saying it may not have happened, but I highly doubt it. Those self appointed role models for the black community may be pissed at him, but you know the black community isnt pissed at him! They love him! One other thing... DC did have a skit where he was married to Oprah and just spent all her money all day... lol.

ok im done ranting

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 11:33 AM
Just imagine this for a second:

You walk up to a counter to buy a magazine and snack in the airport. Three teenagers approach you and start saying, "I'm Rick James, bitch!" Ok, so it was a funny skit, but just imagine hearing that wherever you go, from ALMOST everyone you see, for well over a year! I would probably wig out and leave the country for a while too.

On another note, if his show ever does come back I would love to see an "Oprah brought down season 3" skit much along the same vein as the Wayne Brady one. I mean, it's just hilarious, the thought of Charlie Murphy dressed as Oprah pointing a desert eagle at a quivering Chapelle and telling him that she was bringing his career to an end. I'm sure Dave would do it up right! We miss you Dave... please come back!

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 09:43 PM
Dave has a real problem with fame, and anyone that has watched him long enough would know that. Case closed.

There is no Black Cabal out there keeping all the rich darkies in check. Oprah is a crazy success and she uses her success for good. She's a national treasure. To even think that she's in league with the likes of Farrahkan is a joke. Outside of the NOI his views are seen as extreme at best and insane at worst.

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by madnessinmysoul
oprah is powerful, not just regular powerful, but crazy powerful. she's sneaky, because that's the only way any black woman could get as powerful as she is.

Editorial comment.
This is a bit off-topic, but I felt this should be addressed.

I simply do not understand it when people think that a woman must be devious or bedazzling to become powerful.
Whether it is Oprah, Martha Stewart, Condi Rice or any of these powerful women we seem to think that there must be something other than what a man does to become powerful in this world. That she is not intelligent and ambitious like her male counterpart.

I think this is an unfair double standard.
And it goes against ATS' creed deny ignorance

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 08:00 PM

because that's the only way any black woman could get as powerful as she is.

I agree with dtom, this comment is completely uncalled for.

Oprah is obviously very smart, but being black doesn't have anything to do with a person's being amoral or using force. She just knows what her audience wants, and that's why she's powerful.

I'm not saying Oprah held a gun to Dave's head (it IS funny and I like the idea of a sketch mocking it --when the show returns) but it's not beyond reality. Uh, you folks recall that she's an actor, right? That means drama (if you've ever known any actors, you know it never ends) and fiddling with guns and other personal accesories, talking tough, etc --is all within the realm of being an actor.

[edit on 21-12-2005 by smallpeeps]

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 09:43 PM

Originally posted by smallpeeps

Again, the I don't think she somehow beaned a special show of Oprah just to Dave's house when he just happened to be watching, to tell him she was out to get him.

What is stated, is that Oprah, during her interview with Tom Cruise, turns to the camera and in a non-sequitor, says "And shame on you, Dave Chappelle, for your horrible show which makes black people look so bad." or some such words. They would not be seen as anything really odd by Oprah's army. Dave Chappelle, however, would be freaked. Also, they were only played in the local affiliate and if that was Hollywood or LA, nobody would notice Oprah giving some kind of shout-out to Dave Chappelle or chastising him thusly.

Do you realize how powerful Oprah is?

All too powerful, the influence she wields over Mrs Middle America scares the hell out of me and I live thousands of kilometres away.

What I don't understand is how such a no-talent hack could become so popular. Do you have some kind of mediocracy over there or something. She must be just about the worst interviewer on television.

And don't forget this is the woman who told a bunch of Zulus in South Africa that she had Zulu blood and wished she'd been born in South Africa. Yeah, Oprah, right, whateverya reckon. Born in South Africa? Under apartheid? Where the best you could have been was a housemaid? You? Turn brain on, then speak.

It is clear that who ever made that website was just making thing up, so we should be careful about believing ANYTHING on the site.

It is clear? To whom? Look, I'm not defending this theory, but when a guy like DC gets his chance at the big time, then becomes the next Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy combined, busting out a 50 million dollar contract and the funniest show on tv --then bails to Africa, insanely afraid of something, it's reasonable to question why.

Yes, it is.

I would suggest that stress, possibly coupled with drug-use got to him. I work in the media and it is a massive presuure cooker with egos blown out of all proportion, anyone would think we were curing cancer for how seriously we take ourselves. I mean, who really cares who got what dressing room and which useless bloody perks.

The B-story in Bruce Almighty is actually a fairly good illustration of how shallow the whole thing is.

Now, if Dave is using (or was using as the case may be) mind/perception-altering substances such as coc aine, which lead to feelings of paranoia, and he's working in a situation where all the credit goes to him, and all the blame is laid on him, and he's under steadily increasing pressure to always be funnier, grittier, newer than his last broadcast and he's in contractual negotiations...

To quote the movie "something's gotta give".

Better he take temporary leave of his senses and accuse Oprah of personal handgun ownership than hang himself, as a couple of others have done.

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 09:42 AM
Just how funny do you think season 3 will be do you think Dave is gonna back down or what and why would he go to Africa and loose hind? I am a white guy who thinks Dave is funny extremely funny. anyone who can take Sesame Street and turn it ghetto like the Count as a pimp has got to be one funny mother.

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 10:31 AM
If there is a consperacy here, it's that this was a publicity stunt to pump the thrid season

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 10:56 AM
The behavior described in the initial post is not unbelievable; within many communities there exists the "crabs in a bucket" scenario. They (crabs) all cooperate and stand on each other to reach the top of the bucket, however as soon as the one at the top is about to escape, they all pull him down.

Nonetheless, with the level of wealth possessed by the named conspirators, I do not think this scenario would apply. At this level of wealth, a quote by David Jason comes to mind, "I think you know that there's no such thing as an American anymore. No Hispanics, no Japanese, no blacks, no whites, no nothing. It's just rich people and poor people. The three of us are all rich, so we're on the same side."

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 10:02 AM

from the site
I opened my eyes to find one of the three men — that appeared in my bathroom days before — perched on top of my stomach, wielding a Colt 45 handgun with an enormous silencer.

Oprah wasn't holding the gun, whether it was real, a dream, or a real dream.

What the site claims Oprah says to him -

"you better watch your step — we're representing interests more powerful than you can imagine. You do remember that Farrakhan killed Malcom, and that Cosby, Johnson and I have more money than God — we can keep this harassment up forever. Is this what you want your life to be like Dave?"

Would freak anybody out, drugs or no drugs, real or imagined.

Is it plausible these 'interests' are trying to control the media perception of blacks in America? Absolutely. Is this story true? I don't know.

After some of the experiences and realizations I've had in the past year or so, I'd like to sit down with Dave, look him in the eye, and talk things over for a while.

I am down with Dave Chappelle. It is these 'dark crusaders', if they truly exist and did what the site claims, that need to be worried, for their days are numbered and few.

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 11:31 AM
Oprah has no talent? She's a genius. She could read by the age of two and was skipped several grades ahead. Her talent is her intellect, but maybe in today's America that doesn't count for much. Some men are put off by powerful women so I understand that some may think she's scary, but talent-less ??? I guess I'm put off because I didn't know she was this hated on...yes, some of yall is just plan hatin! Oprah is one of my personal heroes...I just adore what she did with her life. To go from a Mississippi farm girl to one of the richest most powerful women in the world is just a thing of beauty and a testament to the greatness of America.

Don't hate....congratulate.

edit: it needs to be said again--Dave went to Africa to escape the fame. My guess is--he'll lay low until some of the limelight dies down. I've followed his career since I first saw him on Def Comedy Jam, and one thing he always said was that he didn't want to be too famous because he wouldn't know how to handle it. He's been doing comedy since he was 14 years old, but I think the success of his show made him crack up.

[edit on 23-12-2005 by Saphronia]

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 01:28 PM
Last night at work we had a small party and someone brought in thier laptop and played one of those David Chappelle DVDs. This is the first time I have ever seen this although I have been going over this thread a few times trying to make up my mind about this topic.
Reviewing this single thread...and combining it with what I know about social issues and particularly the connection of the body politic for votes using social issues..I can see where David Chappelle would be a threat to the usage of blacks in the body politic.
First off..let me say that the material in the DVD was funny..some of it. extreamly funny and I salute David Chappelle for the way it is done...and by this I mean he makes fun racially of everyone. No particular strain on anyone in particular. I dont have a problem with this. My particular beef with his presentation is that it is often done like so many comics...with very vulgar language presentation...or what I call the lowest common denominator. However considering his audience I understand this approach. I just dont consider David Chappelle someone I would watch or tout foreward as something I would flock to regularly. However, I do believe David Chappelle is a work in the making....being developed further. I watched a little of this and then quit to read some magazines I had brough to work with me. The magazines articles were much more intresting to me.
The problem I see politically with the "movers and shakers" of the black movement is that David Chappelle has the abliity by humor to threaten their control monopoly to play through unhindered default...among most of the American People. The ability to use race as a guilt leverage play through. This guilt facet has been carefully cultivated and nurtured by the body politic...not necessarily blacks themselves..but by the democratic party to gaurantee votes or a predictable controlable voting block on election days. Racial humor of this type will cause this issue..this default setting in playing through to lose its be weakened by humor ..or not taking it seriously. This is the threat to certain of the body politic. They have spent years and years constructing and cultivating this power base to control voters and they will brook no interfearence with this power or control mechanism... Especially interfearence or competition by a upstart commedian.
By the way ...this same control group..controls women voters ...and are attempting to galvanize the gay votes especially in high electorial vote states. They use the same fingerprint in these operations..emotional control. Highly emotionally charged issues to gaurantee votes in election day..mostly they use "victimization techniques".
Victimization technniques or the "victim mentality" the "victim dictim" is core to the operation of this mechanism and is the identifier...the fingerprint.. of this technique in operation. This is a very powerful control mechanism on those not aware it is being used on them.
The "victim mentality or "victim technique" the "victim dictim" is precisely how Oprah Winfree and a host of other copy cats have made a name for themselves. This has not gone unnoticed by the body politic. They are always looking for new techniques to control , corral, and galvanize voters to their control or causes. This is why I have very little use or respect for Oprah or any of the other copy cats. Montel, Rikki , Maury...and the host of al..etc etc etc. It is emotional masterbation....they have made a career and millions of dollars emotionally jerking the public off. Pardon the crudity but this is exactly what I percieve these people doing and I find thier techniques crude at best. They are predators on the emotions of the public. They make merchandize of us. They put the public on a emotional drug..or on the emotional puppets. Politics has not missed out on this control mechanism or technique. The body politic is a predator too.... All of the body politic.
More of you need to be aware of this. I know this is heavily done and daily here in America but I would be curious to know how much or how often it is used in countrys outside of the United States.
I dont have a problem with David Chappelles humor or comedy I just wont be frequenting his programs or videos.


posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 01:54 PM

Victimization technniques or the "victim mentality" the "victim dictim" is core to the operation of this mechanism and is the identifier...the fingerprint.. of this technique in operation.

Yes! This is exactly the technique that roped me in and had me pouring my effort down a bottomless pit for more than ten years. I'm not saying there isn't some legitimate basis for the syndrome, but the ends it has been turned to are nothing short of perverse. Guilt-tripping at its worst.

Oprah makes a big deal out of white men being the most advantaged, most privileged segment of society, getting all the breaks in our favor and having a leg up on everybody else. That simply isn't true anymore, if it ever was. We have to work as hard as or harder than anybody else to 'make it' in this rat race. If anything the fact is we have a big bullseye painted on our chest while the 'victim dictum' stabs us in the back. Unless we are born into the moneyed class (and I wasn't), we are in the same boat as everybody else, black, yellow, red, or brown.

One thing is for sure, I will serve as no one's 'forty acres and a mule'.

My service is to God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth, always has been, and always will be.

[edit on 23-12-2005 by Icarus Rising]

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 02:29 PM
Dave freaked out...
dave had a contract to make him more rich than god... (or at least metatron)
dave had a house full of leaches and bums that were not real friends
dave went to africa with a muslim friend to recoup and loose some leaches
dave might or might not have come back... I still havent found a performance date for him anywhere...
As of my last research, the third season still wasn't for sure...
he has not produced another episode since he left.

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 03:17 PM
Icarus Rising,

You are opening a can of worms here ..a huge can but I am going to add on to this can and see what happens.

Yes I agree with you about many people being on this treadmill for years without many of them noticing it. They think this is normal...a normal part of daily life. I agree with you about Guilt tripping at its worst.

Remember something about Oprah and her audience...they are mostly women..and it doesnt do in a womans program to alienate ones audience. Truth is often in the end sacraficed to keep the audience on a string. Same can be said for all the copy cats out there. Including the body politic. What is promoted in most of these programs is expedience and self justification..within the framework of this victim mentality or dictim.
To totally understand this menatlity you must know something about a concept called male disposability and expendability. This is often practiced by males in thier attempt to woo females and taken advantage of by the female to get what they want or think they deserve within a social structure. The males are the dummys here..not the women or females.
Its up to men or males to get smart and not up to the women to "enlighten" you. Why should they when they have a perfectly good Default to play through on your ignorance..and most men are pretty dumb..socially with women...or females.

What you need to understand about women is...whether they will , when they finally default to total power and control over this nation, take care of the men in the manner men have watched over women and will they default in the favor of the new men "victims"...or will they continue to preach the party line. Will these women sacrafice to keep this system going with their every fiber of thier soul to make men comefortable and satisfied with their career earnings or will they continue the process of defaulting over to them as they have been conditioned to by Oprah et al.??
What do you think is going to happen??

What Oprah is looking for and advancing is more default to play through on a automatic setting..not on one earned guilt conditioning. This is standard M1A politics. The standard mantra..or chant. This is also racism. But since Oprah is doing this how can it possibly be racism. You see the total unaccountablity or default to play through.
The willingness of a male to sacrafice and work for his women and children is one of the greatest adaptations of all time. Yet it is a given ..often taken for granted....hardly mentioned in this context. It is expected.and often more expected in the long run. The bar in adaptation is often raised on him before he even knows what is going on. What is touted and talked about the men who dont make this adaptation..this is the focus point of all these types of programs..including the lie detector tests. This emotional gotcha social politics is what keeps ratings up. Little is mentioned of the men who daily and weekly and yearly sacrafice their lives and souls for thier familys to bring them options and comforts in addition to the necessities. The "victim mentality " must be promoted or you stand to loose much of your audience.

Icarus Rising ...about the "victim Mentality" I can walk into any department store here in the United States..coast to coast and see on the average about seven times more product promoted to women than to men. This often means also seven times more floor space to advertising and promoting womens products than men. You can say the same thing in the grocery stores. By the bright colours on the product the psychologists know this control mechanism of colour appeal is mostly to women ..or even to children. They are much more easily seduced by this technique than men.
This is not evidence of a "victimized " group of people by sex. Understand?
To have such a huge section of a nations economy presented to one sex for thier consumption is not "victimization"
What is not mentioned in all this appeal and merchandizing is who is going to pay for all this stuff while claiming "victimization".
What is known by manufacturers and the psychologists they hire to advertise their merchandize is that the women or female often has two sources of income from which to draw moneys to pay for thier stuff. Their moneys if they work..and often their mans moneys if they do or dont work. This means a woman often has the "option " of two incomes from which to draw..not one. This too is not "victimization"
What is not said on programs like the the deliberate appeal to women who are "victims" and are overlooked socially in this process..and dont have the "options" on incomes from which to spend. The men are implicit..not explicit..the women are explicit..pushed out victims. This is the crime in many of these presentations..the women are socially victims.
Most men are totally oblivious to this line of thinking. Too much sports illustrated conditioning preventing them from thinking far enough. This is not a womans fault it is a mans fault for being dumb about the nature of many things. I can gaurantee you women are not dumb about this.

Remember ..this Oprah...the victims are often the women who dont have the "Options"...not responsibilities per se..but options..glamour..etc etc etc. Power...especially social power. Little is said about responsibility.

What any truely professional woman will tell you is that they have far more difficulty from other women in the work place than they do from men. The bulk of men they can easily handle in the work place..its the other women who are so very cutthroat and conspiring to get what they want or think they deserve. Competition among women and unknown by most men is fierce. Especially for the better jobs... You dont often hear Oprah and others speaking this line or truth.
Women in the workplace play the default settings to play through much easier than do men. Furthermore most men dont have this ability ..they must often work from the ground up without the benifit of social defaults to play through unhindered. You dont often hear Oprah or othes speak of this.

Also Icarus Rising I will remind you of one other thing made clear to me by a black man with whom I had the privelege of working years ago but have never forgotten what he said and have had the proof of what he spoke confirmed over and over again since. He told me that what affirmative action does in the long run is discriminate against the black male in favor of the black female. It limits the ability of the black man to take care of the black family by defaulting to the female..since women by nature are not looking to marry or date down the economic ladder but instead up the ladder. This economic social status is very important to women. It is part and parcel of the female religion that education cannot culture out of expectations.
In this case male disposability and expendability will take over. You see a large number of women growing olde single in this black community. Often raising their children alone. It is the breaking up of this community socially.
By the way Icarus...male disposability and expendability by the female is justified under this religion Oprah and others promote. Female expendability is not justified or allowed. This is sexism....also the body politic promote and advance this male expendability and disposability.since it gets them votes. One has to be heavily preconditioned not to notice this.

By the way .Icarus Rising ...this social status..of marrying up..can be appllied to other races too. This is also how one knows about the women not being willing to sacrafice to keep this system going but thinking they are doing so much in moving to positions of power and visibility to run it by default. They will not do for men what men have traditionally done for them. You do not usually see women taking out large insurance policys so that if they die first their man has a security blanket to fall back on. It just isnt socially done. This is a indicator of diffrent social values. No matter what "experts:" like Oprah declare.

Now mind you Icarus...this is all predicated on a males ignorance and ability to pick up on a womans clues and cues to perform..without understanding the value of his labor and time in the marketplace. Sports conditioning is just a start for males to get and stay on this treadmill...and keep up the safety net that maintains a seven to one ratio of goods and services available to the female.
Only a man can be this stupid and not know this..for women are not that dumb. By outstanding male ignorance the Male contributes to his own demise..and victimhood..he is just to dumb to know it.

I am curious to see if Comedians like David Chappelle will build on this line of thinking to further humorize and expose the body politics its misues of Oprah and others in this sense. This is what I meant by David Chappelle being a work in progress. I will keep a eye on this in the future.


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