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Why No Comments From The Kennedy's?

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posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 09:42 PM
Why would they talk? They might be on the left side but it doesn't mean they don't know 'how things work'.

Obviously JFK was killed by his own and a huge cover-up followed because of some pretty heavy information. What that was has many different opinions but it was something which could of changed the course of America, possibly the world. It was enough to have him hit. The Kennedys only seem to live if they stay out of the spot light or don't go against the grain too much.

If you don't still understand that JFK was killed by the government and not from a magic bullet, then i suggest you watch this video:
It PROVES the Sercret Service stood down, proves JFK was shot from the front and proves the lone gunman theory is a lie. These facts are all in the first half of the presentation and are undeniable thanks to a lot of new video of the day, video of Kennedy in hospital and testimonies of the medical teams that saw his body. You can watch the SS being pulled of JFKs car as it begins the parade journey, you can watch people being cleared from the area where Kennedy was shot when the rest of the route is 5 people deep. You can see Kennedys head before it was medically altered, you can see it after it was altered, you can see testimony after testimony from medical examiners who state very clearly that there was a gaping hole on the back of his head.
The conspiracy now belongs to those that believe the lone gunman theory, everything else is evidence which proves otherwise.

The Kennedy family are in the game too you know, they have their own families and lives to protect also. It could be a family secret that is only known to a few of them and is sworn to stay private to keep them from being killed, followed, taped, harmed, threatened, financially ruined, harrassed, etc etc etc.

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 01:37 AM
I believe that they realize that they are up against overwhelming odds. We have a corrupt government as well as to a large degree, a corrupt society as well. The Catholic Church has been infiltrated and corrupted with Vatican II, and by and large the body politic of America is fuctionally illiterate. In the summer of 1960, the year John F. Kennedy ran against Richard Nixon for the Presidency, a lot of people do not recall or are unaware of the large number of high ranking members of the Roman Catholic Church in America who died suspicious deaths; there were between 25 and 30 who died this way. Most if not all of their replacements shared different views. Pope John XXIII who initiated "Vatican II" is referred to as the 'Masonic' Pope. He was inspired by 'Father Malone' who interestingly enough was only 27 at the time and had been raised "Jewish" until he was 23.
Also, in the 50's, 60's and early 70's, the first question awhite man would be asked by a white woman (in the Rocky Mountain area for sure, if he asked her for a dance was "Are you a Catholic?". If he was and said so he could forget about dancing with her or any other woman in the place.
That was the degree and still is in many areas of anti-Catholic sentiment in this country. It's "Reverse discrimination" for all alleged past sins of the Catholic Church.
I've been in 45 of the fifty states. I have been asked that question in at least twenty or more of those states. I was never asked if I was any other denomination, if I was a homosexual, if I was a communist or even, if I was a criminal. The only thing that was ever asked was what I've already reported, above. The week before John F. Kennedy was assassinated was the most anti-Catholic week I have ever lived through in this country and I grew up in a virulently anti-Catholic community. During the Vietnam War, Marines who were stationed at Camp Pendleton, California from 1965 to 1968 can vouch for the fact that this question was asked incessantly to white servicemen who attempted to frequent off-base establishments.
Most Americans cannot even tell you what religion is or the difference between a Christian and a Jew. They cannot tell you what the doctrine of their own church is.
Why don't the Kennedy's speak out? Who will support them? Where is the Catholic Church's stand regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy? He was a Catholic, why hasn't the church body come to the assistance of the victim's family to find out who the real killer's were? It certainly was not Lee Harvey Oswald. Sadly, if you ever try to weed out corruption in any local, state, or federal agency in the United States, regardless of what field of endeavor is involved; good luck. You'll be lucky if the documents are even filed where they can be found.
Speaking of Ted Kennedy, the Senator; On November 8, 2003, I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing him speak at Rudder Tower at Texas A&M University at the invitation of former President George Bush. It was one of the best seeches I've ever heard. More than that, Senator Kennedy had to put up with a group of the most obnoxious hecklers immaginable during his speech...until they were finally removed. The Senator never side stepped any question and he fielded many. He was staunchly against this illegal and immoral war in Iraq and stated so to what at first was a noticably hostile audience. When he finished he received a standing ovation and it was genuine.
Sadly, we American's are closer to losing this country than many people realize. Most people now, perhaps the Kennedy's also, who have realized what is going on, are making the most of circumstances that are at present too overwhelming to overcome. There is no point in attempting to reveal the truth of many situations because it would not be recognized as that anyway. The forces that be allow only their own propaganda to be promulgated. This campaign from the east is being conducted in the following steps: Propaganda, Infilitration, Subversion, Covert Assistance, Reconciliation (diverse groups forming a coalition) and eventual revolt.
Who killed John F. Kennedy? Michael Collins Piper hit the nail on the head with his remarkable book: Final Judgement

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 05:45 AM
Interesting that a jesuit, Dan Winter mentions JFK on his website:

excerpts from:soulinvitation

Each of the four shooters, Oswald, Brading, Frattiano and Roselli had a timer and a back up man. Back up men were supposed to pick up the spent shells and get rid of the guns. Timers would give the signal to shoot. Hunt and McCord were there to help. Sturgis was in Miami.

Frattiano shot from a second story window in the Dal-Tex building across the street from the Texas School Book Depository. He apparently used a handgun-he is an excellent shot with a pistol. Frattiano and his back-up man were "arrested", driven away from the Dal-Tex building in a police car and released (without being booked). The Dallas police office is in the Dal-Tex building.

Go down to almost 3/4 down the page, where he starts talking about JFK and what happened. (date 1960) JFK elected. American people happy. Rose Kennedy happy. Onassis happy. Mafia estatic.

To think that Jackie married Onassis.

JACK PALANCE: "Believe it... or not!"

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