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U.S. (Army?) Delta Force discussion

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posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 12:04 AM
Wow! Some or most of you have either been playing too many video games or engage in the "I heard this or I read somewhere" rumor game. Being a 19 year Army Soldier in the CT field for half of my career I can answer everything you need to know. Delta Operators are U.S. card carrying Army Soldiers . Any branch can try out for the DFAS. If you dont know the lingo you don't need to. If you are on of the 5% or below selected you will attend the Q crs somewhere. If you don't know where you don't need to know. They have different methods of procuring "off the shelf" high speed #. If you don't know what type, nomenclature etc, you don't need to know. The government does not deny the existence of SFOD-D, they just dont comment or talk openly about it because you don't need to know. If you want to be an Operator, get out of the forums and be a Soldier first. Airsoft or paintball does not qualify gents. Leave it to the pros.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 12:06 AM
What I think the OP was referring to when he said that delta force weren't 'real soldiers' was the fact that they don't follow the rules of war and rules of engagement of any other type of soldier or any other branch of the military.
I have read what little ALLEGED info there is about delta force and basically they have a 'license to kill' kind of like James Bond. The beard and custom weapons thing of course is true in order to blend into the native population. Some of the delta missions I suppose require espionage and other such motives and as such they are not 'real soldiers' in that supposedly they can have their identities erased due to the nature of the sensitivity of their missions. This is not very hard to believe just watch the movie Munich, the guy that Eric Bana plays basically signs off his entire identity because the nature of the operation is such that if him or a Delta force member is caught etc they under no circumstances can compromise any information about the operation and as such to maintain that complete 100% mission success attitude they operate in many ways that would relinquish their status as 'real soldiers' or even citizens of a particular country. They can possibly lose their identity basically to have total anonymity and they have full license to kill at their whim etc. Some of this is based on what I read coupled with conjecture but you get the idea.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 12:11 AM
I should add that in essence then they would have full immunity from any legal consequences with zero oversight they could do as they wish in order to achieve the objective. At least that's my understanding. So if they stormed a village if they want to kill and/or rape a few villagers no one would know about it and no commanders/higher ups would disclose of this as they would be fully immune to any legal repercussions due to the sensitive nature of their missions similar to how places like area 51 are fully immune to any environmental statutes due to the sensitivity of their base even though they openly dump toxic waste and hazardous waste from classified aircraft stealth coating materials right into the open behind the base and even burn it according to ex worker whistleblowers.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 09:38 AM
May I just add my two penneth worth and then can we close this thread? Blue Cell has previously launched a much more successful SOF Thread.

Charlie Beckwith spent a little over 12 months on ops with our 22 Special Air Service, excluding the 6 month Selection which, I might point out, that ALL foreign SF or SOF troops must complete before they are allowed to cross-train.

He was serving in the SAS at the time when a good friend of mine, 'Curly', an ex-PSI in my regiment, was DLBs gunner in Borneo.

For the record, Charlie Beckwith was so impressed with the set-up, the selection process, the continuation training including R to I and E & E, that when he returned to the States, he fought a protracted and somewhat bloody fight against the establishment to found the initial 'Project Delta'.

The main reason the establishment were so against Project Delta was because the saw it as an attempt to hive off the best of the Army's Green Berets, the Navy/Marine's flegling SEaLs and Airborne's Rangers.

He [Beckwith] managed to win the battle and the rest, as they say is history.

As to some posters saying the SAS trains Delta or vice versa, they cross train all the time.

It may shock some people that even the Spetsnaz now train at Creden Hill, Pontrilas and Caerwent.

'Nuff said!

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 03:10 PM
Let me make one thing clear when discussing any US Special Operations personnel. NO ONE but NO ONE has a license to kill or is immune from the laws of this country or above prosecution. No commanders will turn a blind eye to any actions not mandated by the DOD and the President.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by warpboost
I reemeber reading about one guy that was a Delta Operator for a long time. His wife actually thought he was an operator in the Army like the kind that operates a switchboard
until he finally told her after he was retired!

That was Randy Shughart.

No one has a "license to kill" in the US military.

Delta has "relaxed grooming standards" so they can blend in with local population. AFSOC, SEALS, etc do the same thing when needed.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by jerico65

Randy Shugart never lived long enough to retire. He died along with Gary Gordon Somalia trying to defend Michael Durant's downed Blackhawk.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by Frost2k6

i thought delta force was supposed to be the strong arm of mj12? i read somewhere that there responsible for controlling non terrestrials.
also all special forces units worldwide grow there hair out, don`t shave, don`t wear uniform and use custom kit when required.. thats one of the things that makes them "special". sniper and recon units do the same thing.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 01:24 PM
also.. i`m not sure of official us policy regarding licences to kill but sis and mossad agents are authorised to use deadly force.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 04:22 PM

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 07:18 PM
GIGN is the number one special intervention team in the world. has the most rigorous training a man can ever hope to achieve. theyre not widely publicized like the SAS. and they have an excellent record. GSG 9 comes in close second followed by the deltas and the swat. last place is undoubtebly the SAS.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 06:15 PM
One of my drill sgts in basic training was Delta Force. He never had to mention it, that big tat inside his forearm gave it away. Not to mention the qualification badges on his dress uniform.

He was one tough mutha. One pugel (sp?) training, he jumped in the pit with a staff in hand and ask for all takers. 4 people jumped in, fully geared up against this lone warrior with nothing but a t-shirt and BDUs. Guess who won?

I have met SEALs, Rangers and SF guys. I figure, if they were accepted and worked in the special forces field, they earned it and my respect.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by ShadowXIX

delta is only Army trust me

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