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Helpful Tips for Marvel: Nemesis

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posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 05:56 PM
First of all, for those unfamiliar to the game, let me introduce to you Marvel: Nemesis - Rise of the Imperfects

This Marvel game released for X-Box puts you in control of up to 10 different Marvel Heroes and Villains, such as Spiderman and Magneto, and 8 new characters called "The Imperfects". A 3-d environment lets you move your character around many excellent ways, and allows for some of the unique features of certain superheroes to really be used. For example, Storm, with her control over weather, can fly - performing aerial thunderbolt attacks, swooping strikes, and excellent hit and run tactics. Venom can actually web-sling his way around the map... the extra manueverbility making an excellent way of quickly getting to your opponent or to escape an enemy's rage.

Also, instead of the old-style "hit X, Y, Up, Down, Turn around, Block, Punch" combinations that made learning how to play a nightmare for players - Marvel Nemesis utilizes a global system. Want to throw a punch? Hit the punch key. Want to throw a super punch or have Iron Blast shoot an ion blast? Use the "Superpower" button and hit punch. That's all there is to it. Want to fly with Human Torch? Hold down the "Mobility" button.

This makes it very easy to get used to the controls - but it's far from simple! The combinations of attacks are extremely varied, and keeps a player on their toes. For example, there are 8 different attacks possible for any character, and all are just simple combinations using the Attack, Mobility, and Superpower buttons - and each is not always useful (or the most powerful).

The maps are also nearly fully destructable, and objects can be picked up and thrown at your enemies (and a few can even be wielded as impressive bats!). Of course, Daredevil couldn't pick up a car, and he can't in this game (as a basic human, you can designate him Strength 1) - but Thing can pick up a Tank (can designate him Strength 3)! This conforms to the 3 different object sizes in the game, size 1, size 2, and size 3. A character with a strength equal to or higher than the size can pick up, toss, or catch these objects. Magneto can grab any object and carry it without impact to his manueverbility with his special power.

Finally, there is the Health, Stamina, and Superpower bars. The Health is, duh, health. You lose it, you die, you lose. Wolverine slowly regenerates his health, making prolonged battles with him a bit difficult when facing a crafty player. Stamina is like "health plus". When you take damage, you'll take some permanent Health damage - but the majority will be to your Stamina (which refills to your Health max). If you lose all your stamina, all damage is taken out of your health. Luckily, stamina regenerates quickly - and so a crafty player, or a web-slinger, can often keep out of danger until their stamina is fit for combat again. Finally there is Superpower. Every time you use Mobility or Superpower buttons, you use up some of your hero's superpower. Even Iron Man can't keep up his blaster attacks indefinitely. This bar slowly refills, but by holding down the Superhero bar, and leaving your hero stationary (no attacking or making any actions) they can speed up this recovery, and be ready to fight at full strength again.

Finally, there is a Rage bar. When you do damage to an opponent, your Rage bar will increase. When it flashes "RAGE!", tap the Super-power button to recieve a short time-period of unlimited Super-Power! The Master of Magnetism is not a happy camper when he goes into this state, and Wolverine's claws seem to come out a lot more here too.

Now that you are interested/own Marvel Nemesis, here's some strategy:

Basic Combat:

The key to basic combat is to avoid damage while dealing damage. This may sound evident, but I can't count the times I decided to stay close to an explosive barrel that was about to blow in order to make a few more attacks on my opponent - and then pay for that when the barrel blows up, and I'm right next to it. But this goes for shielding as well. Remember that when using Block + Superpower you erect a 360 degree shield, impervious to all damage (and which also reflects most ranged shots). Using briefs stints of this while in close combat can stop a relentless attack and briefly stun your opponent, while you go in for a deadly attack.

Also, the terrain is your best friend and greatest enemy! If an enemy is weaker than you, use that to your advantage! Take every opportunity to throw objects too big for them to handle! They'll have to spend superpower to get out of the way, or at least leave the pressure off of you for awhile. Beware this if you are the weaker character! If the big guy's going for a big object, and you have a ranged shot, use the brief moment that they're vulnerable to shoot them out from underneath it. Alternatively, if you're close enough, grab them, as they'll be unable to counter your grab.

Also, keep an eye out for "loose" objects (like cars and shelf-like objects), as, so long as you are strong enough to pick these up, these can be attacked while close to them to send them flying at the enemy! These cannot be caught! Make sure the object isn't in danger of exploding though, as doing this can blow yourself up!

Also, note how often your basic attacks can often disorientate your opponent, and that you can switch between Super punches and regular punches during the combo. Figure out at what point your character makes his uper-cut attack (an that sends your opponent into the air), and make sure to use this attack last. You can then jump into the air and attack them for two extra attacks, or for an air-grab and throw (note that an air-attack on maps with cliff-sides, like the Daily Bugle, are excellent for knocking your opponent out of the ring - resulting in instant victory).


Character Specifics:

Ground-only VS Teleporter/Webslinger/Flyer: If your opponent is being annoying and keeping to the skies, jump up and do air grabs. These have a longer range (easier to do) than you might think, and can "convince" your opponent to keep to the ground - where you should be able to dominate them.

Flyers: The basic "flying attack" is a powerful force. Usually it's a quick, forward attack. This is massively annoying, and pretty powerful too. Teleporters can copy this, as jumping up and constantly teleporting allows you to simulate flying, and this attack is open to them too. Try to hover just a little bit above the ground. This generally makes you immune to ground-based attacks, but allows you to hit ground heros. The feeling of god-hood with this attack is priceless. As an added bonus, hitting them (or their 360 shield) often will instead project up up to the top of the map - give you an opportunity to recover yourself and prepare for your next attack.

Wink/Paragon: When someone throws an object or ranged attack at you - simply teleport out of the way (or even straight through) the object/attack. Even Iron Man's heat-seeking missiles are left out of wack and can be dodged in this way. Teleporting is also a good way of getting out of grab-locks (when both continue to try to grab the other person, both break their grabs, but are close enough that the first to stop grabbing gets grabbed - also breakable by continuing the wrestle and waiting to get thrown far enough out to range-attack or escape).

Daredevil/Elektra: Both of these characters have a flaw - they are amazingly weak. Even their super-attacks do very little in the way of permanent damage. However, you can use this to your advantage. Both of these characters do TONS of stamina damage! As soon as an enemy character has no Stamina left, two things happen. First, they start losing regular health very quickly, and second, they'll be in "Danger" allowing you to perform a finishing move on them. I had one game that lasted no longer than 15 seconds, with Elektra completely removing her opponent's Stamina, and follow through with Finishing move, and not a single point of actual damage had been inflicted.

Daredevil/Magneto/Spiderman/Venom/Hazmat: These characters have ranged-grab abilities. While not very useful for Daredevil, this can be used to range-grab objects to bring them to you to throw - which can surprise your opponent when you reveal yourself to have total control over a larger area. Also note (especially for Magneto) that if you can actually grab a big object that's not your enemy whilst your enemy is close to you or in the way, as it flies towards you it might hit your opponent. This is totally unexpected, and usually makes your opponent swear. Make them swear some more by picking up the object and throwing it again. Magneto (since his is swift) can actually pick up and throw some objects (like cars) three times - once, twice (it starts burning), and dangerously pick it up and throw it again before it explodes to do massive damage!

Thing/Brigade: First, your Mobility attack is a rush at your enemy that knocks your opponent into the air. Powerful and useful for complimenting an air-attack or air-grab. Secondly, you are tough. Really tough. If Elektra or Storm or somebody is bothering you with ranged attacks, either 360 them (360 block them) or just take it - because you can. Your opponent will be out of superpower before they know it, and you'll have nary a scratch - in witch case... It's Clobbering Time! This sometimes applies to close combat too. So long as they're blocking, Brigade and Thing will take next to no damage - which is useful for you and frightening for your opponent. Outlast your enemy.

Iron Man: Definitely one of the strongest characters in the game, Iron Man is Strength 3, can fly, and has a powerful ranged attack. In fact, when flying, his ranged attack is a heat-seeking missile! The further you are from your opponent, the more accurate it is (as the missile seems to take a moment to "lock targets"). Spidey's webslinging around? Flying up and fire - and you might even hit him! Be careful with the ranged shot though... Iron Man takes some time bracing himself, and a watchful enemy will see this and 360 the attack to reflect it back at you!

Magneto: My personal favourite. He flies, and can even air-range-grab while flying! Play god with Magneto - but be careful - he's a frail old man! Keep out of combat, and keep flying. If you're on the ground, be charging and prepare to 360. His basic flying attack is likely one of the fastest and powerful of all the flying attacks. Use it. Also, his special power can throw and catch things with massive ease - so don't be afraid from playing a game of catch with your opponent because, as long as you have super-power left, you'll win.

Storm: She's like Magneto, and can also range-grab, but only people - not objects. Her main thing to remember is her ranged-shot. It comes down from the sky, and so can sometimes hit enemies that are trying to hide - leave them no place to run! The thunderbolt also cannot be 360-reflected, although the 360 will still block it - so fear not about it. However, her flying shot (ball of lightning) CAN be reflected.

Johnny Ohm: Johnny Ohm is a flier, Strength 2, and has non-reflectable electric bolts. Although his flying costs his super-power more than the average flier, it also does small amounts of damage to your opponent. Enemies on the verge of death can actually be finished off like this, but know that sometimes just flying around your opponent can be lethal. Johnny cannot fly and carry objects - a significant different from most fliers.

Brigade: Brigade's RAGE! is likely the most powerful in the game - as his ranged attack is fast and furious. This also makes his RAGE! the shortest in the game (as opposed to Wolverine who has the longest RAGE!). If you know you're close to RAGE!, try to work your opponent into a corner. When the RAGE! goes - they got nowhere to run, and will be massacred - literally. Also, Brigade's ranged shot is fast - there's no warning it's coming except from the glow from Brigade's arms when his character hits the Superpower button. If you're charging and your opponent is also charging, or is standing still not want to come near you (because you're a monster and a half), you can pop off a shot without them having a chance to react. Really it's that fast. A super-good player might see the shot coming in time, but generally speaking, this has never failed me once (go neural speeds!). REMEMBER: Brigade goes crazy if he runs out of super-power (stands there yelling and not listening to commands). If your super-power bar is flashing (as it does when it gets low) don't use any super-power! Find a good place to charge up and do it.

Fault Zone: Definitely a trickier character - she is devastating against land-based enemies, as her shock-waves can stop anyone getting close to her.

Paragon: The most powerful character in the game. She is Strength 3, takes very little damage, can steal health with her Super-Grab, has a massively powerful ranged attack (with lingering effects), and is a teleporter. Be relentless. Victory against Paragon is possible - but amazingly difficult. Avoid her if possible, beat her in close combat if not. Just for note, Elektra can actually have a good chance of beating Paragon in close quarters which, combined with the finishing move, can make short work of her.

Dr. Van Roekel: Paragon's creator - and just about as powerful as she is. Consider him to be "Iron Man 2.0". He's got all Iron Man's strengths, is faster, and has a more powerful ranged attack. In all honesty, battles involving either Van Roekel or Paragon should likely be only against Van Roekel or Paragon - they're both that powerful.


And that's pretty much all I have to say about that.


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