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A basis to fears that Europe to sell stealth technology to China?

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by northwolf
Can you give me one reason why europe shoudn't sell tech to China?
The way i see it:
1 USA is not sharing it's top tech with europeans
2 Europe needs funds to keep it's R&D Going
3 China needs technology, and has the money

Actually, what you have stated is incorect.
1 The US and other NATO countries have the closest military alliance in the world. All top US tech is available to some of our partners in Europe. For Example, the JSF project which I have stated above is dependent on European development as well. The JSF is going to be the US's main work horse in the sky and the level of confidence in sharing it only indicates American trust in Europe.
2 Not true again, most of Europe conducts R&D on money from their Govts and also private companies. Plus in Europe it is common for the Govts to help out their compaines compete internationally by funding them and granting them access to technologies developed by other agencies.
3 Chinese dont need the technology to build stealth weapons when a large part of their population lives in penury. They also dont need high-tech weapons when they have a military supremacy in the region.
The only reason they would need high-tech weaponry is to destabilize the region further by starting an arms race. This would not only prevent development in the region, it would infact jepordize the opportunity of millions of the poorest people on earth to development.

Second way:
1 US is tied to Taiwan, maiking it hostile to China
2 Most european nations don't want to fight with China
3 By turning the atention from Washington to Beijing they secure their assets in china

1 The entire democratic world is tied to taiwan, so does that mean that china trades only with its supporters ? Infact the greatest trading partner of China is the US and a major contributor to the growth in china are American firms. American companies are also major employers in china and are responsible for most of the growth in the chinese economy. Why would the US do that if there was true animosity ?
2 Most European nations are cowing down to china and russia because they have no confidence in their own ability to prosper. They believe that their own economies are on a decline and see china as a tool to revitalize the European economy. This in itself is the greatest folly of them all, not only will this sort of thinking backfire for the Europeans, it will potentially destroy the exponential growth in Asia turning the region into a "cold war zone" endangering the world, including Europe, yet again. It is time for Europe and its leaders to look at their people and their position in the world and understand how their actions will affect the billions of people in Asia. Apart from this, Euorpe will lose American confidence and will find itself at the mercy of the Communist party of China.
3 Not true again, the assets of the West in China are more important to China than the West, because apart from employing their people and developing the chinese industrial complex, european companies are fueling the need for cheap Chinese goods that are inturn destroying the industrial establishments in other major industrial nations.

In the (US)hostile world, getting some new friends wouldn't be too bad...

Getting new "friends" is always good but getting overly pally with someone who is courting your wife is foolish.

The US maintains a healthy trade relation with the Chinese and that is where it ends. IMHO there are many many nations in Asia that are more deserving of greater European co-operation than the Chinese.

Trade does not equall trust.

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 02:39 AM
The main point in my posts was not the actual techtransfer to china, but the fact that more and more people in europe are getting tired of USA acting as world police, not respecting others and operating in double standards (moral issues like: Shouting for free trade and increasing its own tolls at the same time,)

You just have to ask the question, what use is it to be allied to a country that has no common respect for international law and that drives its own interests without consulting its allies.

I assume alliance doesn't equal as trust either, since US is claimed to conduct secret operations on it's allies (and neutral) soil without informing them and arresting people without authority.... or even common courtesy to tell your allies.

(cheap shot, sorry but couldn't resist the temptation)

This is not just my personal opinion, but a common way people see things here.

I don't like Chinese nor Russians and if i had to pick my allies id lean west, but... i know if # hits the fan we'll be alone and so will some Nato countries too...

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 03:42 AM
Just on the US and Europeans being Allies...

I wonder how that works with the current Iraq situation being motivated by Iraq starting to trade oil in Euros... and Iran making moves to trade oil in euros.

Surely that stretches the relationships more than a little?

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