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Australian Conspiracies

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 07:41 PM

Originally posted by Ox
Mayet.. you named "Black Mountain Tower" as an Australian conspiracy.. being Australian myself I have NO idea what you're talking about..seeing as I've been to and inside the tower many times.. its a tourist attraction.. and telecommunications station..

It's a tourist attraction IN SECTIONS. It is also along with the Deacon exchange a major player in the telecommunications network. In the 80's black mountain tower housed the elite Radio branch of telecom/telstra. The radio branch were in charge of microwave installations Australia wide along with other things. Its been disbanded now - the radio branch...

I too have been inside Black Mountain tower tourist sections many tmes. But I am afraid security is rather a tad tighter in other areas. Next time your there, give it a whirl. Glen did one day, (mid 80's) he climbed through the tunnels and got all the way to his third floor office without detection. Shortly after that event, which was done on a bet, the areas he used were grated off so the event could not reoccur.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 07:43 PM

Originally posted by sanctum

Originally posted by Nventual
EDIT: Not a conspiracy, but I've always wanted to know what that dome tower on Mt Macedon is for.

Nventual, do you mean the Macedon Ranges Observatory?

Macedon Ranges Observatory provides a unique opportunity for the amateur astronomer as well as members of the general public to view the wonders of the universe under our dark superb central Victorian highland skies. With the use of our advanced telescopes and equipment, our visitors are able to view, study and photograph the universe within the total seclusion and privacy of M.R.O. (Macedon Ranges Observatory).


Nah, that's not it. I didn't even know there was an Observatory there.
The thing I'm talking about is, well you can see it from the highway (I don't think you're from Australia though, or are you?)
It's some sort of aerial or something.

@Mayet > It was just how you said "Nventual said.." instead of "Nventual pointed out that so-and so pages say.."
No biggy, I just felt it sounded like I was saying the soil isn't suitable.

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 07:55 PM
Another Australian Conspiracy. Cape Flattery Silica Mines. Cape Flattery Aboriginals and Dingaal Tribe along with Aboriginal Land Titles and multi national mining companies.

The government is currently attempting to change the land titles acts to "one native title". That is to lump every tribe together as one. Noel Pearson, a part aboriginal and land council spokesman is behind this move in Northern Australia which will effectively give the aboriginal land councils control of monies and 'the say' in aboriginal issues and take it away from the people and individual tribes.

there is one such saga going on with the government, the mitsubishi corporation and the dingaal tribe of cape flattery. The Dingaal are the traditional land owners of the land where a silica mine is based. There are reports of sicknesses being covered over, monies not being paid, poisonous chemicals being dumped in the area inclusing cadmium and arsenic, the area not being cleaned up as promised and the native owners unable to live or fish their traditional lands due to the mines.

The cape york land council and the hopevale council control the money and the power and everyones clambering to get their share. The only ones who need the compensation are the Dingaal tribe whos land has been used by the mine, not the land council, not the hopevale council and certainly not Noel Pearson or all the rest of the tribes who want the money. Perhaps if access to the mine disturbs other tribes land then they do deserve some share but not every tom dick and harry who wants their bit.

Traditional heritage for Aboriginals in the area was very tribal based, if you didn't parley before entering another tribes turf, then be assured of a spear. This has been the way through time until the white man came and destroyed dthe aboriginal way of life and forced the aboriginals to live in a "white society".

The government figures to fix all their problems they can lump it all together under on land trust, I think its federal so would also cover the separate tribes claims on the uranium mines in the NT.....

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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 07:16 AM
Mayet.. maybe I just don't get it.. what is the big conspiracy?

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by Ox
Mayet.. maybe I just don't get it.. what is the big conspiracy?

Thats ok, I understand. Perhaps if you read back through this thread and any other threads on Canberra, NWo it may halp.

I am sure then you will have points to discuss and bones to pick

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 01:11 AM
Would Schapelle Corby count as a conspiracy?
No proof that she did what she's accused for, they didn't wear gloves when keeping the marijuana, and now the judge had ordered for the evidence to be destroyed.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 01:56 AM
She also had her 20 year sentence re instated yesterday after her half brother was charged with conspiring to import drugs.

Back to Ox.. A few pointers to add to my previous statements.
Bill Roy was Principal Technical Officer at Telecom (now Telstra) Tower, Canberra. He was in charge of maintenance of Tidbinbilla Tracking Station and maintenance of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio and television transmitters in Canberra. He played such a vital role in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) communications during manned space flights that astronauts often dropped in to thank him. His daughter has a photo of her father with John Young and another American astronaut. However, there was a sinister aspect to Roy's work. Telecom Tower is not there to give Canberra residents better TV reception. It houses equipment used for espionage by Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Roy was in charge of this area of the Tower also. He interviewed and hired translators of Russian, German and other languages as well as monitoring the equipment. In August 1995, the ABC programme "7.30 Report" aired a segment on the Chinese Embassy spy scandal, in which an old interview with Roy at Telecom Tower was shown. Roy would have been instrumental in the setting up of equipment to spy on the Chinese.
Late in 1990 Roy's daughter became worried about him. He told her he did not approve of what was going on at Telecom Tower. He said he did not like Australia spying on embassies, which are protected by international covenants from that kind of intrusion. He said a lot of other things were wrong.
He gave a long interview to Jana Wendt (left) which was shown on the ABC and with now has a 'D-notice' on it - that is, further publication of the interview is forbidden by the Federal Government.

Hmm Who knows maybe the Gaiaguys have got soemthing worthwhile on their site after all.

- In Charge of ABC Radio .. Happens to be radio666 Canberra, coming at you at 666khz
- As previously stated Glen worked on third floor of Tower, He installed the micowave links, He aligned and linked Tibinbilla with Parkes, he worked at isolated Huts where he had to phone in when he got there and phone in when he was leaving, one he mentioned was near Wagga. He mentioned not doing a call in properly once and they panicked immediately. He was also at Orange alot.
- He also mentioned asians coming to examine some of the installations after some problem occured.
A group of facilities that tap directly into land-based telecommunications systems is the final element of the ECHELON system. Besides satellite and radio, the other main method of transmitting large quantities of public, business, and government communications is a combination of water cables under the oceans and microwave networks over land. Heavy cables, laid across seabeds between countries, account for much of the world's international communications. After they come out of the water and join land-based microwave networks they are very vulnerable to interception. The microwave networks are made up of chains of microwave towers relaying messages from hilltop to hilltop (always in line of sight) across the countryside. These networks shunt large quantities of communications across a country. Interception of them gives access to international undersea communications (once they surface) and to international communication trunk lines across continents. They are also an obvious target for large-scale interception of domestic communications.

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Quote Reference.

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posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:45 AM
I'd like to know if anyone have more information on the 1975 Crisis, when Sir John Kerr, the governor-general dismissed the Whitlam Government. (mentioned by Fingerpointa on page 1)

I'm not sure if it's a conspiracy, but it sure smells funny. The reason I'm interested is that Canada is also a constitutional monarchy and I'd like to know if this could happen there.


For those of you that don't know the governor-general is the representative of the Queen in a constutional monarchy. - I wonder how someone whose role is purely ceremonial could do that.

And just found this thread where Mayet speaks about this a bit.
(Great fact thread btw)

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posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by Nventual
Would Schapelle Corby count as a conspiracy?

It may well turn that way.

SCHAPELLE Corby's half-brother has been directly linked by Queensland police to the drug run into Bali that led to her 20-year jail sentence.

Senior Queensland detectives made the allegations against James Sioeli Kisina, 18, in court documents after he was arrested for allegedly leading a home invasion on Tuesday night in Brisbane's south.
"He (Mr Kisina) is suspected of some involvement in the exportation of cannabis for which his sister has received a 20-year imprisonment sentence," the affidavit says, sworn by arresting officer Detective Sergeant Dean Godfrey.

Corby's lawyers will now ask for details of Mr Kisina's case in an effort to launch an unprecedented appeal.

Corby's youngest sibling, Mr Kisina was just 16 and with his sister when she was caught at Bali's Ngurah Rai airport in October 2004 carrying 4.1kg of cannabis in a bodyboard bag.

Mr Kisina carried the bag to the Customs desk, but when asked by officials if it was his, Corby interrupted and claimed ownership...continues

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 09:44 AM
Mayet, Ok.. that helped a little, and I see your point. It seems as if Telecom Tower has been used for a lot more than telecommunications.. and now at the age I am and not being to the tower in since I was a kid, I guess it's a little naive to think that's all its used for.. Now that you've peaked my interest, It looks like I'm going to have to visit the tower again soon... (I live in the USA now)

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 07:55 PM
Hey, i'm from australia.
Neverheard of most of these before. Would love to find out the origins of 'mate' that someone else mentioned earlier

Corby, i woudln't count that as a conspiracy really. All it seems to be is tough judges, and a possible framing. Happened many times before, just got alot of media coverage for some reason.

"was that no one else was armed or tried to tackle him" About bryant. I haven't really had a second thought about him until reading up alittle recently. I heard people did in fact try to tackle him but without success? I distinctly do remember hearing that in reports soon after the event. Really not in the mood to go link hunting though. I also did alot of reading up about it soon after the event, it does seem true he was a pretty weird person. How much was disinformation who knows. An official statement was he was so lonely he would book plane flights just so he could sit and talk to people on the journey. Why go to all that bother when you can force people to talk to you by other means eludes me O.o
It was found he played shooting videogames which had the effect of a small crackdown on videogame rating laws.
It also did definately trigger the whole gun buyback scheme.
Seems an event like this is always needed to trigger it.
I heard reports of possible mind control, by the way he was acting during the shootings, behaving like some kind of emotionless puppet. Anyhow since he was jailed there have been little or no reports of him since and seems to have vanished from the public spotlight. All i know was that he was the perfect target for a setup.

Massive tunnels under railway stations? Sounds like a good adventure for the brave and bored lol ( not me )
I plan on living to see how the world plays out in the next few years. hehe

Australians, i feel, have a smaller percentage of mindless government followers than Americans. We all love to stand up for 'what is australian' and band together against it. The trouble is we are not very familiar with conspiracies, and tend to discard them as nonsense easily. We do seem to have a strong sense of moral justice, but i think we are fooled easily by media reports. What im trying to say is we have no problem hating our government ( most of us think howard is an idiot ), yet we are too ignorant to search for deeper truths. Once those truths are out, there would be no stopping them though.
I would like to think that if something like 9/11 happened here and there was considerable evidence against it that we would stand up and take abit more notice. Though we would most likely get caught up in being all 'australian' and fighting back at those whom 'supposedly' committed the act.
I dunno on second thoughts maybe we are similar to americans in alot of ways, but with some differences. I think i'm going round in circles here hehe.
Bottom line is we may be more open to the truth and have not been brainwashed as much, but we are failrly ignorant of possible deeper truths.
The difference is, it is easier for us to investigate without possible ramifications like americans have.
Please flame me about any of this. Thankyou.

posted on Jan, 23 2006 @ 01:56 AM

Would love to find out the origins of 'mate' that someone else mentioned earlier

Hmmm, rum sodomy and the lash. . .Think Brokeback Mountain, but Aussie style.

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 05:35 PM
Hey all
im new to this forum, Im from Adelaide and been looking up Australian conspiracies and it brought me to here. Its definately got some good info.
I scanned through a fair few of the posts so i hope i dont repeat anything thats already been said, but I thought id add a few more topics on teh Australian Conspiracy issue:

1) The Australian National ID Card.
Was brought up by Bob Hawke in the 1980's but dismissed due to a lot of public protests. Today in 2006 John Howard revisits the issue and is more then likely to pass it through parliment in the near future. Quote from the Australian:
The Australian, 17-01-2006, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 013, 529 words , FEATURES
The Government starts moving on a national ID card JOHN Howard believes we are ready to compromise our privacy further in return for the extra safeguard against terror and crime that a national identification card might afford.

2) SHiNE Australia.
An organisation set up to help council kids who have gone through and are being abused physically, sexually and mentally. This organisation was then bought out and is now controlled by high level members of freemasonry. Kids were taken to lodges and taken up in helicopters and abused sexually by high ranked members of masonry and that included members of parliment and TV celebraties such as Burt Newton and Graham Kennedy. Link to source this article is down at the moment, if your interested in reading the article email me and ill forward it to you, its to long to post on here.

3)Bodies the bags
I havent found to much information about this so if anyone has any links that might help in my research please post them. There has been a book written about this.
Childrens cut up bodies found in bags in Adelaide floating in rivers. After testing and observation, the children were found to be sexually abused. After more investigation the murders started to link back to members of parliment and high ranking officals. Case was then dismissed. One child murdered because of the result of this was the one of channel 9 news reader Rob Kelven.

4)One Nation (not that important, but a conspiracy)
We all know that most political parties are pretty dodge. But is Pauline Hanson and One Nation all that John Howard and the Federal Government make them out to be. Pauline Hanson becomes more popular then ever then all of a sudden she gets accused of being racist and made a mockery of. Then if we all remember she made a video tape sayign if we are watching this then she has been killed...did she know that her life was in danger and being threatened by higher powers? After she lost the election and eventually made her comeback she was then thrown in Jail. She was then let out early and since then has become a celebrity and hasnt returned to politics. Did she eventually except the bribe that said she will be let out of jail and given celebrity status if she never returned to politics?

anyway thoguht id just put a few topics up there. Watch out for them ID cards, they are on there way

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 06:32 PM
i forgot to add... im a big fans of Alex Jones of and
i own all his vids and as good as he is he usually touchs on a lot of american issues. can anyone refer me to a site (if one exists) where you might be able to purchase vids or dvds on australian related issues/consipracies. If so that would be a huge help

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 07:47 PM
I have three instances that I can think of that would fit into this discussion:

Schappelle Corby - Undoubtedly innocent in my mind. Her biggest obstacle is her innocence, had she been guilty she could have played the leniency angle and probably got away with 5 years. It worked for Michelle Leslie. Yet another example confirming my feeling that Honesty is definitely not the best policy, especially when the legal system is concerned.

Pauline Hansen's imprisonment - Never really liked her, but thought of her more as an idiot rather than a criminal. Something stunk as soon as I heard this reported.

John Howard's close ties with GWB - It is almost a knee-jerk response for him to say Yes Sir! Three Bags Full! whenever GWB calls. He neither knows, cares or both that GWB is a madman, and by sending troops to Iraq and backing GWB's every move he is the number one reason why we really are a terroist target now. Why is it that no-one sees this? Why is it that the media doesn't pick up on it? Once upon a time I could rely on the Opposition to speak out, but that is no longer the case. And the raids a few months ago in Sydney and Melbourne supposedly justifying the decision to rush through tough new terrorist legislation. This is just an excuse to target anyone they want without any evidence at all!

In regards to Australians being more open-minded, I'm not so sure. We seem to be pretty big on bandwagon jumping, which is the preferred vehicle to travel the path to infinite ignorance.

While I think of it there is one other event that seemed to smell of conspiracy but it is not an Australian conspiracy:

Michael Jackson accusations - You probably expect me to say that the trial was rigged and he belongs in prison, but I actually take the opposite view, and felt from the beginning that he was victimised due to his peculiarities. It is my belief that he became so famous at such an early age that he was able to do whatever he wanted without restriction, thus lacking the guidance needed to become a balanced adult and in many ways remains very child-like. However his love of children (not sexually) is sincere and he realises with his wealth that he can make a difference that many others cannot. Sexually abusing children is the last thing he would be guilty of.

Sorry for mentioning the Michael Jackson thing here but I feel it's a view too rarely heard.

Of course, a lot of the above examples are just my gut feeling and have no evidence to back it up, however I trust my instincts. Then again, maybe I've got it all wrong and I'm just becoming too non-conformist to realise it!

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 10:35 PM
Pauline Hanson is interesting. She was an independant that quickly gained power and visibility through her honesty. She made mistakes but people sensed that underneath she spoke from the heart. As she rose in power, with more and more average Australians aligning to her freshness and straight honesty within government, more and more joined her. One nation threatened the balance of power. One nation threatened to take from the status quo and break down the two party preferred system and Pauline Hanson had the possibility of becoming the first female PM and the first non labour/lberal PM.

I think she was infiltrated with people designed to discredit her.

What is also interesting at present in Queensland politics is the seat of nanango, many will know that seat was held by Jo Bjelke Petersen for around 25 years. The seat is currently held by independant Dorothy Pratt, who was originally a One Nation member. It has just been announced in the next election John Bjelke Petersen, Jo's son will run against her. Dorothy is popular in her home town and seat with her no nonsense and honesty once again. She is more reserved thoguh than Pauline hanson. She has shown herself to be at the front of many issues like the famous milk spilling on QLD parliament steps.

QLD is an interesting state because along with NSW it is Labour run, unlike the federal parliament of liberals/nats.

In federal politics at present there is lots of strange things going on starting with everyones favousite ssenator Barnaby's Choice, I mean Barnaby Joyce. I think he is at the centre of a discreditation movement with some items that have come out recently. The National Party is in dissarray and johhny Jack Boots is making some strange moves that should be looked closely at.

There has been some very strange resignations and firings or movements going on strarting with the old deputy Prime Minister and national Party leader John Anderson. He reisnged to spend more time with his family, rather suddenly, others have got cancer and quit or been embarrassed by scandals and quit or just up and died. A few active and speak out pollies have died recently too.

In state politics there are also weird moves happening, the wetern Australian premier quit because of "depression" there was the scandal in NSW with the opposition leader and others and overall when the big picture is looked at there is some weird happenings behind closed doors afoot.

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 09:15 AM

Pauline Hanson is interesting. She was an independant that quickly gained power and visibility through her honesty.

Actually, she was a member of the Liberal party originally.

March 1994 Elected to Ipswich City Council.

August 1995 Joins the Liberal Party.

November Endorsed as candidate for the federal seat of Oxley, Qld.

February 14, 1996 Dumped from the Liberals after her comments about Aborigines.

March 2 Wins Oxley as independent with swing of more than 23 per cent.

February 23 1997 Forms Pauline Hanson's One Nation with David Ettridge and David Oldfield.

And she was honest enough to utter her now infamous "Please explain", when asked if she was xenophobic.

... with more and more average Australians aligning to her freshness and straight honesty...

Yeah, that's why they had her on Dancing With The Stars.

Pauline Hanson and the one nation flap were about politics as usual. She was a sock puppet run wild. How come no one talks about Etteridge or Oldfield? I've heard talk that the real threat posed by one nation was more to do with their economic and taxation policies. I imagine they were along lines similar to the Montana Freeman, Lyndon LaRouche et al. demanding a fair share in the common wealth and such. Anyway the Howard gov't. seems to have adopted the tone of one nation's immigration/aboriginal affairs stance pretty well.

I think she was infiltrated with people designed to discredit her.

Who, when, where, how ? I think she did a pretty good job of that herself. It was possible that she started to believe the hype, got a bit carried away with herself, strayed from the original intent of what she was placed there for (whatever that was) and lost support from within in her party causing the technicolour implosion that we watched unfold on the news.

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posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 09:24 AM
Of course its possible that she got carried away with her own hype, it is also just as possible, if not probable that she was surrounded by advisors that gave her bad advice.

She started off winning her first seat as an independant, she started life as a sitting member as an independant. I should have clarified that more.

As I said Pauline is interesting, there were things that annoyed the poop out of me about her and things I admired about her. Her rise and fall though is a fascinating case study of Australian politics and the "something new" effect.

I don't watch television, least of all that silly "dancing with the stars" unreality show

[edit on 28-1-2006 by Mayet]

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 09:42 AM

Originally posted by Mayet
One nation threatened the balance of power. One nation threatened to take from the status quo and break down the two party preferred system and Pauline Hanson had the possibility of becoming the first female PM and the first non labour/lberal PM.

NO WAY IN HELL was Pauline Hanson ever going to get close to the position of PM, why you think this, I do not know. Most of her support was from the hicks from the country. There was no groundswell of support for her in the cities.

I think she was infiltrated with people designed to discredit her.

LOL, How about she really wasn't a person who was too bright. She hardly came across as a leader.

There has been some very strange resignations and firings or movements going on strarting with the old deputy Prime Minister and national Party leader John Anderson. He reisnged to spend more time with his family, rather suddenly, others have got cancer and quit or been embarrassed by scandals and quit or just up and died. A few active and speak out pollies have died recently too.

Gee then it must be a conspiracy

In state politics there are also weird moves happening, the wetern Australian premier quit because of "depression" there was the scandal in NSW with the opposition leader and others and overall when the big picture is looked at there is some weird happenings behind closed doors afoot.

Weird moves huh ? I bet if you did a survey of businesses many would have the same ' weird moves ' going on internally as well. Simple fact is Mayet, #e happens and it isn't strange or a conspiracy it's just life.
You should stop hiding under your bed.

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 03:41 PM
Excuse me.. isnt this skunk works? where members are supposed to have the freedom to be able to put forward their theories without suffering derision from other members?

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