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F/A-22 Vs Typhoon

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posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 06:14 PM
Hey I Like Heard Any Ur Debut Abt F/A-22 Vs Typhoon..

I Know F/A-22 Will Beat Typhoon. Due Stealth Technology

Typhoon Can Beat F/A-22 If They Have Anti-Stealth Radar (Dream On!)

If F/A-22 Vs Typhoon In Un-Stealth I Bet Typhoon Wins This Duel Due Tight Manouvabiltiy, Subsonic Turn Rate, Super Turn Rate (Typhoon Turn Rate fly like Bird Turn 180 Degree Twist in Sub-sonic)

"Typhoon Turn Rate"
Typhoon Can Turn +12 G When They Update Jet - Vector Jet (3D) But... +9 Is Maximum Turn Due +12 Can Knock Out Pilot Into Black Out and stress frame can affect frame to bristle. F/A-22 can go +10 G Vector Jet (2D) Technology (I Think) But If They Developed Lightwieght G-Suit? Can Cope G +12 and - 5 will cool!

"off topic"
I Cant Image BAe Replica In Service (Production) But It Shame It Not For Producation it just for Test, Research... they success - stealth as F-117 and cost as hawk!

Anyway I Hope heard ur view and debut

I Prefer Typhoon That F/A-22 Cause Typhoon Fine All-Round Fighter and Attack. Cost Far Cheap That Buy F/A-22

posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 06:19 PM

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