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Baja sightings?

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posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 12:57 PM
Not sure what to make of these old Corona images. The first set is from 1974, and is from 3 consecutive hi-res shots.

Google maps has nada at that location. There are some fields nearby (greenhouses? whatever, they're about 1/2 mile long) but don't seem to coincide exactly. I thought 'jpeg artifact' at first, but the lights show at two frame locations on two different frames.

The ground distance between the light locations is about 78 miles, and the frames are no more than a minute apart.

Then there's this from the same area of Baja.

The whatever-it-is also shows on three consecutive frames; it doesn't appear to move between frames. There's no island there. Clouds? If so, it's the funkiest cloud I think I've ever seen.

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