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Holocaust Revisionist Theory

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posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 07:34 PM
Has anyone ever asked themselves what Einstein and Hitler would talk about in a private meeting if the topic was "What is best for the world, given past and future trends, technical and philosophical leaps, leadership cultures and those still rather tribal, etc."

I bet sitting "on the other side of the table" and looking outside of the box will reveal some shocking issues and possibilities that there are ALWAYS secondary agendas, and many shades of black and white.

If they agreed that the world needs a shock to the system, with scapegoats and sacrificial lambs, in order for there not to be more hate in the future, and set the stage for love given the trends expected in the future, then could there not perhaps be some other pieces to the puzzle, aside from what media, and some history tells us?

What do you think Einstein thought about martyrs or scapegoats, and what do you think he said would be best for the Jews long term?

Perceptions of reality is what Orson Welles, Hearst, Governments, etc would count on if such a global underground plan were to be developed.

Look at the strides we made in 100 years compared to thousands with wars and hate and myopic, selfish tendencies. Big Bang...what do you think would give the world the biggest bang for the buck, once and for all, all for one and one for all...

Look deeper...and wonder what was the T-4 project, why would it need to be done for such a plan to exist and what good could come from it despite the travesty, and why were extermination camps NOT on German soil?

Put the name of the camps on paper, translate them and look for clues...

Consider that media and think-tanks underground are involved, and wonder what are some common denominators... i.e. have you not noticed that names of actors and actresses, within certain movies, contexts and messages over the years has set the stage for the possibly the greatest cover up of all...

There is something here folks, think outside of the box and consider that people can be trusted and are fundamentally good.

Would love to know if anyone has any thoughts to the above....

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 07:49 PM
In order for us to understand one thing, like love, we must first understand another, like hate, fully. Followers en masse, perceptions, media...all very powerful... a picture tells a thousand words, many pictures, synergized with massive global events and movements, hysteria, pain and suffering, dramatic rhetoric, etc... are all a means to give people solace and a means for belonging, even when they are so myopic as not to be able to see the grand picture..Well Being, all for one, one for all....

For Utopia to ever be possible, what would be the fastest route to get there?
Covert operations
international cooperation or drawn in without awareness?
pawns and puppets
Japan- Boom
draw attention away and set stage for healing
make hero's
play to ego, unite and then create empathy

food for thought
Einstein and Hitler had a beer together to decide on root causes, what was said? Probably Einstein's son was Jerry Garcia, but whats in a name?
ciao ciao ya'all

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