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posting more than once in a thread

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posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 07:01 PM
I have a problem when trying to post more than once in the same thread. I can't seem to find anyone who understands this problem as I have u2u d mods and other members but it keeps happening. I don't have a problem posting the first time but if I go back to the same thread say a day or a few hours later to post something different about the topic, when I hit 'Post reply" at the end of the page or pages,depending on length of thread, it does not bring up the page to post a reply. The page that comes up tells me that I am now being returned to my subscribed thread and brings me back to the start of the thread. Can someone pls help as this happens every time and I am not sure if after I post the first time in a thread that I am supposed to do something else that will clear and enable me to post again in the same thread . Has this happened to anyone else? Am I just a blockhead

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 12:09 PM
Are you sure you aren't hitting the new thread button?
Sounds simple..but also you might be adding a tag, and then clicking there.
Have you searched for your posts?

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 12:35 PM
In the top right corner of every post in the thread, you'll find a button that says quote.
Try quoting someone and see if that takes you to the screen you want. You can always delete the quoted text and put what you want in the reply box.


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