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Opposite to Indigo Children?

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posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 04:42 PM
Firstly, for any of you to expect yourselves to be taken seriously, then you must first acknowledge the fact that to know something doesn't exist then it must be proven logically that it does'nt exist, and that for something to exist then it must be proven logically that it exist. If one can't do either than one is to speculate on the issue with the given logical evidence or the lack of logical evidence.

With that being said, I will begin.

In psychiatry, a sociopath disregards social rules, norms, and cultural codes.
A sociopath is also indifferent to the rights and feelings of others.

These two things are used to define in the general sense of what is a sociopath, however, there are several groups of people who are one, but not the other. This complicates things as there is no other explanations for similarities to that of sociopathagy. Amoung these groups are the alleged indigos. An "indigo", is supposed to, (not all who claim to be one does) disregard everything that is not logical. Whether this be the rules of society or the norms or the codes, or even religion an "indigo" ignores them and goes with what is more logical. "Indigos", however, are not indifferent to the rights and feelings of others.

Normal people themselves have no regards to the rights and feelings of those who they do not deem normal or average. They themselves do not completly fall into the catagories that define them as "non-sociopaths". There is only one simple and logical explanation for this: Psychiatry and Psychology is not complete. Therefore, logically, a new definition for sociopath is needed. I think everyone can agree to: someone who does go along with the society they live in, as a new and fair definition. One must also realize that most (but not all) places, things, and ideas are indifferent they can be used, however, for just, good, and/or evil purposes.
Sociopathagy is an excellent example for this.

Is society perfect? No.
Is it possible for a society to be perfect? Yes, but unlikely.
Therefore are all sociopaths evil? No.
Do indigos exist? Yes.
What are they as far as we know of? They are a class of sociopathagy that has yet to be officially acknowledge.
Are they anything else? Possibly but they haven't been proven or disproven to be anything else.

I will now give you all the three spectrems of personallity.


Without good and evil the three middle terms would be undistiguishable from one to another. A vengeful person will right a wrong (a.k.a. an eye for an eye). An indifferent person will go along with anything no matter what it is. A revengeful person will get back at those who have taken vengence to them. In the same sence but in an another "light". A vengeful person's actions are fair reactions to other peoples actions. A revengeful person's actions are reactions to the fair reactions. Indifference does not start nor finish anything it just stays out of the way.

Indigos and chrystalls belong to the first spectrum. Indigos are just and chrystalls are good. With the exception of madness (commonly found in people who are trying to do things for the "greater good") , a person must move leftwise of the spectrum to for more evil actions. Those are further do less logical wrong.

Normal people are found commonly on the other two spectrums. Some are indifferent and others are revengeful. They, however, just compare themselves to worse people in order to seem good.

A question was asked, along the lines of, "is there an anti-indigo?". Yes, there is. Logically, all three spectrums I have mention exist. Every person is on one of them, on occasion people do do things uncharachteristic. This is a fact. By using these spectrems I can tell you the enemies of indigos and chrystals.

The enemy of good people are evil people.
The enemy of vengeful people are revengeful people.
I'm out of characters.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 06:43 PM
Thank you myself, for such an informative thread. It feels good to see such an informative thread when there is so little on this topic. I suddenly do not feel as lonely after reading your post. It is very logical that there is an opposite to Indigos. There is famous quote by Isaac Newton, "for every action, there is a re-action"

I wish you would describe and write another layout about the 3 spectrum of personality. Can you be more clear on this? Thanks.

I've been called a sociopath before, and I've told my opposition over and over that it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the future of psychology will help the way people deal with me and others like me. If this label is acknowledged, others might accept me for who I am and what I stand for. I'm indifferent to the feelings of some, but not all.

I could be a crystal, but I don't know much about them as much as I do Indigo. I've been called a dictator before, a controller, a Nazi and it's hard sometimes when all you want to do is perfect something or someone for their own good. I can't help but be real at all times, even when being phony would benefit me in a social gathering.

Myself, you came to ATS at the perfect time, and I thank you for posting. Feel free to visit me on my other thread "indigo children, 2.0"

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 04:46 PM

Originally posted by mashup
I was just wondering if there is such an opposite to Indigo Children.

Yes, black kid, they pray to moon god 5 times a day.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 12:27 AM

Originally posted by Cibai

Originally posted by mashup
I was just wondering if there is such an opposite to Indigo Children.

Yes, black kid, they pray to moon god 5 times a day.

You are misled. What in the world are you talking about? Wouldn't make a good fairy tale either. The moon god?

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posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 02:43 PM
Before I become more specific about the information that I posted last time, I would like to correct a few errors I apparently made:

"Pure indigo's" (I will explain this in a moment) are indifferent, in a sence of other's feelings on the account that in order to be fair most beings must be an unbiased "third person" , and therefore by the general ideas of psychiatry are sociopaths.

The "new" definition I think we should have for sociopathagy is someone who does not go along with the society they live in (I accidently put does).

Most (but not all) places, things, and ideas are indifferent they can be used, however, for just, good, evil, and/or revengeful purposes (I just realized that I havn't bothered with recognizing "revengeful" would be used as well).

As for my comment on madness, I don't want there to be any misconceptions on that. I meant it as that most cases of madness generally has to do with "the greater good". For example, Adolf Hitler tried to recreate the German Empire, because of the fact that the german people were suffering unfairly. He, however, in his madness, concentrated on one group of people, rather than humans all together. He tried to make it look like others were sub-human. I'm not saying that he was an indigo or a crystal, nor am I saying he wasn't, I'm just saying that this is an example of trying to do some good in the world, while also being mad.

Now I will repeat and then continue on with what I was typing before, but ran out of characters:

The enemy of good people are evil people.
The enemy of vengeful people are revengeful people.
The enemy of vengeful people are also those who start things negatively (the idea of this is "I react to what you act", "You be nice to me I rightfully be nice to you, but if you be mean to me I rightfully be mean to you.")


What I define as vengeance and revenge is different from what I read in the dictionary. What I read in the dictionary is that they are more the less the same. Which makes no logical sence to me on the account that the term "re" is to do again; therefore, "revenge" is to counter vengeance.

Due to the fact that I used more than half of my characters, I will post another reply in response to StreetCorner Philosopher's post.

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 05:26 PM
Choose power for good, or for evil. Like in Star Wars, you either stay in the light, or go dark. Many men of god used their power for evil, its what humans do best, take advantage of power given to them.

Read my posts, I speak of good and bad shepards.

I am done writing on these forums, I have said everything for now. But I will say this. ..

Indigos might display similarities to sociopaths, but we are egoless. We are exactly what you said. "a third party"

I look at my human side as if it is a separate being from myself. I speak for the universe, I don't even refer to myself as I. Rarely, only if I have to in a conversation, but I don't look at myself as an individual at all. I am an emissary.

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 01:44 PM
Originally posted by StreetCorner Philosopher
I wish you would describe and write another layout about the 3 spectrum of personality. Can you be more clear on this? Thanks.

Here it is, I'm sorry it took so long.


The vengeful spectrum is the positive spectrum.
The indifferent spectrum is the middle.
The revengeful spectrum is the negative.

Imagine, if you will, that it is a point system.
Evil is -100
Good is +100
The middle is the base of a person's personality.

If a person is just by nature then they go to the first of the three.
If a person is indifferent by nature then they go to the second of the three.
If a person is revengeful by nature then they go to the third of the three.

What this means is that no matter what if you are a good or evil person you cannot ecscape the base of who you are. If someone is on +100 on the first, and someone else is +100 on the third, the first person is still a better person then the one who is revengeful by nature. A person who is revengeful by nature's version of good is limited on the account that they are on the negative spectrum. Now, this does not mean that a negative person can never be better than a positive person it just means that it is harder for them.

Let's say I'm on the first spectrum with a +37. That means I'm 37% good and 63% just, or 37% crystal and 63% indigo.

"Pure indigo's" (I will explain this in a moment)

I forgot to explain it..... sorry about that.

A pure indigo is a 0 on the first spectrum. They have no "good" side and no "evil" side. I, honestly have never seen nor heard of anyone like this. The reason I know it exists is because, with the knowledge known, it is impossible for it not to exist.

An example of indigoism, not exactly "pure indigoism" on the account the fictional characters get emotional from time to time thus the characters have chrystal personalities, would be the movie The Boondock Saints. I don't know if the people who produced it even know what indigoism is, but the ideas in the movie such as "kill all murderers" is a very just idea. If anyone would like to see the clostest thing to an indigo ignoring everything in society as far as not worrying about the consequences, which let's face it that is one of the relatively few things that keeps indigos "in line", then I suggest you watch the movie. It may be a low budgeted movie, but I liked it. Also, they plan on making a sequel.

I hope everyone understood what I have typed. I'm afraid I don't always speak all that I know concerning a topic.

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 05:03 PM

A pure indigo is a 0 on the first spectrum. They have no "good" side and no "evil" side. I, honestly have never seen nor heard of anyone like this. The reason I know it exists is because, with the knowledge known, it is impossible for it not to exist.

This is far fetched. Where did you come up with this information? Yes, I look at all point of views, and sometimes lie for a greater good, but I don't mislead or manipulate to capitalize on anyone. I am always honest when it comes down to it. If I lie, its for the better. Being just is definitely a main part of my personality. Justice is all I care about. I guess it's because I understand sacrifice so well, which helps me understand how justice is attained.

I am probably more of a crystal, because of heightened senses and empathy towards others. But one thing Im not hesitant on doing is hurting one's feelings. I think some people deserve to be embarrassed, and deserve to be talked down to help calm their self loathing. Integrity is earned from other means besides income.

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 06:07 PM
Again man, I find it hard to explain myself. I'll try harder.
The whole lying for the greater good is yes a good thing. One can also lie in order to keep things fair or just. For exaple:

If one was doing something illegal but just then one should logically lie in order to protect justice.

I too have both indigo and crystal personalities. I'm just saying that it is possible for a person to be only 100% just, rather than part good or part evil along with being just. It is also possible, in theory, for someone to be 100% good or 100% evil.

Also, keep in mind that this may only work to specific situations. In some situations you may do something for a just and good reason(s). I do believe, however, that one can be "on average" a certain part of the scale if you get my meaning.

As for as where do I get this stuff, I get it from my own head. I'm taking facts and sticking them together using logic. I acknowledge that I do not know everything, therefore, if more information was to come up that would apply or contradict me; I would use it as evidence or correct myself.

I really hope I clarified this up a bit for you, I really am trying and appreciate your patience for this. Please keep in mind that a lot of this is speculation as I don't know the gist of psychiatry and psychology, yet.

P.S. have you seen the movie The Boondock Saints CornerStreet Philosopher? I think you would like it.

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 06:35 PM
I dont know if I beleive in Indigo Children... I mean if you look at children today and from generations ago, I think they are pretty much the same... we just have more technology and access to knowledge for them to soak up with the computers and all. To me it seems as if this generation is actully more violent and angry children than peaceful loving kids... but then, I think a lot of that has to do with parents, pruessure from other kids, and our media.

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by myself

Haven't seen the film, and it's odd because Im a movie buff and when I would see the dvd at a store I would always look at the cover for more than a second. It's as if I was meant to watch this film, or knew that I would eventually watch it in the future and didnt know it yet. I will definitely try to pick it up soon.

I understand about getting it all from your head. I put together information well too and come up with interesting additions to the info presented before me.

So the purer the indigo, the more he stays in the middle of the spectrum. I am asking myself things today, alot of things. I do know that I have some crystal quality in me, having the ability to pick up other's emotion.

I understand you well Myself.

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 01:32 PM
I just realized that I haven't bothered to mention another spectrum that I know about. More or less, many indigos and crystals already know the gist of this spectrum and I don't know if this will help anyone, but here it is:

instinct-------reason based instinct-------logic based reason

I'll explain this just in case. All who live that are not plants are animals, this includes homosapiens. However, homosapiens are mentally superior to all other (known) animals on this planet. This coincides, I suppose, with the whole "Are indigos the next stage of human evolution?". Because of our (that is to say indigo's and crystall's) superior way of thinking over that of the average person, we are further away from actual instinct that other homosapiens.
When viewing this spectrum, think of it as a point system. In my opinion, even the average person is in the area between reason based instinct and logic based reason; they just are not as far along as we are. This is why, I believe, that there are so many indigos and crystalls saying that average people are more animalistic or (as I've heard before but don't quite agree with) sheeple.
Average people have reason, but little logic. They base their reason mostly on instinct for lack of a better dominance to take over reason. The only thing that seems to change over time is seemingly the amount of knowledge in a society. As more knowledge is created by taking two pieces of relative information and creates a new piece of information - a(square) + b(square) = c(square). Eventually, people generally do accept the facts; it is just not always right away. People, in general, are ignorant. I will now give two examples of how people, in general, are hardly any different than they are now:

Galileo saw with his spy glass that the moon was not a perfect smooth sphere. Now, anyone who could stop and look through any spyglass would have seen that he was correct. However, the catholic church remained ignorant. They might as well have been little children, sticking their fingers in their ears saying, "la, la, la, no, no, no I'm right your wrong." A modern-day example of this is the mass majority of the people I deal with when I try explain that males and females are not equal in this society.

People, in general, say that a male should not hit a female because they are stronger than them. I will now dismiss this as "not logical behavior". Black males are generally stronger than white males. If we were to go by what average people say about males to females that means a white male can begin to beat up a black male and the black male can do nothing about it. The same goes to a white male who is being attacked by a yellow man. It makes no logical sence. Nor do they even agree to that level of specifics regarding a person's ascribed status. They just go by gender, so even if they were right, (which they are not) they would still be logically wrong on a more closer look. I believe that corporal punishment is just. If a person lies or commits slander then pop them in the jaw, for example. If I do this to a fellow male and explained why I did it; people might accept it to some extent. However, if I was to do the same thing to a female; I would have little support. The evidence is so obvious, but people will not acknowledge the truth.

My second example is the behavior of people after they get out of a relationship or some other thing. The females, in particular, have a tendency to try to make the males jealous. They will, for example, ignore you (this is, itself, a type of acknowledgement). If one was to acknowledge their existence, they would think you are still interested. If one was to ignore their existence to a point and they think you are then you are still interested, and just trying to "act" casual as a way not to show it. Either way you are guilty. In witch trials, if you were guilty you would float, and then they would kill you. If you were innocent you would drown. I rest my case

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 09:22 PM

Indigos have found a way to tap into the divine knowledge that all humans have access too, but have forgotten how to use. They were born for an important reason: to tear down the useless systems of life that merely hinder humanity’s progress. They refuse to bow down to ridiculous rules or pathetic forms of authority. They know when a so-called truth is actually a lie and will not hesitate to point it out. They are extremely determined and often teach the wisest of adults a thing or two about the world. Because their minds reach into the ‘Knowledge of Infinity’, they are often little philosophers and know many things about the world.

I never felt I had to read anything to know. I just theorize, and then find out later on in life, that my theory was never a theory at all, and is in fact truth. Myself, what you do experience when you are meditating silently?

When I was taking a civil service exam for the Fire dept. , the instructor said I heard sounds that I was not supposed to hear. The instructor looked at me in a strange way too. I didn't think anything of it, but I realize now that if I can hear these sounds, I can hear or pick up the thoughts of the gods.

My books are being written now, and like Roddenberry, Lucas, and Spielberg, all Indigo children according to the book "Idiots guide to raising Indigo Children" I write about certain technologies and even social engineering that I have never learned about anywhere else. These concepts are proven already, maybe not on this planet but they are still proven.

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posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 02:28 PM
I don't meditate. I've been meaning to, but I'm going through a lot of things right now.

I've recently read something that you may find interesting. Many people have heard of Edgar Cayce, yourself included most likely. This article is a review of his life. I find many things he's said to be very interesting. The fact that he wanted to live a "normal" life rather than helping people, in my oppinion, gives him more standing than other "prophets". He comes across as a "crystal" as far as personality and even, aledgedly, had the capability to see in auras which is now a very well known indigo trait.

Edgar Cayce

posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by mashup

I've done 'the test' to see if I'm indigo and I scored very high. 95% roughly. All but one question was me. But I never read too much into that.

As for the opposite to indigo, the World and Universe needs balance. Balance of soul, spirit and mind. Everything needs a balance or it begins to unfold itself and crash around you. What happens if you sit on one end of a see-saw without anybody on the other side? That's right, you crash to the bottom as the object isn't balanced.

With niceness, there is an evil out there in contrast. When a country is experiencing hot temperatures, it's because a near country has the cold front. Equality is everywhere.

If you believe indigo children are sent to re structure the basis of Earth, then surely there is an alternative mix of these children created to stop such a progress?

Good thread and it reminds me in a weird way of Constantine the film, where demons and angels can manipulate human society by means of whispers and guiding hands, but can't interfere physically, which of course they actually do and break the rules. There may be many of these demons and angels around us daily watching the human race go by. If you think about it too much, it's enough for some people to become paranoid and look at people differently, wondering if they are human or not LOL!

Good thread and interesting question/theory.

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 07:37 AM
Whoever here wishes to ridicule smack or even mock indigo children.

I am an indigo child go ahead laugh at me, hit me, but dont take the mick out of use because were different, even though were different it doesnt make us better or worse or smarter or dumber than anyone else, i do not believe in a god the only thing i beleive in is humanity, i am an indigo which is sick of being called because some of are arrogent brothers and sisters think theyre the next step in life, please forgive me and any other one of us who is arrogent that way, i dont care if we can take people to the next step i just want everyone to be happy, yes i am different but dont destroy a group just because some of them are arrogent and ignorent, take extremest who kill themselves just because they did something wrong it doesnt make the rest bad, and im sorry to any of you who hate me for the fact of what i am so please if you think its right to verbaly and phsyically abuse us take it out on me because the human race hasnt came this far to just smack down who ever is different have they?

so please next time you see an indigo on the forum ask them how and why they want to be an indigo, because if i knew this is what happens to people who want to help man kind id rather never of been born into the world of hate and arrogance.

please with my deapest appologies to anyone who thinks that the indigo race is dumb or morally wrong please let me forgive you for whatever we have personally did to you like try and help you or explain to you that were different.

anyone who i have offended please feel free to leave abusive u2u's to me and please dont hesitate i will not hate you because for me i can never hate anyone and just so you guys know you have hurt me deep down in my heart most of you have saddened me by showing how hatefull and destructive humans can really be, if i was you i would think long and hard and wonder why an indigo would say he or she is better than you because you basicly have already shown how we a are moroly and more respectfull we are, so please next time you feel anger just add me and send me a u2u and if that doesnt help how about you go and pummel something to solve your issues.

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by Richard.M.J.Palmer

You may be indigo and I appreciate your comments, but please use full stops!

I found it very hard to read your post as it was one whole sentence!

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 03:06 PM
sorry arawn i was just really upset about the guy who said he wanted to punch everyone who said they were indigos...

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 03:24 PM
Ahh no problem man/lady, don't worry.

When we get into a rhythm it's hard to remember what punctuation goes where when you're pumping away at the keys
But I was out of breath in my mind reading it

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 05:02 PM
70% of those who claimed Indigo child are Indian.

What a new cult.

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