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Opposite to Indigo Children?

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by Dark Crystalline

"Domo arigatou!" Yeah sorry about the Japanese thing my bad I don't have any special powers to help me out
I''l have to take your word on your reply, I only speak English...and I am not too good at that...but its the only language I'll ever need...hey there are more Chinese speaking English than there are people in England apparently.

If anyone here is being childish it is you sweetie!! As for offending anyone..if asking for proof of your delusional belief is offensive, then friend it says a lot more about you and your delusion than it does about me

There is no need to be offensive and call me an "asshole" I could be childish and say it takes one to know one but I am too dignified for that kind of response
Insulting someone because they question your belief doesn't sound too enlightened to me. If you are an example of an Indigo / Crystalline then the world is in trouble.

I thank you for your responses, a lot of people have learned a lot about you and your delusion. You have done more for my cause than I could ever do...genuinely, thank you friend. I guess I won't be invited to Hungary anytime soon

As for playing dodge-ball in the park with kids don't wish that on me. I do not like kids...whether they are Indigo or not
Come to think of it I don't like humans that much either...whatever kind of aura they got

Thank you for educating me friend, I have learnt something, as have others.

Maybe you could not tell us much about Indigo's, because there is not much knowledge about them in your home country...are you Hungary for knowledge

*gets his coat and tip toes out the door*

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 12:27 PM
The notion of indigo children is a big crock.

It was cooked up to promote some damn fool new age book and nothing more.

Each and every one of the people I know who claim to be indigo children are spoiled rotten, self absorbed brats who need nothing more than a good spanking.

If they represent a higher form of humanity God help us all.

I am a self declared old hippie liberal and proud of it but the notion of indigo children is nothing more than a rehash of the age of Aquarius without the social consciousness that marked the best of my generation.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 01:11 PM
Something Smells. Come to Hungary anytime, because it's a friendly country. Also it's one of the nest of the Indigos and Crystallines. You also should come here, because the U.S. is still in one peace due to the natives of my country. Hungarians invented many things, which helped your country in the 20th century (Atomic bomb, computers, helicopter with the cooperation of the soviets, founded most of your major film studios, etc, etc...). Just to tell you, many of the Hungarians are also Crystallines and Indigos. That's why the people of a false religion want to destroy my country no matter the cost. My nation is one of the oldest and our past has many secrets. And the people of the other religion(s) knows this. But the truth is in our past, in our culture, and the people of my nation knows this (Even many of the Japanese are knows this too, while they're thousands of miles away.). But there are also many, whose are on our side. Our religion is not depending from race, from where to you born. It's depending from something else.

I just found an article...

Don't search for our religion here, because it will not be mentioned here, or anywhere on the net.

We're one of the very few, whose are making these festivals for in and outsiders too to present the Indigos and Crystallines to those ones, whose are afraid from us, but want to know us (No. I'm not participating in it, because I have different duties. I also wasn't in any of these festivals. So, before someone would tell that I'm advertising this, I'm not doing it. I just found this on this net. But as I see the couple who written this article are from the U.S.). Before you would say, angels and other things are fake... just to tell you, Budapest is one of the very-very few city, which is protected by Guardian Angels (Budapest is maybe the only city, which has hundreds of angel statues around the city and Hungary is one of the country, which as hundreds of angel statues in the country. And Hungary is also one of the country, maybe the only one which symbol is representing angels, whose are guarding my country and her people too. Many are tried to annihilate my nation, no one ever succeed thanks to this.). In my country there are different known religions, but people are believing in our Guardian Angels and not in these known religions.

You're saying thanks that I'm educating you? Well. You're welcome. As I see you should learn many thing... well, learn at least one plus language minimum.
Maybe the Chinese are going to "conquer" the U.S. if the senate is going to approve that damned immigration bill.

And you may thank you anything, but who is a Crystalline or Indigo and read my responses knows that I written the truth. That's why they're not interfering into this nice conversation. And you also presented yourself very well. Thank you in the name of the Crystallines and Indigos that you was in our small personality research, where you presented that average people are envy (Don't take it personally.), opposing anything and cannot handle things at all, which is not in their life. You're fear from the unknown and we know that. You have a life, where you know the answer for everything, what is surrounding you, but in the reality you never dare to step one ahead to search and see the possibilities of the unknown. We're not meaning a threat to you, but you're handling us as a threat without any real reason and immediately attacking us, trying to discrediting us no matter the cost.

The one who started this thread wanted to know who is the opposite of the Indigos and Crystallines. You presented it very well. Thank you very much. And sorry that I insulted you, but that was necessary to bring your true nature to the surface (See your previous description.). So, mashup, if you want to see the opposite of the Crystallines and Indigos, take a look at the comments of something smells. You see the answer there for your question. It's sad, because I'm strongly believe that he is a good young man. But unfortunately he doesn't want to see beyond his frontiers and he is really fear from the unknown. From the unknown that he doesn't want to know at all in his fear. Maybe it will change on one day.

So something smells, thank you again that you're participated in this research and shown your true nature. That's helping us to see who and what sort of people is that what we need to avoid in the future. And sorry again for that insult, but as I written above, it was necessary to give the answer to mashup. Well. Crystallines are love to use harmless tricks to achieve what they want.

Oh. And one last thing. When you're insulting our religion, you're insulting your religion too, because it is also including you and everyone else on this planet, even without your own knowledge. Believe me. I know why do I saying this.

[edit on 19-8-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 02:19 PM
Here's a defenition of indigo children I read

'children that are slightly smarter than their, quite often, dumb parents.
the parents want their kids to be special, so in comes the new-age indigo-label. The kid starts mimicking what his parents say indigos do, cause it gets applauded.'

in short they usually end up spoilt kids

edit to add: I think Grover puts it even sharper

[edit on 19-8-2007 by Mirrorshade]

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 02:53 PM
I believe no one ever called you as special, no one ever really recognized you and that is bothering you. You believe you have no talent in anything, right? You always needed to learn anything and you sometimes or many cases failed, while others, whose never learned something around you, always succeeded. You also want to get a diploma/degree, but when you will get it, if you ever get it, you don't know how you would step further. The diploma would give you a background, which would make you special. But inside you, you know that you will be not special thanks to this diploma, no matter how many times you spend into your learnings. You also want to be special, and you feel that you're special inside of you. Have some sort of skill, what from you're fearing, but also loving it. But no one ever called you in this way, special, never recognized this in you. You also believe that your parents are smarter then you and you respecting them for this. Especially your dad. Is it the truth, right? Tell me, if I missed or mistaking in something.

Oh. And just to tell you a little secret. You also have some kind of special skill, something that in you better then others, but you not discovered it yet or you simply didn't share it with anyone.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 03:25 PM
well, DC, you are wrong on all acounts

If you were talking about me that is.

If you were talking about you, maybe you're right

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 03:33 PM
No. Actually I'm talking about you. Yeah. Sure. I'm mistaken.
If I would mistaken, you would explain where and why I'm mistaking. You wouldn't leave that out to discredit me or Crystallines and Indigos in overall as you did previously.

But if you want, I'm going to show you how to explain things. I heard this special this and special that about me thousands of times and I hated it. It was boooo-ho-ho-ring. I never understand why was I special, when I was able to read and know math and already interested in psychics, space exploration when I was three-four, speak one additional language, when I was six, draw as a pro also when I was six, drawing what I never learned, knowing many things what no one ever taught to me, wrote my very first science fiction novel when I was seven, won almost every contest where I'm participated, etc, etc... You know, looking back to those times, yes, others maybe had a reason to consider me as special and I hated it. I still hate it, when someone is calling me as special, because in my own life, in my eyes, I'm not special at all. It's my life after all. And my life cannot be special in my own eyes, because it's daily. I'm just simply love what I'm doing. So that upper stuff is surely not about me. Oh. And I also don't have a diploma and I'm not wish to have one at all, because it's not necessary in my life. So, what's about you?

[edit on 19-8-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by Dark Crystalline

If you are talking about me you are wrong on all counts.

I have many different interests and talents...

...(I am an artist, and a writer, and a poet and a chef and a photographer and an amateur student of science and history and religion and mythology and philosophy and psychology etc)...

...which my parents cultivated to the best of their ability when I was growing up in the 50's an 60's.

that doesn't mean I am "special" or have "gifts" or am some "more highly evolved version of humanity", it just means that I am intelligent, my parents recognized it and cultivated it... that is all.

I do not need some damn fool ego boosting title such as indigo child to make me feel special... I am not, I am just a smart, but not especially so average human being and the quicker you so-called indigo children realize that, the better off you will be.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 04:22 PM
Grover. I'm talked about Mirrorshade, not about you. Okay, let's expand my list. I'm a CEO, Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Writer, World Creator, Graphic Artist and many other things (I'm usually working on many things parallel with each other, because I love it. These are my jobs. Especially writing. That's my main profile.). I know that I'm not special. And here comes the twist! I'M ALWAYS AND CONTINUOUSLY SAYING THIS HERE!!!

But... well, such as the icepick in the head, my words are going in your left ear and coming out in your right ear. If I would need an ego boost, I would use one of the upper mentioned titles. But I'm not using it. And why? And I'm going to write this down now nice and slowly to have a chance to understand it... because these two things has no connection to each other at all. Being a Crystalline is a quite different thing. It's NOT about an EGO BOOST. No. Nope. So after this, which is that part what you're not understanding? I'm not here to earn some credit, because as you can see, I have enough already, achieved quite more then the average. And? For me, it's not about earning credits. Being a Crystalline is not about earning credits at all. Honestly, I also don't care about my upper credits too. It's my job, I love it, hurray. I can live with and without credits. I'm also a Count and I'm also not using my aristocrat title too. Why should I? I simply don't care about it.

As I see you simply don't understand what is a Crystalline/Indigo in the reality. It's not about ranks, titles. Crystallines have some skills, what others doesn't have? Yes. And? I'm here to share my experiences here? Yes. Someone took up some questions about Crystallines? Yes. And who would be able to answer this better then a Crystalline. So, tell me. After all of this. Why would I gave titles to myself, make an ego boost, when I have already almost a dozen lead titles and a nice, beautiful aristocrat rank? So? Explain this please. Honestly. I'm really curious what is playing in your mind.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 04:37 PM
this is getting old fast

DC if you've got a job you love and a 'nice aristocratic rank', well, good for you.

But what are you trying to do here, convince me that I'm an indigo child or a cristalline?

I'm just an individual mate, I've no more right to live on this green earth than a weasel.

simple as that, we're all expendable.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by Dark Crystalline

It is not a question of what I don't understand; you have no idea what I do or don't understand. Rather its what I don't buy into and you above post was full of boastful claims which may or may not be true but when I read things like world creator and lovely aristocratic title my gut level impulse is to go yeah right sure.

If you are a director and screenwriter what have you done? Prove your boasts... as far as I know you are just another pimply teenager on the other end of the modem.

There is zip about yourself on your "my profiles" page.

[edit on 19-8-2007 by grover]

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by grover

as I said before, I think you make a very good point,

However, I am the ruler of the galaxy, hand over your intellect and let me paint you indigo.

Don't worry it won't hurt

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
Grover. I'm talked about Mirrorshade, not about you. Okay, let's expand my list. I'm a CEO, Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Writer, World Creator, Graphic Artist and many other things (I'm usually working on many things parallel with each other, because I love it. These are my jobs. Especially writing. That's my main profile.). I know that I'm not special. And here comes the twist! I'M ALWAYS AND CONTINUOUSLY SAYING THIS HERE!!!

CEO of what company, exactly?

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 05:37 PM
Mirrorshade. Convince you??? May I ask what is your major malfunction? As I written many times... and as I see I need to repeat myself again, because someone is not able to understand something... I'M NOT HERE TO CONVINCE ANYONE! Especially not you. Why should I convince you? It's your mania to prove anything and get evidences, not mine. I'm not going to convince anyone that me, or others from my kind are existing. Well, mate. I'm sadly informing you, that you will have to live further without evidences about Crystallines.

Actually I love to speak about Crystallines and Indigos, sharing experiences with others, whose are interested in this topic (You know mate, the thing, what I'm doing here and what you and few others are trying to discredit day by day by some unknown reasons.). I'm also love to read and share experiences with other Crystallines and Indigos. And what is the most important, I'm also trying to clean those delusions and lies what other non-Crystallines and non-Indigos, such as you are spreading about us. Do you understand these things? Or do I have to write these things down nice and slowly too?

Oh. And Mirrorshade. I cannot see your explanation where did I make a mistake. But I'm not mistaken at all. And you know that.

Grover. Prove your claiming, prove your claiming... Like a child. Geez. Teenager? I'm 26 for god's sake. Geez. And I thought I'm talking with serious adults here. But yes, aristocrat. Maybe your impulse level goes high, but that's not going to change anything at all. You want proofs for everything and if I would show you, you would immediately turn to defiant with the following... he is a better life then me, how could it be, it can't be, etc, etc... and you would try to find an assault point on my proof to continue your childish game. Uh-no. I'm not falling into this game. If you don't want to believe me, okay. Don't believe me. It's not going to change anything about those things that I written before. And as I also stated before, I'm not going to convince you or anyone else about anything. Sorry. None of you worth that time and you will have to live further without any evidences, without any proofs. I'm here to share experiences with Crystallines, not with ones, whose are trying to discredit anyone, because their small gray world cannot accept or at least listen anything without even meditate on it. Your game is to attack and discredit anyone in pairs, because alone you're pretty weak. I know that, you know that.

Grover. Otherwise, you're a religious man. Why can't you accept the point of someone else? You want to know what the people of other religions are thinking, what is the difference between them, what is common in them. My question is... are you afraid from them or want to know them better? Because I know that you want to know them better, but until you cannot accept their point of view at all, because you're fearing from them, you're not ready to get into these sort of topics at all. Or version B. You're trying to accept possibilities without proofs. Belief and/or religions is working on this way. You love to preach that you don't like people, whose are throating you down, but unfortunately, you're the one, who is always trying to throat people down here or in the real life. In this case, you should search the problem in yourself and not in others, by attacking them without real reasons, because you're simply fear from them.

Johnmike. CEO of my production company.

Oh. And before any of you would come with the following for my response: We're not going to take you seriously without proofs. Here is my response for it: I simply don't care about it.

[edit on 19-8-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 05:47 PM
Dear DC,
you claimed I was feeling special but nobody ever said so,
I was in awe of parents who made me feel stupid
I felt like I needed a diploma to prove I'm someone.

Those are the things you were wrong in assuming

I'm just a guy,
I quite like my parents, they're smart people and I love discussig things with them
As far as diplomas go, I used to be an excellent student, joined the army and became an officer. left the army and went to university. i didnt finish uni cause I felt it was time to start working. so that's what I'm doing now

See, just a guy

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 06:18 PM

Parents... checked... (No one ever said that you was awe of parents who made you feel stupid. Please don't say something, what I never written. I written that you're respecting them because they're smarter then you, especially your dad. If they wouldn't be smart, you wouldn't ask them for advise at all, wouldn't speak with them about serious matters. But you know what sort of experience is behind them, so they're smarter, more experienced then you and that's why you're asking their help, advise when it's necessary and also speaking with them, because you're respecting them.).

Diploma part... checked... you just admitted it... quited by some reason (You also want to get a diploma/degree, but when you will get it, if you ever get it... I written this word by word. You don't know how to step further...). Hence, you simply avoided the problem and started to work, gave up the University.
Good student... well, I mistaken in this one... but you wasn't the first in your class, right?

But maybe I mistaking in this one too, but you joined the army to prove yourself and proudly serve your country. You felt yourself special, believed that you're able to do something for your country. But the army didn't gave enough to you, and you couldn't prove yourself, while you reached a higher rank. Then came the University.

Summary: Being special is about many things, such as bravery and honor. If someone is brave, that one is also special in the eyes of the cowards. If someone has honor, that one is already special in the eyes of those ones, whose are betraying others. You don't need to have special powers to be special at all.

But as I see that's what I written down almost completely one by one. You just admitted it.

But honestly. Thank you that you was honest and written these things down.

[edit on 19-8-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 06:43 PM
DC, sorry but you've missed more than once

for one, my mom is the fierce intellect in our family,
two, I joined the army to see if I could survive the training, my country had precious little to do with it as we were trained to do peace keeping missions sanctioned by europe (I know, that sounds ironic, fighting for peace is like f**ing for virginity) I left because I didn't like what I became.
three, why the emphasis on being special? we're all just human

But hey, if I'm ever in Hungary we can agree to disagree over a drink

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by Dark Crystalline

Hello again friend!!

Boy you got me wrong! I am not from nor have I ever been to the the US. You seem very proud of Hungary and indeed Budapest looks a lovely city. Have no fear I will not be looking for religion anywhere I have no religious belief whatsoever.

I hear what you are saying about Guardian Angels etc. I kind of know what you mean. Some years ago I was in a different place spiritually, and a lot of the concepts and beliefs you and others have in this forum I can say that I found them more "acceptable". I don't want to say more but ultimately I am a curious guy and I found if you question things enough you can break free from the delusion of "spirituality". I find that a lot of new age and spiritual fads are elitist and shadowy. People are distrustful of those that are different and of those who do not engage fully with them. There is always the feeling of a hidden agenda.

I am not in fear of the unknown. I am a very inquisitive guy with many, varying interests. At the moment, I like to cook (Japanese at the moment!!), play guitar, write songs and poetry(badly!!), Martial Arts, most fitness stuff in fact I would say that I take up something new every now and then..but something has to give!!!

I like to read and often have several books on the go at the moment the subjects I am reading are Chaos, Maths, cooking x 2, Martial Arts x2, anti-religion (Richard Dawkins!!), Quantum Physics and Cosmology. Sometimes, I will read straight through a book in a day or so and sometimes it can be weeks before I finish...depends on the concepts there in!!! Quite often I will be reading a book while doing other things like watching a DVD, working out or walking. I am not an intellectual by any means and sometimes I struggle with the subject matter...but as you can see I am curious about things and that is why I question what is really going on in the "Paranormal World".

I think meditation is a joy but I don't fall anymore for all the strangeness that people encounter. You say about learning another language, for my purposes English is enough. I am able to pick up basic language skills if I need to, when visiting other lands but it is only phrasebook stuff and I have usually forgotten it months later. Where I live at present, there is an indigenous language but it is not spoken by most people here..they speak mostly English.

If I insult religion I am not insulting myself...I have no religious beliefs so if I cannot accept the concept of god (or gods) its like insulting the tooth fairy or Santa for me

Believe me, I don't think that you really know my true does
Something Smells is a construct, a character to act a part...nudge, nudge good as a wink...say no more...........

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 09:49 PM
hmm, what did I miss? Someone want to summarize everything? I'm dead tired from helping my dad w/ construction today, so I just skimmed through this 5th page...


Dark Crystalline:

Miután Magyar vagyok, nehéz lenne nem tudnom, hogy ez milyen nyelven is írodott. Translation. I'm a Hungarian, so it would be a surprise if I wouldn't know that. Sky wanted to hear something in Hungarian, on my own language. So, I written on my own language a little bit, if you don't mind. Would you like a translation?

Hmm? Did I? I don't even remember, although I'm sure Hungraian is a beautiful language, I thought I did mention about how Indigo had a language, and you responded 5. I'm assuming you believe Hungarian is one of them, but the language I was talking about supposedly has no cultural origins, its just this language only Indigo/Crystalline can understand, I'll definitely try to find a link of it when I get to my apartment.

P.S. Dark Crystalline, I may pass judgement on your belief, but are you sure you want to make such bold statement as these:

draw as a pro also when I was six, drawing what I never learned, knowing many things what no one ever taught to me, wrote my very first science fiction novel when I was seven, won almost every contest where I'm participated, etc, etc

I'm a CEO, Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Writer, World Creator, Graphic Artist and many other things (I'm usually working on many things parallel with each other, because I love it. These are my jobs. Especially writing. That's my main profile.). I know that I'm not special. And here comes the twist! I'M ALWAYS AND CONTINUOUSLY SAYING THIS HERE!!!

Well I may actually want you to provide me with evidence on these claims. You must be an astounding artist now, you being a graphic artist and really good since you were six. I'm also curious as to what CEO you are of, what you produced, directed, written, amongst other thing beside drawing.

While I'm not denying that you can't be all of these things, a little bit of evidence may support you case, because right now, a lot of people are skeptical of you.

[edit on 19-8-2007 by skyblueff0]

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 12:51 AM
Yes, the opposite of an Indigo is definitely a warrior. You seem to want to destroy angels because ? Commandos...hey, we all have our own programming.

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