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Opposite to Indigo Children?

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 04:13 PM
Dark Crystalline
Your posts look like you are entering text into babel-fish or some-such!!!

Personally, the whole Indigo thing, like most paranormal elitism, is about money. Come up with any stupid, crazy idea and enough people will follow it to make it worth your while.

You only have to see how many gullible fools, join cults and give up there "material goods" for the cause, to witness the fact that humans are fools. Sadder is the fact that peoples lives are that empty that they have to look around for evidence of being "special". We are all unique and special, you don't need some idiot telling you that...not even me!!!

I suppose whatever gets you through life matters to you, personally. Some believe in Santa Claus, some the tooth fairy, some life after death. I believe you die and get eaten by worms...unless they thieve your parts for transplant
. So give up all the delusional beliefs and live the life you is the only one we got proof of. Enjoy yourself, eat, drink, shag and be merry.

Indigo's, as I see it, you will go to your graves telling everyone how special you are, continually trying to convert people that you exist...while denying that you care whether or not others believe. You will change nothing. All that will happen, will be you die frustrated and I die with many notches on my bedpost, with bits falling off from overuse and totally worn out organs...with my only working part the smile on my face as I finally slip away in the knowledge that there is no way they can harvest my organs

Indigo, smindigo!!

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 05:31 PM
something smells. What the hell are you talking about? As I see you're the standard, "I can see everything, I can explain everything" guy, while you don't know anything about it.

1. Who told you, that we're elites? Point any of my sentences where from you're getting this. Well. If you believe we're elites, maybe we're (We're not, but if you want to consider us as elites, go ahead. We're not going to care about it.). But we're not advertising ourselves as "The Chosen People", "The Elites", "The Ones", etc, etc... We know how things are working. But we're not intend to share it, because people like you are not able to believe it, or not will be able to live with it (Summary: We're rather defending you from the truth. We see what you cannot see. Believe me. It's better if you don't know the details.). Plus, we're not intend to convert anyone. And we're not consider ourselves as elites at all.

2. I never cared about money and I never willing to. Other Crystallines and Indigos are also don't care about money. It's always a tertiary thing, an unfortunate necessary in our lives. You know there are more important things, than money. Honor for example. We have. And you? Do you have honor, bravery and courage? Honestly. I don't think so.

3. We're not a cult. And we never was a cult. We have a religion. A pretty clean and good one. And we're intend to keep it on this way. So, that's why we're not advertising it at all. It's better if it's stays in secret. Our religion is not the Talmud or other fabricated, "rule the world, conquer the world, command the world, lie, lie, lie to achieve everything" thing.

4. Our lives are not empty at all. Why should it be? Please, tell me. My life had already quite more adventure, then in the entire life of an average Joe. So, where did you get this? Again, please point the specific sentence, line where from you get this.

5. In our eyes, we're not special. We're living this life day by day. Have you ever heard the phrase: All the miracles are miracles only for three days. But for twenty-six years or more??? Special? No. Daily life. Definitely.

6. Delusional belief, religion? It has more truth in it, then all the religions in overall. Why? Because this is the only religion which is not forcing anyone and telling you what to do, to join or not join, to live or die, because you're different. It's working on a quite different and peaceful way. It's not forcing you, it's guiding and guarding you. That's a great difference.

Geez. Do you believe that someone told me to be a Crystalline, because I will have a great life if I follow this way? Are you that stupid or you're simply taking lessons day by day to be one? For a long time I don't wanted to be a Crystalline, I don't wanted to see auras, communicate with angels and spirits, see things what you and others cannot see. But I can't deny my own nature. I cannot deny my life. And I don't want to. I learned to live with it. And after many years, I'm not regret it at all. I'm not going to change my life, because you or others are telling this, because you don't like something.

You know what is the difference between you and me? I'm not and I never was jealous for anyone. I'm gladly listen everyone's experience. While you... when you cannot answer something in your little dark mind, because you're believing you knows everything better then others (What I proved that you're mistaken at the beginning the letter. Yes. You mistaken in everything as you can see. See points 1-6.). Believe you knows everything because you can use the net, read the manipulated wikipedia, already read some censored books, playing WoW and feel yourself as king there, you immediately attacking people, because your tunnel vision and bordered mind cannot accept anything else, just your own little and pi-ti-ful world. Pitiful and boring world, where you're the king on the throne. Didn't anyone told you that you have a boring gray life? Honestly. Come on. I guess many already told this to you. So?

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 08:12 PM
Something Smells, when you like at a broader picture, yeah of course life is going to look boring, but when pick a normal day in your life and look at the details, then things will get more unique and interesting. Like you said we are all unique and special, but still our uniqueness/specialty is what also make us different and interesting. And come on now, why should you care about anyone else's belief, I assume your atheist right? Well atheism as much as you hate it is still a religion with its own set of belief, and well frankly imposing your belief on other don't make you any better then any other missionary. (What I'm about say might sound contradictory but hear me out okay?)

Saying that, I also see where you were going with this Indigo is a new age cult thing trying to profit off of other people. I mean searching around the internet, I personally can easily find a site for "Indigo/Crystal" w/ people who are trying to sell a book or help cleanse via telephone. And I'm fully aware that some poor souls will sell themselves into this idea, but what about those individual who truly are Indigo/Crystal. The point is you really never know until you meet one, and you really can't judge an individual because of the actions of others. Its kind of saying all American are Bush loving, trigger-happy rednecks, but we know out of the bunch who are, there's always some individual aren't that.

DC, DC, DC...It's been a while hasn't it, no worries, I'm not here to start a debate with you. I remember it got rather quite nasty last time between you and me. I guess our beliefs was just a little too different.

And if you don't remember: I believe in Indigo as well..but thats as far as I'm going go, don't want to cause anymore tension and stress, it seems like you have enough to deal with yourself.

Anyways like I said, it has been a while, my belief will never change, and it will differ from yours. But, I guess what separate me this time from last time, is my willingness to listen after reading your previous post.

1) When did you first find out you were an Indigo/Crystals?
2) What are the purpose of the Indigo/Crystals?
3) How will they fulfill their purpose/goals?
4) Do you know of any other Indigo/Crystals besides yourself? How Did you meet them?
5) Have other people clarify they sense you were an Indigo/Crystal or my possess traits as an Indigo/Crystal?
6) You mentioned a religion, can you go deeper into it, its belief, its message? Is there a website or any accessible scriptures you can direct me too it.
7) Can your tell me about your personal belief about other paranormal matter?

I'll ask more after your finish these....but before I go I'd like to say you shouldn't take Something Smells belief so personally, If you truly believe and is faithful about it, why should it matter what a few individual say. I also see you expressing a lot of anger, and while I see no wrong to get mad once in a while, don't let pride get to you, it will swallow you alive. And I see you use alot of "We/We're/Us," well that doesn't help much, because your bringing others into your personal debate. (p.s. your quote " Delusional belief, religion? It has more truth in it, then all the religions in overall. Why?", yup that quote doesn't help you much in your case when someone believe your an elitist. I know you don't mean it, but sometime people can use your words against you.)

Not siding now, just pointing a few things out to everyone...anyways DC, I really appreciate it if you answer my questions, and send me a doctrine form your religion

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 08:42 PM
I'll translate. (Quotes are shortened, there for reference. Look back to see the whole thing.)

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
1. Who told you, that we're elites? ...

"'We' know everything but won't tell you anything. 'We' will go on and scream about how we're 'special,' but tell you how 'we' 'like to stay in the shadows' if you ever ask us to explain what we're talking about."

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
2. I never cared about money and I never willing to. ...

"I'm morally superior to you. I'm super-duper special! I can't coherently explain myself, but I am better than you!"

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
3. We're not a cult. ...

"We have a super extra special secret religion. But we can't tell you it. No sir! We like to stay in the shadows! Ignore the fact that we advertise the fact that we're super special and have super powers to get your attention. We like to stay in the shadows and don't want any attention at all!"

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
4. Our lives are not empty at all. ...

"We are super special! I've been through so much more than you NORMAL people! But don't ask me to explain, oh no! I'm going to stay in the shadows!"

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
5. In our eyes, we're not special. ...

"We're not special. We're just better than you."

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
6. Delusional belief, religion? ...

"Remember. If you ask us to explain what we scream about to get attention, we won't. We like to stay in the shadows. And remember, we're not special, but we are better than you."

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
You know what is the difference between you and me? ...

"See, I'm better than you. You're petty, you human. I'm super duper special. But I'm not trying to get attention, I don't think I'm better than you, I just am.

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
Believe you knows everything because you can use the net, read the manipulated wikipedia, already read some censored books, playing WoW and feel yourself as king there, you immediately attacking people, because your tunnel vision and bordered mind cannot accept anything else, just your own little and pi-ti-ful world. ...

"You mindless human. How dare you ask superior beings like us to explain ourselves? How dare you ask for proof before believing in something? It's like that because I say so, petty human. I couldn't explain it anyway, since I like to stay in the shadows. After getting your attention with wild claims of superiority."

Dear Crystalline,

Just because you expect us to believe wild, magical things without proof, just because you said so, doesn't mean that we will. If you're going to make those claims, back them up. Otherwise, you're both a troll and a moron. Maybe you believe things without any evidence, but we're not that idiotic.

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by Dark Crystalline

My opinions of alleged Indigos or whatever label you give yourself are based solely on reading the nonsense that you and your ilk spout. I assume that you are basing your delusion on reading about it from literature and the web? Same sources as me, friend.

I think johnmike has responded better than I can be bothered to at the moment.

Perhaps you are right, you are not elite and special...all I see from your response is a flwaed me

Where do you get the idea I am jealous of you?

I am no more jealous of you than I would be jealous of anyone with a mental diseased or delusional human.

Wikipedia is a total joke!!! Almost as big as the Indigo jape. I ask again are you using an online language translator? With all these languages can you actually use any of them correctly?

So I have a dark, closed little mind do I? You know nothing about me friend!! I could write a long essay about my life but will not, so basically I didn't believe, then I did believe in the paranormal. But now I am of the opinion that it is merely a state of mind..perhaps an illness of denial and reality. If it floats your boat fine...but you don't have to keep telling us how special you are. I for one will not believe it.

Anyway you won't be special for long. I read an article by someone...Mary Holt I think...who says the second wave started to arrive in the mid eighties and up to 8 out of ten child were indigo. Going by that rate of change being special will be not being indigo....being normal will be unique

I have heard of people with indigo traits whom are in their it ain't new. People have only been studying recent generations in depth, that's why if there really is anything going on it is being noticed now. Personally I believe there are changes going on...but I do not believe it is any spiritual, magick or voodoo crud. It is merely societal changes caused by poor parenting, economics, poor diets and forcing our caveman bodies to live in the 21st century.

But what do I know being a bigoted, close minded fool?

Something Smells
4th Generation bigot and flawed human.

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by skyblueff0

I think I can say I have no belief whatsoever, unless you die and get eaten by worms is a belief? I cannot see how I can impose a belief if I do not have one? I am not imposing my belief, I am expressing an opinion...or are you saying that the indigo delusion should go unchallenged. Unchallenged makes it worthless., IMHO

You say I would not know till I meet one? In my believing phase of life I come across so called self confessed indigos. They are just the same delusional lunatics that follow all the other new age rubbish. Now whether these were "real" indigos (if they exist:lol
or people that say they were...I saw no evidence to change my mind. Sorry but I do get cheesed off with people labeling themselves and others. We are all unique..period...full stop...even me
Although I accept humans do tend to helps put people down....that's why indigos call me close minded etc.

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by Johnmike


I can smell something it flaming indigo

Yes, they are so superior but so obviously human with all the usual flaws.

Why can't people accept that we are are all unique but also ordinary. Why the labels? Why the elitist BS? If you have a fully functioning body and a brain that actually works....rejoice in are doing a lot better than some. There are people with a whole lot less, with whom life is a daily struggle, do they look for elitist labels or delusional elitism? No, they get on with life. A lot of this new age fad BS is people with too much time on there hands, an over active imagination and delusions of grandeur.

It is strange that in the enlightened and spiritual paranormal forum we see more elitism than in any illuminati conspiracy led society

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 08:57 AM
Something Smells,

Haha, I got you with philosophy didn't I!! Yeah, no one ever win in philosophy!! I mean if you have an ideology of how things should work, how you live life, and boil those all down, its considered a belief, yeah it may be fact, but if you still believe in it.

And what are you talking about I'm making it go unchallenged, I mean read my previous post, I'm trying to understand this movement before I make a conclusion and go rambling about "delusions", I mean heck I didn't even know there was a religion for Indigos. So I need to know more about this, and well If you keep scaring DarkCrystalline away, I might not get my chance!!

Oh, and I interpret this as imposing your belief, my bad if I'm wrong, but sounds like it: "...So give up all the delusional beliefs and live the life you is the only one we got proof of. Enjoy yourself, eat, drink, shag and be merry..."

Anyways, I understand your skepticism man, I mean even though I do believe they exist mind you, I'm very skeptical of many of people's claim on here or most claim for that matter of fact, and yep I got annoyed that people were labeling themselves, but then again based on your philosophy (hopefully I'm right
), we need labeling because the human race is too stupid distinguish anything apart for themselves

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 10:52 AM

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 12:42 PM
skyblueff0. Don't worry. He is not going to scare me away.
I know that you're not here to debate anyone. You're approaching everything from scientific view, while I'm approaching it from experience. And as always, I'm gladly answering your questions.

Here are my answers.
1. Around 15-16.
2. The purpose is to live. Live a cleaner life then others and also help others from the background.
3. Following their own nature. Crystallines are cannot deny their nature at all.
4. Yes, I know many. I accidentally met with most of them. Crystallines and Indigos are knows whose are belong to them. I know it's sounds like insider, outsider, but it's not. It's like... we simply recognize Crystallines and Indigos by their aura, or if someone cannot see auras, by their nature.
5. Yes. Some of them also seen my guardian angel, confirmed aura colors, etc... It's always depending from the skill of the other person.
6. It's a belief with the knowledge of the past. And no. No website. It's not an advertisement.
Many of the C/I knows their own religion without leaders, websites, etc... Every C/Is are practicing it by their own, get advises by their own spirits, etc... It's not a group controlling religion.
7. For me, due to my religion, paranormal has no real meaning in the reality, because it's not paranormal at all. For others, Angels, Spirits/Ghosts, seeing auras are paranormal. For me, it's daily life.

No. I'm not taking the comments of something smells personally at all. If someone consider someone else, in this case me as an elite, that's not my problem. If someone has a small minority complex, that's not my problem at all. And I directly using WE, US sometimes, because Crystallines and Indigos are stand together. If you have other questions, I'm gladly welcome them.

Johnmike. I will translate to you too.
You translated what you want to tell and not what the truth is.

1. Why should we tell you anything, if you're approaching everything on this way? Honestly, we have better things to do to play these games.
2. If I'm not interested in money, why should I be super-duper? Explain this please.
3. We're not going to make a target from our religion. Many of the people are envy and evil, just as you. But just to tell you, such as everyone else on this planet, you're also the part of this religion without your own knowledge, but not on our side.
4. If I experienced and lived more then the average, what is the problem with it? Why should I be super special from that? Maybe in your eyes. But from that moment, that's not my problem again if you have some complex.
5. Who said that we're better then you? We also have faults. But at least, we're trying to not commit a mistake twice.
6. As I see it's already bothering your eyes if there is something, what you don't know. It's a bit childish. "He is not going to tell me and from that moment he is my enemy.".

So, dear Johnmike.
Are you 8 or 9? Because these type of responses are fit for a child, but not for an adult. If you don't want to believe in something, go ahead, don't believe in it. Not our problem again. Why should it be? We're not your mother to care with you. Why don't you go to dad and tell him, D.C. is responding to you on the forum on a way, what you don't like? Or if you're an adult, you should care with yourself. We're not your guardian to show you the way, or to bring evidences. If you want evidences, find it by yourself.

Something Smells. Again. Where did I stated EVER that I'm special? It's your mania, while I never stated this anywhere at all. You read articles, what was written by someone, who never lived this life. And I agree in one thing. What you can find on the net is a joke. It's not presenting the Crystallines, nor the Indigos at all. The truth is, when someone learned this, that one is started to make business and also started to make a campaign against the C/Is. Why?

(I'm deleted the answer... it's our duty to solve it, not yours.)

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 02:25 PM
Dark Crystalline,

Well now, I wouldn't really say I base everything off of scientific observation, thats kind of a bold statement now; your not the only one who approach life through experiences. Remember what something smells said were all special!! But I guess, I can't deny the fact that I don't believe I'm an Indigo, so I certainly can't share your experiences, and so scientific observation is necessary.

Anyways, learning is part of experiencing, and observation is just one type of learning!! I mean if you think about it, you obviously were expose to Christian theology, to know of the term angel and what they were, well I guess you can say this is similar what I'm doing.

Okay more questions:
1) Can you be more specific about the Indigo/Crystalline way of life? The lifestyle? The philosophy behind it?
2) What are the nature of the Indigo/Crystalline?
3) I've heard Indigo/Crystalline has this ancient dialect/language, do you know of any such, can you speak it?
4) Relating to this religion, can you in further depth about this ancient knowledge, maybe give me an example? Enlighten me, you did say you were here to help other, what better way to educate us?
5) Haha, okay, can you tell me about your personal belief about normal matter? Such as the subtle body, the etherial universe, entities, subject matter such as that.

p.s. Oh I'd like to also say, thanks for answering my previous questions!! Oh, for question #5, no research is allowed, I want you to ask your guardian/spirits if you don't know!!

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 03:20 PM
Scientific observation is necessary for you, but it's really matter to me. There are many different things, what science cannot observe and cannot explain. Science cannot explain around the 90% of those things, which are on the planet nowadays. i.e. As science, do you believe that we, mankind is responsible for global warming? It seems to be, but not we're the ones, whose are responsible for it at all. Science is far away from the real truth.

Uh-uh. Wrong. I'm calling my angel as angel only here. First, she has a name, a pretty one. Two, the word "angel" is "angel" in English, but it's something else on her own language or even in my language.

And here are my answers.

1. The way of life is sometimes different, but many things are common, such as selfless, helpful. Crystallines are like to act alone in many cases, while Indigos are rather love the team work. There is no real philosophy. Philosophy is not replacing acting and there are no philosophy on the world, which would fit to every situation. But if we'd like to approach it from the view of philosophy, I would say, guarding and guiding. But as I said, it's not fitting to all scenario that with you're encountering in your life.
2. The nature of the crystallines and indigos are natural, lawful good. They cannot harm anyone, with the exception of self-defense.
3. Yes, there is. It's one of the language of the five that I can speak. But this language has three different dialects and many sub-dialects. I can speak only in one of the main dialects.
4. Sorry. It's not my duty to enlighten anyone and I'm not intend to share ancient knowledge. You will learn it by yourself, when the time comes. It's always working on this way. Our teachers are our guardians.
5. To give the answer for this, I should share some part of the religion with you, what I'm not intend to do as I said previously. But to fulfill your curiosity, it's approaching these topics on a bit different way. There are many detailed notes, and also beautiful tales, even some fairy tales about these elements and places. But all of them, everything are connecting, starting and finishing in one single focus point. And this is common in both the notes and even the fairy tales for the children.

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 04:27 PM
I'm sorry but your first statement sound kind of a contradictory. You said scientific observation really matters to you, but science cannot observe and cannot explain. I mean I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just saying your word choice makes you sound contradicting.

And I believe you misinterpreted me, I'm not trying to state that your guardian name is "angel," I'm just simply saying that you use the term "angel" as a generalization to your guide/guardian, but you must understand the term "angel" has been envelope in Christian theology. But you did say its something else in your language, so do mind telling me, what would the term "angel" describe in your language.

Now lets get to your response shall we.
Based on your response from question 1, you said that the philosophy of Indigo/Crystalline is to "guide and teach," but based on response to question 4, you basically state that you are unwilling to share this ancient knowledge, tales, and notes to anyone.

But, doesn't that contradict the whole role and philosophy of indigo/crystalline? Weren't the indigo/crystalline born here to ultimately share their knowledge and teach the world and shift the world to a new consciousness?

I guess that's it, I personally can't find anymore questions to ask you, since it solely deals with your religion, but it seems you're reluctant and quite reserve, and its not job to force it out of you. So I'll make my personal conclusion on what you've said, and I'll let other make their opinion based on what you have provided us.

Anyways thanks again for answering my questions the best that you can!! I really wish you can go deeper about your ideology and religion though, it may have helped other people understand you and the Indigo/Crystalline better.

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 09:07 PM
Dark Crystalline

Your posts are usually contradictory and / or lacking in any useful content.
How can you say that you are here to educate etc but not say anything worthwhile. How are people supposed to learn whatever message so called indigo's are supposed to impart? By telepathy?

I feel one of the main problems here is communication. You are having problems interpreting what is said to you and you are definitely confusing the hell out of me with your replies. I know English is not your first language but you are in an English language forum...even though its not exactly Degree level literature used here

I honestly feel that you will not give up or relate any knowledge of the past or of the language and dialect because, quite rightly you would look a fool spouting off a load of rubbish. I noticed that you claimed Japanese as a language skill but did not answer X-tal_Phusion when they quoted the Japanese...although it was written in romanized characters I accept.


Nice questioning!! I can now see the contradictions of this special person. An educator who will not educate!! I am sorry if you thought I may drive DK away, its just that I get cheesed off with stupid unsubstantiated claims.

I have been both skeptic, believer and now cynic of this paranormal stuff. Yes I think some strange things may be occurring with the human noggin but that could be internal chemistry...not external influence. What DK does not seem to have understood, is that I used to believe a lot of this stuff!!
What is the use of someone saying "I am an "X"" but not produce any evidence for it. I see another poster saying what is it with the need for proof in this forum. I want some kind of contextual evidence because humans are a lying species. Anyone could come on here and say "I am Enoch reincarnate I bring you enlightenment!!"

What would be the point of letting people post with no debate or discussion or criticism? That would defeat the purpose of the for letting the delusional get more delusional by the lack of challenge to their beliefs. I find a lot of the topics here mostly amusing but some are scary. Not for me..but for the poor souls that believe in some nonsense ideas and get them reinforced by others on here. I do wonder sometimes how close ATS is getting to some poor deluded person ending their time on this miserable rock, because the discussion on ATS has reinforced their belief in the next life or of their individual immortality?

DK said they have not been influenced by the false literature out on the web. How then did they hear of Indigos? Did DK wake up one morning and go "Oh I am special, I am an Indigo /Crystalline"? Of course I should direct this question to DK...but as you are aware they don't say too much

All I see with DK is another angry human. I don't see why? If I make a claim I would like to back it up, otherwise whats the point? "I am Anthrax from the Planet Gonad, I bring you a message of love and an invitation for the Earth to join the Galactic Council...take me to Ambassador David Icke!!" Do you believe me?

In closing, after reading some of the posts here I think that ATS should have a qualified psychiatrist / psychologist filtering the paranormal forum...and perhaps instead of a flag button we should have a straight jacket button
Oh dear my friend Dark Crystalline won't like that...looks like I have lost a potential pen friend from Hungary

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 12:43 AM
Something Smells

Thanks man!! And I hope you know I was being sarcastic about you scaring DC away!!

Before I say much more, I just wanted to say I understand your frustration, and I actually had the same exact argument/criticism you have with DC about 2 months ago, and well time changed, I can personally say I have for the better.

I just realize that I needed to take a different approach from last time, instead of throwing my emotions and own beliefs at DC, I decided it was best to listen and understand in a mild manner. I mean regardless of our opinions, I realize sometime we have to give a person to speak for themselves. Unfortunately in this situation, DC raised more questions then answers/explanations, especially with this religion.

Anyways, I can't deny I'm not in similar shoes as DC, I guess I'm more open about DC story, because I definitely share some experience she/he does, our beliefs maybe different, because heck I've seen ghosts/entities before, felt presence of some sort guardian, sense a connection to living things, develop or experience certain "psionic" abilities.

But what separate me from DC, is I truly believe these experience isn't exclusive to the few, and I try to find an explanation for these experience, both conventional and unconventional explanations. And I have to agree with DC that science can't explain everything, in my eyes science is all just theories. Right now, if you want to use science to explain what we dub as the paranormal, I suggest quantum physics. I'm sure in 20 years, I'm we'll adapt some new scientific paradigm, that may help us have a better understanding of life.

At the moment, I feel it's better for me, to just go along for the ride, and learn whatever values it could teach me so I may share to other, I guess what I'm saying is I'm taking a break on explaining for now, but I will point you into some directions if you still have want explain or incorporate the "paranormal" with modern science. For example funny that you should mention internal chemistry, I can't provide you with any detail about this since I pretty much just found out about this like a month ago, but many modern eastern medicine practitioner believe that each chakra in the subtle body is directly link to a specific physical body, and these chakra (depending how active it is) determine how much hormone/neurochemical is produce in the body.

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 01:39 AM
skyblueff0 you are more indigo/crystalline than the people that claim to be so.........

Spouse i would be the oposite of indigo as i can see the nasty energy dripping of those who perpetuate the tripe. Anyone that thinks doreen virtue and her ilk are decent nice folk needs to stay off the djinn.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 01:49 AM
sky. Yes. It's really matters to me, and it cannot explain anything. There is no contradictory in this at all. I'm usually using also Guardian instead of Angel here, but in my language it's... "örző", illetve "angyal", csak hogy magyarul is írjak valamit. De köze nincs a keresztény hithez úgy általánosságban.

Guiding is not equal with teaching. Guiding someone from the background is not leading through teaching at all. And to teach the world??? Who said this to you? Again, something what is false completely.

And you're welcome.

something smells. That Japanese what X-tal_Phusion mentioned gone to D3C0D3 and not to me. But if you want, here is my answer too for his Japanese question. Hai! Watashi wa nihongo wo hanasemasu!

I hope you're satisfied. And it's meaning, Yes, I can speak in Japanese.

If you like this childish game, offending anyone, who is not that asshole such as you, go ahead play further, but as I stated, I'm not interested in it at all. You're just wasting your energy and time. Why don't you go out to the park and play dodge ball with the kids?

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 02:09 AM

Originally posted by Dark Crystalline
I'm usually using also Guardian instead of Angel here, but in my language it's... "örző", illetve "angyal", csak hogy magyarul is írjak valamit. De köze nincs a keresztény hithez úgy általánosságban.

You know that's Hungarian, right?

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 11:57 AM
Miután Magyar vagyok, nehéz lenne nem tudnom, hogy ez milyen nyelven is írodott.
Translation. I'm a Hungarian, so it would be a surprise if I wouldn't know that. Sky wanted to hear something in Hungarian, on my own language. So, I written on my own language a little bit, if you don't mind. Would you like a translation?

KTK. If you say so.

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 12:03 PM

Originally posted by mashup
I was just wondering if there is such an opposite to Indigo Children.

After a bit of fancy number work, construction of various events and other strange things, I looked up what an Indigo child was. Seeing the "symptoms" aren't quite what I am, I asked myself a question I don't know the answer to:

Is there an opposite to Indigo Children?

ever heard of crystal children?

do you need to have 100 percent of the symptoms to be indigo?

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