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SCI/TECH: Virgin Galactic to Build Underground Spaceport in N.M.

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posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 08:40 PM

Originally posted by sardion2000
Why single out Virgin Galactic because they are the first company to sign on.

Because it is part of my tax dollars that are going to pay for the project and I do not like the fact they only have to put up roughly ten percent of the cost that is why.

I have one question though, do Airlines help to pay for the construction of Airports?

I would think that could vary from airport to airport. As I understand it United paid for their new terminal in Chicago or at least a portion of it. Northwest did the same in MN/St Paul.

There is very little on the web other then sites that mention the majority of their revenue comes from landing fees, but that is getting off topic, we are not talking about the revenues, we are talking about US tax payer costs to build a foreign corporations project.

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 12:38 PM
The link to the story seems to be dead now. I found another link to this story...

I live near the Mojave Desert. I remember when they flew their mission some 63 miles or so out of the atmosphere. I would have liked to take the day to watch it, but couldn't. I live too far away from where they launched to see from here, but close enough to have it reported in the local papers.

posted on May, 14 2007 @ 01:17 AM
You'd be surprised how much the government has thrown out to NASA in the past year. Something like $70 billion dollars. They use their education plans and grants as a cover up. Barely 1/8 of that money actually goes to schools and scholarships. There are places set up by NASA across the nation thats sole purpose is to provide government grants and funding to students k-12 and in universities in order to increase interest and knowledge about space-related sciences, they are called "spacegrants". Every spacegrant in america runs fairly the same except for the one in New Mexico. Each year, the spacegrant in New Mexico holds the X-prize cup and ISPS (International Symposium for Personal Spaceflight- a convention where astronauts from all over the world gather to discuss their plans and ideas about commercial spaceflight). I can personally tell you that the commercial side of spaceflight is obviously only intended for multi millionares and at the rate it is going, it won't be fully operational for atleast another 15 years. They just passed the Spaceport tax in New Mexico not too long ago which I believe the decision was not actually put into the people's hands and instead secretly over ruled by the government. Most of the people here couldn't give a damn about having a spaceport. However with as much that is going on in this region currently (talk of Dulce, Whitesands missle range, Spaceport America, ISPS, X-Prize,possible secret government base), it would be wise to keep an eye on New Mexico. I always wondered, of all the places in the world to build a spaceport and talk of personal spaceflight, why pick a place to station all of this at that is only 155 miles away from Roswell?

Here is a link to back up some of the things I said:

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 08:08 PM
Hmm, seems very interesting, the fact is that I very highly doubt that normal "Average Joes" would be able to afford this for an extremely long time, it will take quite a number of years in my opinion for the prices to drop so dramatically that "Average Joes" can in any way near afford this, although it does sound like a fantastic chance, not something you can do like everyday
However, personally I don't trust a man like Richard Branson that is clearly in so deep with the CFR, yes I am a global conspiracist, but I believe it because it makes so much sense, such as the fact that this is just another way for the Government to make money off of rich people that may not be inside of the Illuminati or the CFR to splash their money into it, but in such a fancy way it is not noticable, clever and unbelievable as you may find it, also the pictures DO look very much like the Eye and the Pyramids, read about David Icke's beliefs if you haven't already done so and make your assumptions yourselves when you have heard all the facts, read up about his Reptilian Agenda, well rather THE Reptilian Agenda...

I doubt many of you will, however look at the facts people, a lot of David Icke's predictions have come true, such as the Global Credit Crisis so the Government can assume control over the banks and the whole you know... 9/11, predicted much before it happened, I find him to be influencial, however the fact remains that there are far too many ignorant people out in the world and hear the fact that he believes that the world leaders are from a bloodline descendants of Reptile beings and many of you that read this will now be completely put off HOWEVER if you do more research into the matter you may find more interested and believe slightly more once you hear the facts

Alex Huckerby

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