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Religion's Only True Conspiracy !!!! This is the Holy Grail.

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posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 02:05 PM
Think of ants.

Does the queen rule?

Not as we would percieve. The ants are organized from the bottom up. Thier base is the strongest, not the figure head, not the queen. The queen is the perpetuallity of the colonly. The ants are the extension of the will of the queen and the will of eachother, all doing what their respective casts are purposely and intentionally suppose to do for the benifit of the colony. How much can we learn from the meekest of creatures. Yet, who is the biggest and on the face of the planet, planet Earth? Is the biggest ant a female queen? No. The biggest ant on the face of the Earth is a male ant belonging to a specific species of ant, but it is a male none the less, nearly 2 inches in length. When found by the females of the ant colony the females immediately attack the wings of the male ant and cut them off, and then carry the male ant back to the den. Thousands protect the male ant, even though they clipped it's wings off. And, the male ant is revered and cared after, needing nothing.

Now look at humans.

Everyone wants to survive in a world that tells you survival is "impossible".

Humans are survivors. Why?

Because we are an organism that is at war with itself. We have a "soul" with a primary command of "Self before you serve", which does not serve us well, because there is nothing to defend against offensively accept for ourselves. And we convince ourselves that we must love our instinct to survive above all else. Well, we have survived. We are here. What threatens us? Nothing. Therefore we feel we must exercise that which got us here, because we owe it? But, excercise it against what? So, we manifest situations that enable us to use that which necessarily does not need to be utillized.

How can a species collectively hope to survive when the species itself at the individual level is still a individual at war with it's very self. "Self pre-serve" introduces fear, fear of the unknown causes you to fear all that is unknown, and it is that fear that convinces the brain to address the fears of all that is unknown because it is comprehended as vital to the individual's survival. In effect deadening the very tool you need most, your brain. Survival is not the end all great thing we need. If all we can hope for is to survive, and we reside in an existance where survival does not co-exist with a death that does co-exist, then we are doomed to fail, and our subconscious mind either knows otherwise because the conscious mind says so, or the subconscious mind has an alternative answer for us, but we are not listening. Why are we not listening to a mainframe computer that is calculating 400,000,000,000 bits of information per second? Because of the fears generated by a conscious mind that calculates at a rate of 2,000 bits of information per second!

I don't have the time to search and supply a link, however i know from personal experience that the conscious mind in most reside in the frontal lobes of the forhead, and the subconscious accounts for all else. When electrodes are attached to the scalp (use elctrical conducting gel) the rate at which brain cells individually create a spark of electricity is measurable. And this is where i get the information i present here (refering to the 2,000 sparks being exchanged consciously per second, and the 400,000,000,000 sparks being exchanged subconsciously per second.)

posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 11:03 AM
I never finished my thoughts about ants.

Think about how we interpret and integrate all incoming information. When we judge something or someone, how are we judging it? What are we truly comparing it to? Everything else? No. How can we be truly comparing it to everything else if we still experience fear? What i mean by this is: We usually see only two options, we usually only see that which is what we are looking for. So, we ask two questions, we have two perspectives/ points of view:

As we observe any little detail about anything we consider:

1) How can this benefit me? What can this do for me and the things I care for and love and want/need? (The devil on one shoulder represents hate)

2) How can this threaten me? What can this potentially do to deminish me and the things I care for and love and want/need? (The angel on the other shoulder represents fear, and negative consequences of actions)

We are a race conditioned to judge everything according to our opinions which are based in the seeds and roots of all that is fear and hate.

Love for Truth.

So everytime we are presented with new or conflicting information our subconscious can not release that information to our conscious mind, because our conscious mind is a program that is incompatible with the truth, the truth is incompatible with the conscious mind because the conscious mind is dominated by fear and hate.

Everytime we judge we compare it to what it is we personally accept as true, not necessarily what is true. We compare it to our opinion. And since our minds operate under the "Law of Association", we are holding everything we witness up to a personality that is at the very core of it: "Selfish before Service".

Back to the ants.

Ants are organized from the bottom up. Their actions and behaviors and sacrifices demonstrate they are "Serve before Self". Doubt it? Look at them. All their respective casts doing what it is they are suppose to do, and no one is truly the figure head. The Queen does not necessarily rule, she just fullfills her obligations, and serves the "nest".

Now imagine if you were to approach an ant that could talk. If you could have a conversation with an ant, that ant would be representing the will and intentions of the entire collective, because their individual will is also the will of all their species.

Now imagine if they were to approach us and ask a question. When we provide an answer (ants sir) they would probably assume we were speaking for the collective will and representing the intentions of our entire species.

A provocative angle indeed.

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 10:29 PM
Esoteric Teacher
i read and understand since i have come to fear i understand less and more i used to be able to see what was to be now i see only questios of what could be children who do not fear seem to see things differently dont they, fear is evil because it clouds truth hate fuels fear wh does this feel like deja vu

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 03:34 PM
I'm not necessarily saying all fear is evil. I personally believe the fear of losing love itself is good, but fearing losing what you love is where most problems in communication stem from. Surely, if there is a God (I know there is, however respect those who think otherwise) .. . . . if there is a God, then God is the only one obligated to truly know fear, and in it's only form: God (Truth) fearing losing "Love" itself. And, if God is willing to tolerate all the wickedness we create from our fear and hate, God demonstrates God is not willing to part with "Love".

posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 03:59 AM
I thought i would revive an older thread, though i may have introduced some personal beliefs that may have de-railed my own thread, i believe there is some pertinent truth in the original post that introduced this thread.

I'm looking forward to your contributions/thoughts.

Thanks in advance,

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