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posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 10:33 AM
One great meditation is the walk of the mountain this is a great
reference to the alderman legend.
you are to relax and clear away your mind(the chattering monkey)
and picture yourself in a forest or on a mountain now as you walk you are to picture a silohette in the as you walk closer this figure becomes more distinctive as you reach the foot of the mountain this character greets you and beckons you to walk with them.this figure is your alderman.your height of self understanding and you are told to not be afraid of this character for they have utmost love for you and are there to lend you their strength(the whole point to this meditation is to borrow power and energy from your alderman)You are to walk with your this is where the meditation can go two ways.if you are on the mountain you are to walk up a path and along the way you are supposed to meet versions of yourself these are parts of who you are now.
sadness weakness and so the forest can be manipulated to serve your needs better.Night or a lake a fire glowing but your alderman leads you to a clearing in the forest where all of your differnt parts are sitting waiting patiently for u and your higher self to
both ways combine again.once at this clearing.the point is to talk to the part of youy who needs attention the here is the aldermans purpose you talk to say sadness why he or she is upset.
(the alderman is supposed to represent yourself when you are on top of it .feeling good and centered.and there are moments when we are the alderman and times when we are not everything fluxuates but that is a different topic)the alderman is to be your core to which you backdrop everything they can be helpful or disarming.they are supposed to know
who you are and what you i will need to speculate soon on finding your alderman and where to look.i will continue this thread soon aswell ive been doing alot of typing.


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